Transgender weightlifter wins 9 out of 9 womens' events


Jan 18, 2019
Girl beats transgender track star to win state championship
NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A female high school student defeated a transgender athlete in a Connecticut state championship race, just two days after a lawsuit was filed in an effort to block transgender athletes from participating in girls sports in the state.

Chelsea Mitchell, of Canton High School, won the Class S 55-meter dash title on Friday night with a time of 7.18 seconds, edging Terry Millerof Bloomfield High School. Miller, a transgender athlete, finished at 7.20 seconds.
Might as well make doping in sport legal, since there isn't a 100% guarantee that a doped up athlete will outperform his/her competitors


Mar 13, 2017
I don't get how these stories are that controversial.

Body types aren't created equal. What I mean is there will always be someone naturally built better for a sport. For example, if I went to try to play football I would get crushed, but I have no right to go complain about everyone being built bigger than me. Maybe basketball is a better example, since it's an Olympic sport.

I can't drunk and I won't dominate the boards. In other words, no amount of training will turn me into a 6"7 200+ pound dude. I hate to be blunt, but I see a lot of sore losers woven into these stories.

The Agrarian

Aug 17, 2018
As a biological Turk who identifies as a British Jew, I want to colonize New Zealand. Or is this just for the genders?
Sure, why not. If you can refuse to identify with your own X and Y chromosomes I'm pretty sure ethnicity is up for grabs too!

*ahem* Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King.