The Elite Are Moving Down To Their Bunkers


Jul 13, 2017
Sounds like there's a new booming business building bunkers. Just few days ago there was documentary on tv about elite luxury bunkers. (Russian tv) Although i usually dont buy into this stuff, cause i know they not gonna tell you exactly whats happening so i dint pay much attention.

But if it was my business selling bunkers, especially for the elites, I would love every fake news about world cataclysms. And if i had power to print those fake news than even more dirty money for me, more customers, more news coverage, if the whole world going down, one or few men who make the most money on a lie will be... The people in charge of the new market for Bunkers. ))

If the world or part of the world gonna end tomorrow, if it's your destiny to survive, something will happen to you and you will end up in the safe place.
If your destiny is to go down with the earth then no "bunker" will save you... Well thats what i believe)

Jun 17, 2017
They're going to be sorry if the end arrives. They'll be down there in their bunkers, safe and sound, but with no one to serve them. Talk about being in hell!
unfortunately, i am sure theyve thought of that.
i recall one whistleblower years ago saying that anything we see is 40 years behind in technology that they have. they might have robots doing the dirty work or they might have bred a slave race at dulce.

take solace in the fact that they cannot be victorious in the long run, no matter what they do.