The Dumbing Down of America – By Design


Jul 28, 2018
can’t find these things in books or even maps I use google maps…check opening hours, do banking, buy things I can’t in store. it’s everything I search for daily. Its sad. I
A few months ago after a group meeting I pull out the local area map. I had been using gps to get to this place, but wanted to see if there was a better route. One of the attenders (at least 50's maybe 60s) says in a friendly but mocking manner: "Is that a MAP? WHY?"

I could prolong the story, but let me end by saying the attender thought all forms of gps far superior than the lowly piece of piece I opened, regardless of my explanations (which I thought were pretty good).

In about 2008-2009, the customer service of a place with which I did business in person made a transition, and started to refer everyone online for answers. In general I did follow the policy, but there are always those silly things that require an actual dialog. Even when I went to an actual person, the person would repeatedly say: Go Online To The Website.
Stupid me repeatedly replied: If I had found it online, I wouldn't be here asking you!
Some of those questions only got solved by going online...
and calling the number for customer service to answer the question.
At least one of the questions NEVER got resolved.

I had hoped that was be the exception. But more and more the norm is to deliberately disable the people to enable "the website." And whatever didn't get answered, oh well.


Jul 24, 2022
Using anything other than a television screen requires the use of grey matter, and use of grey matter IST VERBOTEN.
The day will come when actual face-to-face interaction will be outlawed. You will serve your existence much like as in the Matrix.
Locked in your little pod.


Mar 7, 2023
A video about why folks can't read ... the irony is sharp with this one.

The caption on the thumbnail "CALIFORNIA CAN'T READ" is not meant to be taken literally. It's just talking about how the education system in California, isn't doing kids justice, because a lot of the kids in California aren't on the reading level that they're supposed to be on.