The hidden hand that shaped the world (and the market)

Dec 21, 2018
I've just realised this:

Adam Smith once used the term "the invisible hand of the market" as a way to tell that the market self regulates. Most economists find this BS but today I connected some dots.

The hidden hand is a gesture that some powerful people used throughout history, there is a VC article about it so I won't dwell further.

Adam Smith wasn't a freemason as far as I could research, but he was indeed Scottish and hand some friends inside freemansory, plus one of the articles I skimmed said "he wasn't a freemanson but surely lived like one".

So, Smith being scottish, friend of masons, well educated into economics and creator of the term "invisible hand that regulates the market" I'm pretty sure he was aware that users of the hidden hand gesture were the ones behind greater economic shifts. Sadly I coulndt find the wealth of the nations in my bookstore only a chapter of das kapital and karl Marx manifesto.

Jan 29, 2018
I posted this a while ago, but it seems relevant here as well. The differences between the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank are stunning......