Thomas Sankara


Apr 23, 2018
Not wanting to blow my own trumpet here :p but this guy was awesome... As it happens, he was killed by Blaise Compaoré, who apparently was literally adopted by Sankara's parents as a child, his brother basically. A true story of betrayal by a real Judas. But anyway, what Sankara accomplished was pretty impressive. People tend to hear the word "marxist" and imagine gulags and purges, forgetting that many people with genuine love for humanity have been inspired by Marx's theories, which whatever their flaws do speak about economic justice, giving the means of production to the workers who work them. We cannot assume that everyone who claims to be a Marxist is necessarily a dictator, different people have different understandings about his theories, and without making a judgement about what Marx's real intentions were, we can in any case say that there have been leaders like Sankara (and a number of democratically elected socialists in South America, among others I imagine) who were pretty much just into the whole idea of redistribution, agriarian reform etc.

Anyway, the story of Thomas Sankara and his accomplishments is worth a quick read... Of course he wasn't perfect, but I think he was much closer to the right direction than the capitalists are.