TheWeeknd - I feel it coming


Mar 25, 2017
Hi all,

I just found this website and I really like the job of this crew. I liked very much the Starboy occult meaning paper. Since then they produced another video for "I feel it coming" and I would like to have your idea on the meaning of this new clip. Maybe it has already be done but I did'nt find it.

Actually I got mine but it might not be complete. In my opinion it talks about the dark r*pe & kill rituals that the satanic levels of some secret society are doing quite often. Indeed the references to those rituals are very common.

Here is what I was thinking for the moment :
He first dance with an enlighted girl, which may mean she still has a soul of light yet. He said I feel it coming, I understand that he feel the devil spirit coming into him¹. And when the moon entirely stop the sun light, when its fully dark, the weather come very dark and it actually show that the devils are here and that the man is possessed now. The girl turn into stone, meaning she loose her light and her soul. When she broke into pieces it may mean that she die. When the screen is divided in 3 it could represent the dissociation of the mind of the possessed man. He loose his soul as well and may die when the devil spirit represented by the black snake is leaving after the party (r*pe) with the girl². And at the end everything lasting are broke stone (dead people corpes) with no light in a cold area.

¹ I think by doing torture and murder, the "vibration" of the area may be going down enought to let enter the devil spirit in the body. As well the blood is very rich in energy and can be used by the entity to "incarnate himself" into our dimension for a little time.
² At the sunrise

Anyway I might forgot a lot of things.

What is your opinion on this ?


Mar 13, 2017
Maybe you're right.

I think it's about Monarch programming. The girl is glowing because she's been triggered into "Beta mode". Her sexual energy is intense, but as the Moon cycles change so does she. What once was a woman who was madly in love, is now akin to a statue. The magical elements simply represent the nature and effects of the programming, and sexual energy in general.

And the Snake simply symbolizes the deception. Like he knows what he's getting himself into, but can't help himself.