Transgender agenda in Kpop


Oct 28, 2019
Title: Girls generation - kpop tranny group
Author: Peter Parker

Title: Why kpop is evil video
Author: Not your unnie
About following idols:
Bee tea S, Bl@ck p¡nk, $n$d, E×0, M0nst@ x, Red v3lvet, Ex id, Sunme, F x, M@mam00, ㅜw¡ce, S¡$tar, ¡tzy, C L, L0v3lyz, Gugud@ń, 9 mus3s, NCiTy127, P@rk Ji h00n, Highlight, Sup3r jun¡0r, ¡k0n, New east, B 1 a 4, B 1 a a, W¡nn3r, Shine e, TV × Q, G0t 7, Kyùlkyūnģ, T@r@, I0I, L00na, 0h my g¡rl, G fr¡end, Wa$$up, M0m0l@nd, G-¡dle, R tee, One: junğ j@e w0n, He¡ze, A0A, Hyun@, Cho¡ h@nb¡t,F x, Pr¡st¡n, G¡rl's d@y, K@r@, S0y0u, Br@ve girls, Hy0lyn.

About Ev0l. R3d v3lvet were mentioned there, too.
Title: Evol - this kpop tranny group is very evil!
Author: Iron man - peter parker backup account

About Liza
Title: Analyzing a kpop star
Author: Above is below

Title: 10 secretly transgendered kpop stars you should know in 2018
Author: Robin - peter parker backup account

Channel: Phony persephone
Bang Sung Hun and Kim So Eun [real korean male and female]

Channel: Iron man peter parker backup channel
Red Velvet transvestigation

Channel: Asia's got trannies
Zhang Ziyi transvestigation

Channel: Epic sellouts
H.U.B transvestigation [Kpop group]

About Bee tea S

Title: Bts - illuminati bangtan trannies
Author: Peter Parker

Title: You see? Bts look like females!
Author: Bts are baphomet trannies

Title: Bts - the world's biggest transgender kpop group!
Author: Batman - peter parker backup account

Title: The transvestigation of Bts
Author: JLynn VlogZ

This video contains one short video starting from 11.49 and ending at 15.00, it is interesting

And short video at 11.58-12.08 here


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Oct 18, 2019
The ratio of transgender people amongst the elites are incredibly much higher than in the general population and this is nothing new
it's been going on for centuries
In the past 78 years (or even more) when the mass media has hit the world with television, we were presented with transgender idols
also in politics it started from the get go, it's also in the royal family
So what is the purpose of this you ask?
its to change our perception on what a woman should look like (in kpop the 'female' idols are super skinny have thigh gap and i'm not saying the real females cant be skinny but it's all combined together that makes you wonder whats really going on)
so that they can put into existence their plan of this transgender race that they want to create (It is already in practice)
Transgenders cannot procreate that means that they must be in the future if it continues like this be made in ectoganasis which is to produce or grow humans outside of the womb.
so how does this work in practice? historically castrates has been the way to go for the ruling elite, young boys at an early age were castrated. but how does it work today, they manipulate and change the sexes they fertilize in vitro that means in a glass so they inseminate the egg in the womb of a woman, uterus of a woman, which they already know the sex (is an XX woman chromosome egg or it's an XY fertilized man) so the genetic determination is already there and then they can start the hormone treatment which then will produce the genitalia after that the secondary traits (like adam's apple)
genitalia doesn't develop until the sixth week and by extracting the male hormones you will grow female genitalia female traits and it doesn't matter if it's an XX or an XY fertilized cell in the beginning.
look into facial feminization surgery, take notice of the length/shortness of the arms, the waistline and the hip area, slopping shoulders
for 'females' idols they get all those facial feminization surgeries, high quality of makeup, hairstyling, the fashion
for 'males' shoulder pads, baggy clothes
I do belive that there are some kpop Idols who are the correct gender that they were born

I will say from my experience as a kid I connected alot with females idols and it's not because of attraction
I saw something similar in them, which is another point is to fu** with our subconscious
I remember I didn't understand why the girls in my reality don't behave or express the same energy as the singers or actresses.


Oct 18, 2019
Also I will add
that the idols as children are being forced to be transgender from birth and that these children are then made into celebrities, to force the transgender agenda down our throats against our will.
Now you ask yourself do they know that they are transgendered? we don't know what education they are going through and what they are being told chances are they are probably lying to them
By the time they get older and at this stage they are already educated and deep in it

The point is that this is another division between humans (as if there is not enough already), create confusion
this is part of theyre magic, to manipulate the sexes.


Jun 4, 2018
lisa is definetly a transgender, and the fact that she was born in thailand makes it so hard not to believe that she is trans, i also think she was born in it (in the occult) and changed her sex when she was a baby, they prolly wanted a girl child but got a boy instead, she is an only child so this makes sense.


Mar 2, 2018


Oct 18, 2019
Maybe many will be surprised that idols like NæuȠ (ⴷP!nk) is also transgendered

Wide shoulders from the waistline ᐁ
Long arms length
the hand here looks like mine, masculine, also big head skull
wide shoulders, neck choker to hide the adam's ?
and again something very masculine in the gaze from the eyes

They put on him all these short skirts, jewelry, hair straightening, makeup, facial surgery
I also suspect pads in the butt area to give the illusion of curve
I see a skinny boy in drag