The US TV show: Vanished


Jul 28, 2018
Does anyone remember the TV series Vanished? Thoughts?

I don't have a link for this one.
I think it aired on CBS, but i distinctly remember it premiering in 2006.
I believe the network aired the first 6 episodes, and then release 7 others on their website online.
Then they cancelled the show completely.

This time I recognized a lot of the symbols and general strangeness of the plot.
It's starts off being a typical mystery: the wife a senator disappears, and the police, and I believe the FBI get involved. The officials look at the husband, obviously, and then start digging into the lady's past. The first set of weird happens when they can't find very much of her past at all, and they parts they do find the husband claimed he never knew about, including the lady's real name.

The high strangeness begins when they start recovering masonic and occultic type jewelry and tokens at or near the disappearance site, or other suspicious places/people that at first seem almost irrelevant, that later becomes direct connections to the disappearance. Just as the two head "FBI" investigators uncover other secret society type clue, one of them dies. Then the series itself "vanishes" from TV.

The plot was slow at first, but started to get very interesting during episodes 5 & 6, right before it was pulled from TV. At first the network website referred to it and offered play back options. But I was never really able to use any of them. Then after the past shows were removed from the website due to "age", every reference to the show brings up media and TV shows with the same name. It was almost like the show never existed.