The Covid Chronicles: A Trojan Horse In Wuhan


Aug 21, 2017
Were bioweapons at play in this global pandemic?

To set up why I theorize bioweapons are at play, we have to go back to October, 2019. A coronavirus simulation drill was exercised 6 weeks before China was hit with the virus, while, a second unrelated event, the 2019 CISM Military World Games, was going on with 10,000 soldiers from 109 countries. Where was this going on you might ask? Well, the Wuhan province of China, of course! What are the chances shortly thereafter a virus would break Wuhan? The veil between fiction and reality is microscopically thin regarding these events. The odds this is not an act of biowarfare...well...even thinner.

Could the soldiers have been vaccinated and shedding coronavirus? Could agent provocateurs, who came as part of the soldier/simulation detail, have strategically released the virus? Do you think this is just a coincidence?

Please feel free to share your views on this. Please provide resources where applicable and let's dig deep!

Event201 Highlights Reel (Most of the fictional footage from the tabletop exercise eerily overlays with pinpoint precision what we are seeing play out in our media currently)

Spiro Skouras of Activist Post - Backgrounder on 2019 CISM Military Games

Experimental Vaccines Can Be Administered to Military Without Consent

COMING UP: The evidence surrounding creation of bioweapons and possible use in Wuhan.

Keep your eyes open...ears to the ground...and enlighten others. His Peace.

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