The purpose of life in Christianity

Jun 1, 2018
Bunch of other people are in all scriptures too
Don't make light of the name of The Christ, The Savior of Man. If you don't think of Christ who is the name above all names, who is worthy to be praised. You are already dead...Christ said so. For it is only in Christ (The son of David according to the flesh and the Son of God according to the Holy Spirit). that a man is not condemned to destruction.

Apr 16, 2017
So you don't believe he had a human father . . . But he is still 100% human with no divine qualities except his inhuman righteousness and perfection?
Correct. Adam did not have a human father or mother and yet Adam was 100% human. If it had not been for the influence of the adversary, Adam would not have ever ate from the tree of knowlege of good and evil and would have remained in a state of perfection. Adam started with an advantage that none of us had. Jesus started with same advantage (not being born under the curse) and thank God, he did not make the same choice as Adam and submitted fully to the spirit of God.

Is the same root word not used when talking about worshipping God though? I doubt that means mere respectful bowing. And as for David, several english translations say "worship" but the actual Hebrew word used just means bow down. Which makes sense as he refers to him as his king so the context there is a bit clearer.
Not sure what your point is. It seems maybe you are going about it backwards and trying to understand the hebrew through the context of your English translation rather than the opposite. My point is that we have to understand the hebrew first. The same hebrew word used for worship towards God is the same hebrew word used when a man shows respect to another person with authority. It's only Christian dogma that leads us to believe one can only "worship" God. Maybe we have placed a greater meaning on the word than it should have. The first commandment doesn't say worship only God, it says to not have other God's before him. It doesn't say anything about respectful reverence towards other people or authority.

But is everyone not resurrected for the judgement regardless of whether or not they died believers? I suppose my biggest qualm with this is that a righteous man dying to break the power of sin for everyone else does make it sound like human sacrifice and therefore immoral . . . Like a certain snake-eyed poster likes to point out pretty often.
I'm not sure why it matters whether Jesus died for everyone or just believers that determines whether it sounds like a human sacrifice or not? There are plenty of scriptures that say Jesus died for the sins of the world, not just those that believe. But the doctrine of eternal torment and the dismissal of the doctrine of the reconcilation of ALL things has confused the issue greatly.

To be fair when I was growing up (before I rejected my faith) I wasn't indoctrinated with the idea of the Trinity -my formal exposure to Christianity was through the school I went to and they prefered to hammer on about guilt and not so much about who God really was/is. I'm also not really part of a church now so I didn't pick it up there either.
So where did you pick it up from?

I agree and I'm grateful that salvation is not tangent on the "correct" view of this. I don't quite understand your view but I do respect it. I suppose the most important thing is how knowledge of the gospel impacts our individual lives and how God can use within our real life spaces -which is why I'm planning on taking a break from here and focusing on my personal walk so this will be my last response.

God bless you Todd. :)
Yes, someone who gets it! This is one of the most refreshing replies I've read in a while here. God bless you too!

Jun 4, 2017
Not sure what you are asking here. Am I supposed to answer people’s question with someone else’s perception?
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