The First Temptation of Christ


Dec 21, 2018

"In 'The First Temptation of Christ' we see the surprise party that Joseph and Mary prepared for his son Jesus, that comes accompained of his boyfriend Orlando. In Jesus's 30 years old party we have all types of guests, from the three magi to a prostitute named Telma. However the special guest at the party, after the birthday boy, is God that has a mission for his son: carry on and spread His word. His son, however, prefers things like juggling, hand crafting and poetry"


Mar 18, 2017
For some reason, the first thing that came to my mind reading this was Virginia Woolf’s novel, Orlando. The so-called longest love letter in English literature which she dedicated to/biography of her lesbian lover, Vita Sackville West on whom Orlando was based transcending, time and gender.

Is Netflix’s The Messiah About A Second Coming Or The Scam Of A Lifetime? A Geopolitical Scam Thriller.

In Messiah, the world is turned upside down by the sudden appearance of an enigmatic young man in Syria whose vibe is akin to that of Jesus Christ. Like Jesus, the mystery man (played by Mehdi Dehbi) claims that he was sent to the earth on a special mission from his father. Known only as al-Masih, he is also gifted with the ability to perform miracles, attracting the attention and fierce dedication of everyone he encounters on his journey.

They’ve played with Christian eschatology before, so they are taking a stab at Islam’s. Gotta cover all the angles.

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