the cornerstone: "the nature–like technosphere is a part of the noosphere.."


Nov 8, 2022
In two words: the common point and the sought end / intermediate goal of all the Sustainable Development Goals, green programs, digitalization, technocracy and transhumanism (of which transgenderism is a part, not the other way around) including genetic programs, mass inoculation, etc. - a peek into the Spider's hole from which the web of everything that is being implemented and planned at the highest level today begins .

Some would call it "the realized Kingdom of antichrist," others "dystopia from fantasy novels"; but the authors of this particular strategy themselves are not such people who use such noisy expressions, and call it simply "strategy for the development of nature-like (convergent ) technologies". We are talking about a specific draft decree of the president from mid-June under the name “On the strategy for the development of nature-like (convergent ) technologies”. And the president in question is the one for whom from many places, the people claiming and repeating that he is fighting the Western elites and their vision of the world, in fact claiming - even directly in many places - that he is fighting the horde of the devil and evil.

For example, as recently in another forum I was told by a person with deep interests in some spiritual things (I do not know which ones, we did not talk about it):

"I have friends here and “there”, your singular vision of what is going on is childish, when i mentioned how the GOC view putin you screamed “antichrist”, which as i pointed out is a movement not a person, such things are moot between those who have studied at any given level…

What is important to understand is that due to either quirk or “fate”, or even “script”, Vlad faces a choice, how he proceeds will alter the fate of humanity,

The others biden, macron et nauseum, all have made their choice, they are sold, they are doomed, i doubt they even knew the juncture they sold their souls, i digress

As you correctly surmise they are all signed up to this, but only one wants “special treatment” for his vast and beautiful nation, only one is faltering

Equipped with this singular piece of knowledge you may now carry on and observe, like the rest of us as events unfold, events which we can only process, as we have no recourse to alter them…"
That "I screamed antichrist," of course, he made it up. He was just trying to convince me that instead of judging by what Putin announces, signs, does and plans for Russia, I should look at it in terms of Putin fighting against the West. And I answered him with a smile that, judging by Putin's actions and plans for Russia, he is an entire antichrist.

So, because I am at a lower spiritual level and am "equipped" with other knowledge, and I am curious what exactly is this "choice, how will it continue to change the fate of humanity" that Vlad faces, what is this "special treatment" that he "wants for his huge and beautiful nation", and what are his "hesitations" about the realization of the new world order, I will post here a short article and then a long and detailed analytical report on the strategy in question. And whoever is interested, or has any thoughts, in general, outside of the specific strategy, about the noosphere, the Technosphere and related things, can write if he wishes.

The theme is so called because in the strategy directly says, For example:

"The noosphere is a new, evolutionary state of the biosphere, in which scientific and technological human activity becomes a determining factor in the development of the biosphere” (p. 2). From it, in basic concepts, a bridge is thrown to the final desired goal of the entire Strategy: “The nature–like technosphere is a part of the noosphere created by man on the basis of nature-like technologies” (p. 1).

What the noosphere is, and the concepts and ideas that arise and are associated with it, I will not write now, because this is discussed in the detailed report that I will post after the article. If someone does not know, I looked here in the search engine and saw that there are many interesting opinions, quotes and links. So if he's interested, he can search, or on the internet.


Nov 8, 2022
Programs, strategies, roadmaps, etc.preceding the strategy and related to the individual things it deals with, there are many, but I will post some of them afterwards; here and in my other topic. But, for example, for an impromptu introduction, some things briefly.

For example, at the end of September 2015. at the the plenary meeting of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, in its first appearance at the UN in ten years.

Among all the wonderful words like: "What we propose is to join efforts to address the problems that all of us are facing, and create a genuinely broad international coalition against terrorism" and "Hand in hand with other nations, we will consistently work to strengthen the UN's central, coordinating role. I am convinced that by working together, we will make the world stable and safe, and provide an enabling environment for the development of all nations and peoples", he also said:

"Ladies and gentlemen, one more issue that shall affect the future of the entire humankind is climate change. It is in our interest to ensure that the coming UN Climate Change Conference that will take place in Paris in December this year should deliver some feasible results. As part of our national contribution, we plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 70–75 percent of the 1990 levels by the year 2030.

However, I suggest that we take a broader look at the issue. Admittedly, we may be able to defuse it for a while by introducing emission quotas and using other tactical measures, but we certainly will not solve it for good that way. What we need is an essentially different approach, one that would involve introducing new, groundbreaking, nature-like technologies that would not damage the environment, but rather work in harmony with it, enabling us to restore the balance between the biosphere and technology upset by human activities."

(Well, and also: "We propose convening a special forum under the auspices of the UN to comprehensively address issues related to the depletion of natural resources, habitat destruction, and climate change. Russia is willing to co-sponsor such a forum. " From all of which, I guess, the globalist "anti-terrorist" green con artists were shaking with fear.)

"Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 31.12.2015
70. To solve the problems of national security in the field of science, technology and education, the following are necessary:

comprehensive development of scientific potential, restoration of the full scientific and production cycle - from fundamental scientific research to the introduction of applied science achievements into production in accordance with the priorities of socio—economic, scientific and scientific-technological development of the Russian Federation;

development of the national innovation system, stimulation and support of the development of the innovation market, high-tech products, including high-tech products with high added value;

formation of a system of fundamental and applied scientific research and its state support in the interests of organizational and scientific support for the implementation of strategic national priorities

development of promising high technologies (genetic engineering, robotics, biological, information and communication, cognitive technologies, nanotechnology, nature-like convergent technologies)"

"October 21, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the session "Youth 2030. The Image of the Future" as part of the closing of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students. In particular, Putin devoted his speech at the session to how important it is to adhere to the moral component in any case. As an example, he cited the possibilities of genetic engineering.

On the one hand, according to him, it will give new opportunities in the field of pharmacology, changes in the human code, which will help people who suffer from genetic diseases. Despite this, the President said, there is another component. A person gets the opportunity to get into the genetic code created by nature – that is, a person can be created with specified characteristics.

"It can be a brilliant mathematician or a musician, but it can also be a military man who can fight without fear, feelings of compassion and regret, without pain," he said.

"Humanity may soon enter a difficult and responsible period of its existence. And what I said could be scarier than a nuclear bomb. Whatever we do, we should never forget about the moral and ethical foundations of our business," Putin concluded."

February 8, 2018:
"The president held a meeting of the Council for science and education in Novosibirsk.
Vladimir Putin:
The world is undergoing dramatic technological change. In their scale, they are comparable to the epochs of industrial revolutions and scientific discoveries that radically changed the way of life of people on our planet.
In science, as in other fields, we need to make a real breakthrough. It is necessary to abandon once and for all the support for inefficiency, for outdated, outdated approaches to the organization of scientific activity. And, of course, the country expects from Science new solutions that can change the quality of people's lives and give a powerful boost to the development of Russia.

These are the tasks that have been set in the strategy for scientific and technological development. And projects of scientific institutes, research programs, ministries and departments should be directed to this.
And today, our scientists are helping local companies succeed in the technology race, including in the processing and transmission of big data.

The interaction of Science and business should be a key condition for the implementation of the Digital Economy Program. On the basis of modern solutions, it is necessary to organize the activity of state and social institutions, transport and management of the city to a qualitatively new level, to take a leading position in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems.

Moreover: local scientists have taken a significant step forward in such relatively new interdisciplinary fields for us as life science, where research is carried out at the intersection of biology, chemistry, genetics, medicine, bioinformatics and physics.
I believe that the accumulated intellectual and scientific potential makes it possible to organize large-scale genomic research in Russia. And I ask you to develop a suitable program in a short time, to provide mechanisms to support strong teams, create modern infrastructure and train staff. We have just discussed this in detail with representatives of the Siberian branch of the Academy of Sciences.

Both in genetics and in other fields, t should be used more widely. pomegranate. convergent approach, nature-like technologies. On this basis, we will be able to create new drugs and methods for the treatment of severe diseases, a new energy based on technologies for the most careful treatment of resources. I would, of course, like to hear your suggestions on this.
Please give the floor to Mikhail Valentinovich Kovalchuk.

Mikhail Kovalchuk:
...We, speaking of the digital economy as a big breakthrough (which is indeed the case), should understand that according to the International Energy Agency, in the coming years the share of energy consumption in the network infocommunication sphere (only networks and terminal devices - consumer network equipment, communications, Wi-Fi) without industrial computing information infrastructure will exceed one third of the world's electricity production.

When we talk to you about the digital economy, we have to understand that if we do not develop the energy sector appropriately, we will not have a digital economy. In the near future, this creates serious constraints on energy resources for the formation of a digital economy. At the same time, nature does not know resource crises and energy starvation. The explanation for this is the extremely high energy efficiency of natural sites.

I will repeat an example I have given so many times. The human brain, which actually created a unique civilization on Earth, consumes 30 watts, and a modern supercomputer consumes tens of megawatts. At the same time, the efficiency of all the computers in the world is far from reaching the efficiency of the brain of an ordinary person.

Thus, in order to solve the problem of sustainable energy supply to humanity, it is necessary to move to technologies based on the principles of functioning of living nature - nature-like technologies. It is these technologies that should form the basis of a fundamentally new technological base for the country's economy.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, allow me to quote your speech at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly when the Kyoto Protocol was being discussed. You said that we support the Kyoto Protocol, but it is only a partial solution to the civilizational problem. We need to talk about the introduction of fundamentally new nature-like technologies that do not cause damage to the surrounding world, but exist in harmony with it and will allow to restore the balance between the biosphere and the Technosphere, which has been disturbed by man. This is truly a global challenge.

I would like to say that a number of technologically significant results have already been achieved both in the field of energy production and in the field of energy consumption. For example, technologies have been developed to generate electrical energy based on the metabolic processes of living organisms. These are so-called biofuel cells, which can be used, in particular, to power microsensors of a biological nature and implantable medical devices.

The second is consumption technology. Hardware technologies are actively developing, I stress, not software, but hardware implementation of artificial neuromorphic networks for computing devices that work on the principles of the human brain and as a result consume significantly less energy. It should be noted that this research and development in all these areas is actively and systematically carried out in many countries around the world.

I would like to say that today we are at a world level in the field of studying processes in living nature and creating nature-like technologies."

And other interesting things from:

One or two more layers of cake before the cherry I will put that from link to link, I look at more interesting things that I have not seen (they are a lot); my appetite came with eating....:)


Nov 8, 2022
This Mikhail Kovalchuk is the president of the Kurchatov Institute.

"On April 12, 1943, the Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician A. A. Baykov, signed an order on the establishment of Laboratory No. 2 of the USSR Academy of Sciences, which was later transformed into the Kurchatov Institute. Kurchatov I. V. was appointed head of the Laboratory, the main task of the laboratory is the creation of nuclear weapons.

The Kurchatov Institute team developed and created the first cyclotron in Moscow (1944), the first nuclear reactor in Europe (1946), the first Soviet atomic bomb (1949), the world's first thermonuclear bomb (1953), the world's first industrial nuclear power plant (1954), the world's first nuclear reactor for submarines (1958), the largest installation for conducting research on the implementation of controlled thermonuclear reactions (1958) and nuclear icebreakers (Nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", 1959), the largest installation for conducting research on the implementation of controlled thermonuclear reactions (1958). A flying atomic laboratory based on the Tu-95 aircraft was created, prototypes of nuclear rocket engines of minimal dimension were created, an electoreactive (pulse-plasma) engine was created, which was tested in space in 1964 on the Zond-2 satellite, an ion with volumetric ionization and stationary plasma engines on the Meteor satellite were created and tested in space". Research reactors were created, the first tokamaks were built, the experience of which was used in the construction of more modern installations.

Since its foundation, a huge number of myths have been circulating around Kurchatov, primarily related to the increased secrecy of the facility. A very narrow circle of people still has access there, and even government officials need to order a pass in advance to enter the institute's territory.

Nuclear project
There is a widespread perception that almost all the documents of the famous "Manhattan Project" (a project to develop an atomic bomb in the United States) were obtained by Soviet intelligence, and Academician Kurchatov and his colleagues had only to assemble a Soviet atomic bomb according to someone else's drawings.

Monsters of the Moscow dungeons
Moscow dungeons hide a special flora and fauna that is inaccessible to the eyes of ordinary citizens. Many people associate the mutation of various creatures with the dumping of waste from chemical enterprises, including waste from the nuclear production of the Kurchatov Institute.

Now an impressive number of research facilities are located on the territory of the Kurchatov Institute (which is located near the Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station):
Accelerator complexes; Research nuclear reactors; Plasma installations; Installations for the development of nuclear technologies;
Data Processing Center; Complex of biotechnologies; Complex of nanotechnologies; Complex of neuroscience and cognitive research."

Or, in Kovalchuk's words.

Meeting with the head of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk
M. Kovalchuk informed the President about the current work of the research center.
March 12, 2019

Vladimir Putin: Mikhail Valentinovich, it is well known that Kurchatnik was founded in 1943, when there were big problems in the country, the war was going on, nevertheless, work has already begun on an atomic project.

But then "kurchatnik" was transformed into a multidisciplinary center. Of course, we all know that the first nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes was created in Kurchatnik.

M. Kovalchuk: And nuclear medicine.

Vladimir Putin: Yes, nuclear medicine. Then superconductivity in the atomic sphere, then magnetic plasma confinement. And in the 80s, in my opinion, it was even, in fact, the center of the creation of the domestic Internet. How does the "chicken coop" live now?

Mikhail Kovalchuk: You know, Vladimir Vladimirovich, he lives by your concerns, let me say so, because since 2007, when you held a meeting on nanotechnology, since then we have been developing all the classical directions related to the nuclear complex, created fundamentally new directions related to nature-like technologies and the convergence of sciences and technologies.

We have created an unparalleled NBICS center, a base of nature likeness, and today we have a powerful genetic reserve. We have a huge reserve in the field of megascience. And to create a national research center, you signed the first decree in 2008.

He allowed the unthinkable to actually happen, because after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the scientific environment was clustered, everything crumbled and in fact, I would say so, our partners, as they say, managed our institutes individually by each, hiring separate groups of people to the institute.

The creation of the SIC, where the most powerful potential of the country was consolidated, nuclear and physical in the first place, allowed us to consolidate our efforts, and we have become an integral part of the global and European landscape.
You know that on your initiative, a scientific initiative supported by you, the most powerful free electron X–ray laser was launched a year ago in Hamburg, where a third is a Russian idea, in fact 30 percent of the money and our huge technological contribution. In fact, we have a part of this setup.

Moreover, we have joined the European Synchrotron Radiation Center, we are members of CERN, ITER, that is, we are full-scale participants, the European landscape is unthinkable without us.

Vladimir Putin: How is the project developing in Gatchina?

Mikhail Kovalchuk: Today, I wanted to say, thanks to the meetings that you held in Dubna many years ago, megascience has unfolded, and we have returned to ourselves.

Four selected projects have started living on the territory of the Russian Federation, and one of them is Gatchina. I have already reported to you, and I will repeat with pleasure once again, just recently you spoke about this in your Message – we have completed the first stage of the power start-up of the world's most powerful high-flow reactor PIK at our site in Gatchina. This is the first.

Today we are systematically moving on, daily work is underway, and by the end of the year, if everything is fine, then we must complete the output to all the parameters that are planned by the end of the year. And Russia will have one of the most powerful neutron research facilities in the world.

And the second. In accordance with your instructions, by your agreement with your counterpart in Germany, we are now implementing a detailed study of the order to create a Russian-German center for high technologies, interdisciplinary research based on these unique things.

And finally, the last one. The program you announced to create a network of national synchrotron sources. The first of them is at the Protvino site, the source of the fourth generation of ISSY-4. This is a unique, breakthrough installation, which does not exist in the world and will not be for at least 10-20 years.

It was worked out at a time when we were implementing projects in Germany together with the whole world, in fact, we created a base. In addition, we have added to this an installation in Akademgorodok and an installation on Russian Island.

This will actually allow us to create a unique Megascience base – a PEAK reactor and a fourth-generation synchrotron. What the world will not have for another 10-20 years, we will have – the best scientific base.

And plus two installations, simpler, but also unique in their kind, will ensure, firstly, the spatial connectivity of the country, and secondly, they will create a new level of scientific culture in the main centers of the country: in the Far East and Siberia.

Vladimir Putin: Make sure that the financing is carried out rhythmically.

Mikhail Kovalchuk: Yes. This is a very important thing. But I want to emphasize that the consolidation of the creation of the SIC ... Today the SIC is a structure in which seven of the largest institutions of the country are located and 14 thousand people work. It was this consolidation, centralization of both finance and management, that allowed us to launch the PEAK in just five years. This is a very important thing.
Vladimir Putin: I congratulate you.

Mikhail Kovalchuk: I want to congratulate everyone and thank you."
Igor Kurchatov (1903 - 1960)

emblem of the Kurchatov Institute

3 rubles, Jubilee coin for 75th Anniversary Kurchatov Institute:)


Nov 8, 2022
But. This Kovalchuk is a big dude (on russian big dude is "bolshoy chuvak""), look at some of the interviews he's got.

01.10.2015 / website of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Cell warfare, colonies and "service people" of the USA
The future of the world through the eyes of the director of the Kurchatov Institute

Mikhail Kovalchuk, Director of the Kurchatov Institute, addressed the Federation Council on Wednesday. He told the senators about the dangers of artificial cells, as well as how the United States influences scientific and technical goals around the world and how a new subspecies of "service man" is being created.

At the beginning of his speech at the Federation Council, Kovalchuk said that now technologies and parts can be grown naturally — it is possible to create artificial living systems with predetermined properties. An artificial cell, according to him, can be a diagnostician and a drug deliverer, or it can be malicious. In fact, Kovalchuk noted, one cell can be a weapon of mass destruction.
Kovalchuk went on to say that the achievements of modern genetics make it possible to create a cell focused on a specific ethnic group: it can be safe for one ethnic group, and deadly for another. According to him, biosimilar technologies will allow making weapons of mass destruction in an artisanal way. And it is impossible to predict how artificial systems will disrupt evolution.

Then the director of the Kurchatov Institute said that today the United States is creating a global distributed scientific and educational environment, which is funded from the American national budget and serves the interests of the United States. For example, Kovalchuk argued, Germany is an American colony: according to him, it has no strategic goals, but it serves the global interests of the United States for its own budget.

"In fact, we are present at an attempt to form a system in which scientific and technical global goals are understood only by the United States and formulated by them, and Russia should become a supplier of intellectual resources, a performer of tactical tasks necessary for the United States to achieve a strategic result"

According to Kovalchuk, the United States is not financially and organizationally involved in any international project in Europe (he cited CERN and the X-ray laser as an example), but US representatives sit on all management committees, and not only they, but also "Poles with American passports." There they conduct full monitoring and try to pull out those decisions that are important to the United States, Kovalchuk said.

Russia today plays key roles in major international projects, and there are important projects in Russia, for example, the accelerator in Dubna and the reactor in Gatchina, Kovalchuk continued. However, he noted, it should be understood that international cooperation is also used by the United States to strengthen its own positions and weaken Europe, and they are also trying to drag Russia into this.
At the end of his speech , the director of the Kurchatov Institute spoke about the structure of the world: a certain elite has always tried to put the rest of the world at its service. At first there was a slave-owning system, then there was a feudal system, then there was capitalism in one form or another, Kovalchuk recalled. But each time it ended with a change of formation, because the people whom the elite tried to turn into servants did not want it, for which there are two reasons: biologically they were the same people as those who wanted to turn them into servants, and their self-consciousness grew as they developed, so they themselves wanted to become elite.

Kovalchuk argued that today there is a real technological and biological opportunity to create a fundamentally new subspecies of a person — a "service person". The property of the population of "service people", according to him, is very simple: limited self—awareness, reproduction management and cheap feed - genetically modified products. According to Kovalchuk, no one can prevent this anymore — this is the development of science, and this is already happening in fact, and we need to understand what place we can take in this civilization.

The director of the Kurchatov Institute said that today the system of basic moral principles is being broken, and alternative values are being created that do not fit into real life.
He spoke about the danger of the "absolutization of individual freedom" when children are above their parents, and the individual is above the sovereign state. According to Kovalchuk, this is "a slogan for the scrapping of a sovereign state", whose sovereignty is the only tool for protecting society and values and maintaining a balance between human rights and freedoms. If this protection is not there, there will be "crowds of people who fight with each other and are easily controlled from the outside."

Kovalchuk also said that now there is an actual reduction in the birth rate through the introduction of ideas into the mass consciousness that contradict natural ones. In his opinion, natural ideas contradict, for example, the LGBT community and families without children."
It doesn't sound bad, it doesn't sound bad, it's even great - the exact opposite of the diabolical, spiritually fallen Western elitist power freaks and their media minions. I'd trust Kovalchuk...
"On April 11, 2018, MIA "Russia Today" hosted a press conference by Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of the Kurchatov Institute, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of this scientific organization. During his speech, he told about the most interesting facts from the history of the once secret Laboratory No. 2, the development of the peaceful atom and the latest research directions of the Center related to nature-like technologies. Mikhail Valentinovich also touched upon a sensitive topic concerning the management of mass consciousness and the construction of a new civilization – the "digital GULAG". Other revelations were also made in the speech, which are now usually kept silent: about the destruction of the education system, about deadly vaccinations and other ways of influencing a person.
Excerpts from the speech of M.V. Kovalchuk are quite eloquent: "There used to be military colonization and a battle for resources. You should have had an army, a navy... What happened today? Today, military colonization has been replaced by technological enslavement. I don't need to capture you by military force.

Let's look at a simple thing – here are all these color revolutions where oil and gas are.

I went there – the less educated the public, the better.

Therefore, I need to finish my education to the end, so that it is, so to speak, very superficial: to convince you that you do not need to study – just press the button... As one actor said: "Wikipedia has everything." They pressed the button and that was it... And a monotonous voice says to me: left, right. And then I turn you into a civilization completely controlled by an electric toggle switch.

I turned off the electric toggle switch – and it was over... Your head is empty, because Wikipedia is dead, and you don't know how to get there either, because your aunt has gone silent in GPS. Moreover, in order to release GPS, you must understand that this is a guidance system, a weapon of a foreign country. It's enough to change the codes on the satellites, and that's it – he won't see you anymore, and you're all up. Here's the answer.
So you should understand that a civilization is being built, which is controlled by an electric toggle switch... As soon as you turned on the GPS, you turned off the head. All. And it is very difficult to turn it on...

And there is a selection. A lot of people are already turning into living robots. In the living “service” people. This is an absolute fact. And you should understand this.

Now it has become very easy to talk to students. You have a pre-selection. I talk to a person and I see if he lives there: everything is over, you can not discuss anything with him. He is already an “official" person. They forgot him. And if a person thinks, but only looks there... If I'm driving, I still have to see with my eyes where I'm going and where...

Is that why I'm telling you this? This is a very important thing...

Here's a look at what is being done, where are the color revolutions: illiterate people came, gave away iPhones for free, hung up a satellite, brainwashed, and from a sovereign, perfectly (by those concepts, standards) living state like Libya, you turned into what? With the use of the first mass cognitive technology of mass consciousness management, the authorities were overthrown, flourishing countries were turned into ruins, where crowds run around, kill each other, but you got access to resources.

All. But these are particulars. And you should understand more...

We become vulnerable in a different way: through medicines, through food, through drinks… Americans were vaccinated in some Latin American country for a year against some diseases. One hundred percent of the female population is infertile... Do you understand what the story is?..

Here we are a creative nation, intellectual, and in fact today the only product in demand on the market is intelligence, and every day its price and importance will only increase.

In fact, a system is actually being formed to isolate a significant part of the population from the general life. They take it online, they take it to GPS. She actually starts living there, there, in the virtual world, because she may not be needed here anymore. That's what's going on.

And a lot of people go there voluntarily. Let's do this... This is actually a digital GULAG built, in Russian, but only people go to this digital GULAG themselves. They go by themselves. They have a kind of head... Mom did not advise correctly, but they themselves are not thinking well, and they are going to this GULAG. Well and good... So they're all going there. They are completely controlled by this button. Until the end. Turned off – and that's it. And they won't find their way home. And I have to tell you: this is the main challenge of today's civilization, which is not tomorrow, as a biological one, but it is today. Today, because, of course, we are lagging behind, thank God, the Americans and Europe, but we also have tens of percent going by GPS. So they have already moved there...

I'm already talking to students, and there is a colossal culling (let me use a bad word) of human material, because some people are learning, becoming intellectually. He knows museums, culture, reads books, and they turn into an intellectual elite, and the other part is taken out –there, and she lives there, as it were, in this virtual world... Do you understand? This is a difficult thing, so the situation is like this: if we want to save face and be in charge in the future civilization, we must cultivate this intellectual part in this sense ..."– said Mikhail Valentinovich.

It would seem that many acute problems were touched upon in this speech, but, unfortunately, it is not said who, for what purpose and how is building a "digital GULAG".
At the beginning of June 2020 (again with a comment from the russian alt-media)

"Many still well remember the vivid speech of the famous scientist, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the Kurchatov Institute Research Center Mikhail Kovalchuk in the Federation Council, which took place five years ago. A representative of one of the 100 ruling families in Russia then openly spoke about the plans of the globalists to breed a new subspecies of homo sapiens – the "service man". In early June of this year, Kovalchuk, whose organization the President instructed to create a database of genetic passports of Russians, "pleased" with another revelation about one of the true tasks of the creators of the new coronavirus. The revelation is gloomy, but it is unlikely that among adequate people there will be those who want to challenge it.

In an interview with the official journalist Vladimir Solovyov in the program "Solovyov LIVE", dedicated to "conspiracy theories around the coronavirus", Mikhail Kovalchuk reflected on the problems of the Earth's population in the era of robotics and artificial intelligence. The presenter asked the scientist the following question:
"This is the coronavirus. Is there a task, as some believe, to reduce the world's population to a billion?"

Kovalchuk's reaction followed quickly:

"What happens in fact if there was no virus. Problems are accumulating in the world. As a rule, these problems have always been solved in a revolutionary way. Almost always. And today the world has reached the level of these unsolvable problems.

Now there has been a tremendous development of technology, and people are becoming unnecessary in such numbers... Now watch what happens next... In fact, it's bad, but in fact... Virus – what's going on? You have a high mortality rate for older people, that is, they are the most vulnerable – once, and secondly – for the lumpenized part. For example, if we look at New York - it has Manhattan, there is Brooklyn, but there is the Bronx and many other places where people are absolutely lumpenized. These people are elderly... We have a huge number of pensioners...

A huge number of people who, as it were, live, these are tens of percent, they need to be supported, fed, watered by the elderly, and no one needs them, and why prolong their lives? It's inhumane, terrible, we speak a different language, but we have to understand it. And in this sense, this epidemic – it cleans up, roughly speaking, one way or another, you see how it has developed. And we left. How Putin addresses people over 65: relatives, stay at home, and therefore we have a different picture...

But on the one hand, industry is developing and requires people, and on the other hand, robotics, artificial intelligence is destroying jobs, but these two processes are going on, they are going on in different places because of the unevenness of world development, because of different types of technologies that do not have time to replace one another, that is, the world is very it is complicated, but it is clear that he has changed radically, and he does not need people in this form and in such numbers. And you and I should understand this...".

As for the development of industry, which requires new people, this is clearly not about our country, where at the highest level the entire ruling and financial "elite" has set a course for total digitalization and "digital transformation". Accordingly, she "does not need people in such numbers." It seems that in our country, according to Kovalchuk, this approach is compensated by the President's love for the elderly, but in general, the situation in the world is like this, and the conditional "owners of money" directly say: "Why prolong their lives?" These problems are insoluble for them without such radical methods, they identified them long ago and "in fact", long before the appearance of COVID-19. And accordingly, they also began to look for ways to solve them a long time ago, one way or another choosing the simplest – the "revolutionary" option.

Hence such an amazing ability of the coronavirus to adapt to human immunity, find the weakest points in it and bring chronic diseases of the elderly to a sad result. By and large, it is not so much about the treatment of seriously ill patients as about maintaining their condition, because at the official level it is always stated that there is no universal and effective medicine and is not expected. It was difficult to come up with a more selective weapon.
Everything is clear about this, but another question arises: if Mr. Kovalchuk has been aware of all these plans for a long time, how does he intend to approach the task assigned to him by the President to create a system for storing and processing genetic data of the Russian population? Moreover, he was also instructed to develop a format for transmitting this information. The question immediately arises – transfers to whom? Into whose hands and for what purposes can the genetic code of the people be transferred, and why should such questions be solved by one, even a very gifted scientist, and not by the people themselves? In the studies of various doctors, information is repeatedly mentioned about the links of the coronavirus with certain human genes, about the greater vulnerability of a certain type of people to it. So, in fact, a person who offers us all to understand that it is ineffective to feed a lot of "extra people" today, and who is undoubtedly close to this very global elite, gets into his hands an inexhaustible base for creating point biological and genetic weapons against these most unnecessary people.

And if Kovalchuk, as he himself swears, "speaks a different language," then why take on such assignments for universal genetic certification at all, why entrust the management of this entire project to the oil state oligarch Igor Sechin, and even make the first test subjects from his Rosneft employees who will fill this genetic database with their personal data? All the same semi-territorial questions, to which, if we recall the recent statement of the director of the Bank for International Settlements about the imminent second wave of coronavirus, the most ominous answers suggest themselves.

At the end of 2020, October.

"Here are the main excerpts from Kovalchuk's 10-minute speech, which in content differed little from his famous speech to students in 2016.

"We are living in a period of pre-war. I would call this stage – "hybrid cold war. The target state is chosen - first of all, it is us. Then the maximum weakening of this state, all targets are absolutely attacked: education, culture, economy, science, security... everything! And this pre-war is going on today, and we are not winning it. This is preparation for the second stage – enslavement. Technological enslavement: previously you did it with the help of military force, but today you do it technologically.

I'll give you a simple example – the Internet. What is the Internet? This is a digital GULAG – in its purest form. Only unlike the Gulag, where people were seized, placed behind barbed wire and guarded, these people all came here themselves. If a person was told that everything is written in Wikipedia and everything can be found on the Internet, then we are building a society of people from whom you can "cut off their heads" by simply cutting off the switch.

I need to fool you with USE tests first, so that you can think only in the option selection mode, then hand out iPhones to everyone and hang up a satellite - that's all. This is essentially fascism, but we must understand that this is the ideology of the modern world – our dear colleagues and partners. The dream of the elites who rule the world has always been this: to bring out a certain subspecies of service people who would have limited self–awareness, reproduce manageably and eat cheap food.

Today, for the first time in the history of civilization, there is a technological possibility of removing an official person. You genetically prune functions, invent an artificial uterus, shorten pregnancy – and begin to grow the kind of people you need. And here we are technologically losing to the Americans. CIA Director Allen Dulles and his brother US Secretary of State John Dulles, with the full financial support of billionaire John Rockefeller, created the World Health Organization. For what? Not to treat people, but to take full control of the health of the world and influence it – by vaccination, whatever… The first president of WHO was Rockefeller's closest associate Brock Chisholm.

Here is his quote: "In order to come to a world government, it is necessary to expel from the consciousness of people their individuality, adherence to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas. The destruction of the concepts of truth and falsehood, which are the basis of a child's upbringing, the replacement of faith in the experience of elders with rational thinking – these are the belated goals needed to change human behavior."

As a result of the absolutization of individual freedom, the sovereignty of the State is being destroyed and an organized, civilized community of protected people is being replaced by a set of easily controlled individuals or herds. In parallel, there is a reduction in the birth rate – by introducing into the mass consciousness ideas that deny the natural continuation of life – LGBT, etc. Everything has changed a long time ago, and we need to move forward if we want to remain the great country that we have always been," Kovalchuk concluded.

There is nothing to add or comment to this fiery speech – it remains only to fully agree and thank the scientist that he clearly outlined the threats and called a spade a spade at a solid event under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense. But after all that has been said (especially, voiced by Kovalchuk more than once), a key question arises: where exactly do we need to go "forward"? How to change this situation for Russia and all mankind. Is it possible that the eminent scientist, the head of a huge research institute (which, unlike dozens of other leading scientific centers in Russia, is literally flooded with money), has not yet developed a competent program to counter this dehumanization and world slavery? Besides the fact that he denounces the activities of the "elite" and says that it will be even worse – in particular, under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus, "extra people" will be openly destroyed, where is the positive agenda in his execution?

So far, the whole message from Mr. Kovalchuk is that we supposedly need to understand and accept all of these trends, because nothing will change. "There is no need to be afraid," he told students 4 years ago. Of course, you don't need to be afraid, but, probably, you don't need to turn into a herd and go to slaughter?

The scientist's thoughts about the "digital transformation" of the state in 2018 developed in approximately the same way, at a press conference he gave shortly after meeting with Vladimir Putin.

"In fact, a system is actually being formed to isolate a significant part of the population from the general life. They take it online, they take it to GPS. She actually starts living there, in the virtual world, because she may not be needed here anymore. That's what's going on. And we go there voluntarily. This is actually built – a digital GULAG in Russian, but only people go to this digital GULAG themselves. Their mother did not advise them correctly, but they themselves think badly. And they are going to this GULAG. Well and good. So they're all going there. They are completely controlled by this button," Kovalchuk said.

What good is it that people go to this GULAG, that they all become "one-button people"? Right now, this is exactly what is happening with the citizens of our country – and let's not agree with Mr. Kovalchuk in the part where he talks about absolute voluntariness in the construction of an electronic concentration camp. When benefits in St. Petersburg are tied exclusively to a single card, when maternity capital is issued exclusively in electronic form, when travel in transport becomes available exclusively by bank transfer, when the same "coronavirus" payments for a child are issued only after registration of a citizen on the public services portal (and the FIU does this without the will of a citizen!) – what kind of voluntariness can we talk about here? Mr. Kovalchuk seems to close his eyes to the fact that in our country, experiments on the introduction of a "digital educational environment" with distance learning and training in front of a tablet and a computer monitor are in full swing, that androids are already beginning to replace people-employees of the MFC, that the population is being accustomed to automatic biometrics and temperature measurement, to enter a particular state institution.

In a word, it is not enough to call a spade a spade for a bright future of Russia, even from a high rostrum. If we are a "target state", and if an aggressive campaign for "digital transformation" is being launched against us right now, why is it not proposed to resist it? It is necessary to discuss and adopt at the level of the supreme power a national strategy to counteract all these "experimental legal regimes". To begin with, at least just to guarantee compliance with the basic constitutional rights of citizens and the federal laws protecting them, and not to destroy the legal field in favor of insane digitizers. Alas, we do not see such joy from Kovalchuk yet. But the main role of Kurchatnik in collecting genetic data of Russians into a single database and preparing genetic passports against the background of statements by its director about editing the human genome as the norm for insane globalists cannot but cause new great fears."


Nov 8, 2022
...And so, and so, omitting the very interesting developments over the years described in road maps (later on about them)...

Dmitry Chernyshenko: The plan of the Year of Science and Technology will be formed through the prism of national goals (January 20, 2021)

"A meeting of the Presidium of the organizing committee for the Year of Science and Technology in Russia was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko and Presidential Aide Andrei Fursenko.

It was attended by Denis Sekirinsky, Deputy Head of the Presidential Department for Scientific and Educational Policy, Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education, Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Kurchatov Institute National Research Center, Alexander Sergeev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Rector of Moscow State University, Academician Viktor Sadovnichy, President, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC Sberbank of Russia German Gref, as well as representatives of other interested organizations.

Opening the meeting, Dmitry Chernyshenko said: "The plan for the Year of Science and Technology will be formed through the prism of national goals that the President has defined. In the proposals that we have received, all the activities are in one way or another in tune with the main indicators." "Large–scale research and infrastructure projects should be aimed at overcoming modern challenges and confirming Russia's status as an equal partner among the leading countries of scientific and technological development," the Deputy Prime Minister added.

According to Andrey Fursenko, this year should radically change public consciousness on the importance of science in all spheres of life.

"The events of the year should mobilize the efforts of the state and business. To open up new opportunities for young people. Russia has a great scientific potential. Science permeates all spheres of life today, and the Year should focus attention and increase public interest in the scientific and technological development of the country," the Presidential Aide stressed.

Denis Sekirinsky, Secretary of the Organizing Committee, Deputy Head of the Presidential Department for Scientific and Educational Policy, noted that one of the key tasks of the Year is "to form a comprehensive idea of Russian citizens about the initiatives implemented today by the state and business in the field of science and technology, to show movement and concrete results that are significant for society, scientists and young people who are just planning his career in science."

"Russia has the most powerful intellectual potential, which we invest in the development of fundamentally new scientific directions – nature-like technologies, in the work of world-class genomic centers and mega-installations: the Kurchatov synchrotron, Tokamak, the peak reactor in Gatchina. The Year of Science and Technology, I am sure, will give the right impetus to the already existing federal scientific programs in our country and will be a good help for the development of new ideas and initiatives," Mikhail Kovalchuk, President of the Kurchatov Institute National Research Center, expressed his opinion."

Mikhail Mishustin visited the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute"
May 18, 2021
The Prime Minister took part in the launch ceremony of the Tokamak T-15MD installation and talked with the scientific staff of the center.
Mikhail Kovalchuk: Mikhail Vladimirovich, it is very important that these installations that we are creating, in fact, generate a huge amount of data. If we talk about what is important for people: any new medicine that exists today is created on the basis of decoding the atomic structure on synchrotron and neutron sources. Therefore, a huge amount of data is generated, which then form the basis for genetic technologies, for personalized medicine.

There is a direct instruction from the President
(I want to draw your attention, there are two executors – the Prime Minister and the director of the Kurchatov Institute) on the creation and financing of the creation of the information and analytical system "National Database of Genetic Information". I will ask Dr. Eremin, the scientific secretary of the Institute (who, by the way, was the deputy head of the Department of Science and Education in the Government, to say a few words about this, about the problems and ask relevant questions.

I.Eremin (Chief Scientific Secretary): Dear Mikhail Vladimirovich! Thank you very much, Mikhail Valentinovich, for most of the introductory information you gave.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that, indeed, at the moment, the decoding of the atomic structure and functions of proteins is a key link in the creation of fundamentally new, modern technologies for diagnosis, treatment or the development of new medicines. The volumes of experimental data that are generated at the same time are really huge, and these data need to be managed very competently. They need to be systematized, analyzed, and delimited levels of access to this data.

In this regard, in all leading countries in the field of genetic technologies, such as the USA, Europe, Japan, China, there are national databases that exist as integral parts of the research infrastructure and provide analysis and services for storing this data. In addition, there is also an international protein database – Protein data base, PDB, which accumulates information about the structure and functions of proteins, and proteins are the product of further organization of genes.

At the moment, it is important for us to know not only the genetic structure, but also to clearly imagine the function of the protein that these genes encode.
And thanks to the modern Megascience class infrastructure, we can conduct these studies and obtain the most up-to-date and accurate data. Currently, we have a unique opportunity to create our own database of genetic information to ensure the technological independence and biological security of our country.

It should be noted that the Kurchatov Institute concentrates unique competencies in processing, creating information technologies and working with big data. For the first time, the Internet in the Russian Federation came out of the walls of the Kurchatov Institute. We have a unique supercomputer at our disposal. We are a center for processing and storing data received from the Large Hadron Collider. Today we are able to operate and operate daily with such a volume of data that is comparable on a global scale with all the genetic information deposited in international databases.

As part of the Presidential instruction, the Government of the Russian Federation and the Kurchatov Institute were instructed to ensure the creation and, among other things, to provide funding for the development of a domestic database of genetic information.
We applied last year with proposals to allocate funding for this article. Unfortunately, they were not supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that the Ministry of Higher Education and Science has included the result of creating a mock-up of the national database of genetic information in the activities of the national project "Science and Universities", while providing for initial, basic funding from its own funds. Today we already clearly understand the full scope of research and work that we need to do to create such a system. We have already started creating it. Based on world data, our own data, we have developed a fully working prototype of this system and launched it into our trial operation.

Dear Mikhail Vladimirovich, we propose to abandon the creation of a mock-up of this system and, if you support it, to start creating an industrial system immediately from 2022. In this case, we will be able to put the system into commercial operation by 2024. We ask you to support us.

M.Mishustin: The creation of a national database of genetic information is very important. There is a corresponding instruction, the President, and we are doing this. The development of the national database, in particular, is handled by the Council for the Implementation of the federal scientific and technological program for the development of genetic technologies. Tatiana Alekseevna Golikova is its chairman. Now the task of the council is to consider and approve the concept. When the concept is ready, we will understand this approach and, accordingly, consider additional financing. This is exactly what we discussed when preparing to visit your center. I will definitely give Tatiana Alekseevna such an assignment again. Valery Nikolaevich (addressing V. Falkov), you will also report.

Mikhail Kovalchuk: Mikhail Vladimirovich, we still have a question about restoring the status of scientific director of all major state scientific and technical innovation projects. At one time, we appealed to the President, he supported it, but then, purely technically, bureaucratically, it was not brought to an end. If you allow, we will send you a list of proposals.

And the last. We have several instructions from the President of the Russian Federation to prepare a presidential initiative on nature-like technologies. The President said this out loud for the first time, speaking at the anniversary session of the United Nations in 2015. Then, on his behalf, we held a forum of nature-like technologies in Sochi, an international one, based on the UN, and now the second forum is being prepared this year.

Then I spoke at Innoprom, where a large number of foreign participants gathered on the same occasion.

In accordance with the instructions of the President, we have prepared a concept of a strategy for the development of nature-like technologies, which formed the basis of the presidential initiative. This went through the Security Council, through all the bodies, through the Presidential Council, but purely technically… If you allow, we will send you the entire package of documents, because the presidential initiative can only be submitted by the Government now. And there is this assignment. It just needs to be brought to an end, and then we will be the first in the world to proclaim this initiative. Nanoinitiative – we had a previous presidential initiative. We prepared it more than ten years ago. But we were already doing it after the leading countries. And the initiative of nature–like technologies - here we are the first. This is generally accepted. And now, if we do this, we can become the first country in the world to adopt this initiative.

M.Mishustin: Thank you, dear Mikhail Valentinovich. The development of this strategy has been going on for several years. It seems to me that we need to accelerate, so I want us to issue an instruction based on the results of today's meeting – by September 1, Valery Nikolaevich (Falkov) together with Mikhail Valentinovich present it. I think there is enough time for us to decide."

About decisions based on the results of the visit to the Kurchatov Institute
June 5 , 2021
3. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (V.N.Falkov), the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (A.G.Siluanov), SIC "Kurchatov Institute" (A.E.Blagov) to submit to the Government of the Russian Federation information on the results of consideration by the Council for the Implementation of the Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Genetic Technologies for 2019-2027 of the Concept of an information and analytical system for storing and processing genetic data "National database of genetic information", as well as on the amount and sources of additional funding needed to ensure the design, creation and commissioning of the specified system in 2024.

The deadline is until July 30, 2021.

4. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (V.N.Falkov), the Kurchatov Institute Research Center (A.E.Blagov), together with interested federal executive authorities and organizations, finalize the draft Strategy for the Development of Convergent (nature-like) Technologies and submit it to the Government of the Russian Federation in accordance with the established procedure.

The deadline is until September 1, 2021."
Aug 12, 2020
That's pretty complicated. How about simply telling us who you think is evil Obummer or Putin? Is it alright if I ask are you Russian? I personally think Russia perhaps the lesser of two evils but I am no scholar just going on gut instincts. Putin seems smart at least and in control of his faculties whereas Biden is clearly mentally deficient.


Nov 8, 2022
That's pretty complicated. How about simply telling us who you think is evil Obummer or Putin? Is it alright if I ask are you Russian? I personally think Russia perhaps the lesser of two evils but I am no scholar just going on gut instincts. Putin seems smart at least and in control of his faculties whereas Biden is clearly mentally deficient.
On the other hand, what you say is quite simple and easy. If that's how you like it, trust your instincts for the lesser evil and the obvious differences between the two characters mentioned to build a correct picture of the situation. I have nothing against your opinion.

I keep publishing my complicated stuff, like so many other authors of topics publish their stuff, and I don't think I have forced anyone to read. Some may even be interested.

Thank you for your shared opinion.:)


Nov 8, 2022
But after all that has been said (especially, voiced by Kovalchuk more than once), a key question arises: where exactly do we need to go "forward"? How to change this situation for Russia and all mankind. Is it possible that the eminent scientist, the head of a huge research institute (which, unlike dozens of other leading scientific centers in Russia, is literally flooded with money), has not yet developed a competent program to counter this dehumanization and world slavery?
This is what some Russians are asking themselves at the end of 2020.

And of course, it was impossible that this distinguished scientist and long-time host of "Stories from the future" had no plan for this "forward."

"Stories from the Future" is a cycle of popular science programs. Initially, from April 14 to June 10, 2007, the program aired on the TV channel "Culture", then, from July 7 to December 25, 2008 — on the "First Channel", and from January 31, 2010 to May 13, 2018 — on the air of the "Fifth Channel" on Sundays at 10:00.

In the program, Mikhail Kovalchuk, president of the Kurchatov Institute, talks about the problems of modern science with the country's leading scientists, researchers and experts. Conversations are conducted in a language accessible to the ordinary viewer about the main scientific innovations, the evolution of light sources, about the "macro" and "nano" worlds, about nanotechnology, genetic engineering, information technology, the development of the nuclear industry in Russia, and much more.

Genetics – agriculture!; Literary genome About the crisis of the spirit; Climate of change; Secrets of our brain at the crossroads of sciences; Physical Anthropology; Conquering the depths of the sea; Bioengineering nanoscale; Educational Center "Sirius"...

Additive technologies; fundamentals of the digital economy; Convergence of nature and man; Trends of the new world order; The Kingdom of Crystals; Science of Ancient Egypt; Young Science and mega-installations; Bioenergy

Genetic educational program; Smart medicine; Population genetics; On guard of health; Man in the technogenic world"

So Kovalchuk certainly had not been idle and had an idea for such a "competent program to counter this dehumanization and world slavery"

And in early June, the Russians found out exactly what. (Well, not all of them, but very few of them. Because the program did not appear anywhere in the media.)

Mikhail Kovalchuk
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Nov 8, 2022
So, so, so...
But after all that has been said (especially, voiced by Kovalchuk more than once), a key question arises: where exactly do we need to go "forward"? How to change this situation for Russia and all mankind. Is it possible that the eminent scientist, the head of a huge research institute (which, unlike dozens of other leading scientific centers in Russia, is literally flooded with money), has not yet developed a competent program to counter this dehumanization and world slavery? Besides the fact that he denounces the activities of the "elite" and says that it will be even worse – in particular, under the pretext of fighting the coronavirus, "extra people" will be openly destroyed, where is the positive agenda in his execution?
About decisions based on the results of the visit to the Kurchatov Institute
June 5 , 2021
4. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (V.N.Falkov), the Kurchatov Institute Research Center (A.E.Blagov), together with interested federal executive authorities and organizations, finalize the draft Strategy for the Development of Convergent (nature-like) Technologies and submit it to the Government of the Russian Federation in accordance with the established procedure.
..In the middle of the June...

"Draft Decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On the Strategy for the Development of nature-like (convergent) technologies"

...Date of creation June 14, 2022, Developer Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

On the development strategy of nature-like (convergent) technologies

In accordance with the Federal Law of June 28, 2014 "On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation", I decree:

1. Approve the attached Strategy for the Development of Nature-like (convergent) technologies.

2. To the Government of the Russian Federation:

a) to approve within 6 months, in coordination with the Presidium of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Science and Education, an action plan for the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of Nature-like (convergent) Technologies;

b) monitor the implementation of the said Strategy;

c) submit to the President of the Russian Federation an annual report on the implementation of the Strategy.

3. Recommend to the state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation to be guided by the provisions of the Strategy for the Development of Nature-like (Convergent) Technologies when carrying out their activities in this area, providing for the necessary changes to the state programs of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

4. This Decree comes into force from the date of its signing.

President Of the Russian Federation V. Putin

By Presidential Decree Of the Russian Federation
for the development of nature-like (convergent) technologies

for the period up to 2030 ..."

Ok, but what the hell are these nature-like technologies?!
And what does it mean for people, what will it bring them, maybe it's a good thing?

Directly in the words of normal, conservative, patriotic russians living in Russia, loving their country and raising their children there; even with the words of the more vigilant russian citizens, from alternative media.
(One of the short, compared to the detailed analytical report, articles; which is still long, but not quite as long as the "kingdom of antichrist" is expected to last according to some scriptures.:)

Then there is the report itself, which discusses the strategy in detail, including, to put it mildly, the strange presence of the occult-philosophical term "Noosphere" in this state strategy. Just so, I post it just to have it posted, because some things have already started to hide them, some have stopped accessing, some have disappeared, and you don't know which site when they will stop it as a "distributor of destructive content" and what is the future of the internet as a whole.)
Before that, I cannot but quote again the inspiring words that drove the majority of the alternative audience (mainly outside Russia) crazy, from Vladimir Vladimirovich's grandiose speech, delivered at the Signing of treaties on accession of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia / September 30, 2022

(By the way, what happens to the Khersonians now that the Russian troops have withdrawn? What do Azov and others do with them? Are the khersonians grateful to the liberators from Russia and understanding the geostrategic moves of the Russian military, as the" pro-Russian " Western alt-media, or are they too busy dealing with the Revenge of Ukrainian non-denazified criminals?

By the way, on the same September 30th, Putin also decreed the establishment of a center for biometric technologies, which "ensures the development of digital identification and authentication technologies , including the creation, development and operation of commercial services and standard solutions", which "will increase the level of digitalization in various sectors of the economy". But this somehow completely escaped the eyes of the same "pro-Russian" alt-media...)

I repeat, the dictatorship of Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of the Western countries themselves. It’s a challenge to everyone. Such a complete denial of man, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, the suppression of freedom acquires the features of “reverse religion” – outright Satanism. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ, denouncing false prophets, says: “By their fruits you will know them.” And these poisonous fruits are already obvious to people – not only in our country, in all countries, including for many people in the West itself.

The world has entered a period of revolutionary transformations, they are fundamental. New development centers are being formed, they represent the majority – the majority! – the international community and are ready not only to declare their interests, but also to defend them, and in multipolarity they see an opportunity to strengthen their sovereignty, which means to gain true freedom, historical perspective, their right to independent, creative, original development, to a harmonious process

President of Russia Vladimir Putin
Signing of treaties on accession of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia / September 30, 2022


Nov 8, 2022


The next activation of the Swabian transhumanists in Russia, which is in the phase of a hot war with the West, is expected to take place under the slogans of ensuring sovereignty and national security. Dmitry Peskov, the digitizer under the president, has already changed his shoes in this direction, now it is the turn of the "heavy artillery" - the president of the Kurchatov Institute, Mikhail Kovalchuk. His institution, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science, has developed a draft Decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On the Strategy for the development of nature-like (convergent) technologies".

To be honest, we have not read such near–scientific horror for a long time - except in the fantasies of the authors of "Childhood-2030" or "Education-2035". I remember that Kovalchuk, at many major forums dedicated to national security, broadcast about the danger of the world's "elite" removing "service people". He just forgot to warn us that he would personally deal with changing human nature and the entire natural, living world to a dead technotronic one.

The draft Decree of the President of the Russian Federation "On the Strategy for the development of nature-like (convergent) technologies" was posted on the government portal June 14th. It was not announced in any way by the authorities/in the media, so it did not immediately attract our attention – the formal public discussion has already ended.

The Explanatory Note to the Strategy states:

"The strategy defines the key principles, goals, objectives and main directions of the state scientific and technical policy in the field of development of convergent sciences and technologies as the main tool for creating a nature-like technological basis of the economy of the Russian Federation (nature-like technosphere).

The Strategy defines the mechanisms, ways and means of achieving the long-term goals and priorities of sustainable development of the Russian Federation and ensuring national security by forming new nature-like technologies based on the convergence of sciences and technologies included in the natural resource turnover of nature."

It is necessary to start with an explanation of the term "convergence", which has long and often been used by speakers at the World Economic Forum and other digital transformer platforms. It means combining, merging, first of all, biological, natural elements with inanimate nature, with modern technologies. This is the key mechanism for "improving an imperfect person," as transhumanists believe. Therefore, they are constantly trying to combine the incompatible in terms such as "digital ecosystem", "nature-like technosphere", etc. The essence of convergence is perfectly explained in an interview with the founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, to a French television journalist in 2016 . Answering the question when the mass implantation of microchips to people will begin, Schwab states:

"For sure, in the next 10 years. Of course, to begin with, such chips will simply be embedded in clothing – the so-called "wearable devices". And then it will be possible to talk about the implantation of chips in the brain, under the skin, etc. Thus, a direct connection can be established between our brain and the digital world. It becomes obvious a kind of merging of the worlds: digital, physical and biological."

The technologies that are used for this most unnatural "merging of worlds" according to Schwab and Co. are called "convergent". A lot of materials are devoted to the promotion of this phenomenon on the website of the World Economic Forum in the section "Strategic Intelligence" dedicated to the transformation of humanity in connection with the "pandemic" of covid. ( https :// )

So, in the draft Presidential Decree from Kovalchuk, the Government of the Russian Federation is invited to approve a new Strategy within six months, report annually to Putin on the progress of its implementation and, most importantly, "recommend that the state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation be guided by the provisions of the Strategy in carrying out their activities in this area, providing for the necessary changes to the state programs of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation."

As we well understand, an appropriate legal framework must be created to implement these recommendations. In November 2020 we wrote about the government decree 1750 of October 28, 2020. which approves a list of technologies used under experimental legal regimes in the field of digital innovation ( this unconstitutional, as it seems to US, law on “regulatory sandboxes“ where guarantees of fundamental human rights are abolished, was adopted under the guise of covid in July 2020). And what are these technologies that will be tested on citizens in the regions in any order (by decision of the local authorities) - roughly the same way that the covid restrictions were introduced? Neural interfaces, machine support for human decision–making (by the way, isn't it the other way around?), total surveillance and collection of all kinds of data, as well as predictive and prescriptive analytics - i.e. AI will literally be fused with a human (which is convergence). The neural network will be engaged in the "prevention" of undesirable phenomena, from the point of view of the algorithms hammered into it, and will be able to directly "prescribe" to a person how to exist. Before that, we have only half a step left – according to the relevant Federal Law, it is enough for one or another region to declare an "experimental legal regime" on its territory and adopt an appropriate NPA in support of neurotechnologies.

In addition, on February 22, 2022
(- 22.02.2022o_O -) , the Government Commission for the Modernization of the Economy approved at the federal level a roadmap for lovers of the same human-machine convergence called "Neuronet". That is, much of what is said in the Strategy has actually been legalized and will be implemented in the very near future.


Nov 8, 2022


But let's move on to the content of this wonderful Strategy from Kovalchuk and Co. There we are met by important key concepts:

"The noosphere is a new, evolutionary state of the biosphere, in which scientific and technological human activity becomes a determining factor in the development of the biosphere."

"Socio–humanitarian technologies are the processes of research
and MODIFICATION OF THE SPIRITUAL WORLD OF AN INDIVIDUAL in connection with its social functions and manifestations

"Convergence of sciences and technologies – integration, fusion of sciences and technologies, their methods and approaches, allowing to obtain results that are fundamentally unattainable within each of the converging sciences and/or technologies separately. Currently, convergent sciences and technologies include a group of NBICS technologies (nano-, bio-, information, cognitive, socio-humanitarian technologies), but the list is open and can be expanded later."

The language here is extremely transhumanistic, it is not the language of exact sciences – the style of presentation itself is convergent, that is, it is a kind of mixture of technology and esotericism ("technomagy"). By the way, transhumanism in its purest form is precisely such a technological occultism, a belief in the omnipotence of dead microcircuits and digital algorithms. Its adherents see as their task the change of human nature itself, and radical – not only on the physical level (prostheses, implants, neurointerfaces), but also on the mental, moral and psychological.

It was about this danger that Kovalchuk spoke at the Army-2020 Forum and other serious events: the world's "elite" has everything ready to eliminate the "serving people". His speeches opened the eyes of many, we ourselves repeated them with pleasure, but what does Kovalchuk himself propose to do with our people in his strategy? We go further - and see that he has no word for Russian and other Indigenous Peoples:

"The global challenge of the XXI century is the need to ensure the sustainable development of civilization. The basic condition for such development is a sufficient amount of energy and other resources. At the same time, in the context of globalization, new countries and regions are being involved in technological development, which leads to an increasingly intensive consumption and destruction of resources.

The reason of the crisis is the antagonism between nature and the technosphere created by man. This is due to the extremely high energy and resource intensity of man-made technologies, in contrast to the exclusively "economical" technologies of wildlife

The way out of the crisis is possible only by creating a technosphere based on nature-like technologies that reproduce the systems and processes of wildlife in the form of technical systems and technological processes integrated into the natural natural resource turnover," this is how it is said about the reasons for the creation of the Strategy.

"Global challenge", "sustainable development" - well, a very familiar vocabulary, isn't it? It's like reading another UN, OECD or World Bank manual. Then there seems to be a common link: indeed, the more we create numbers and electronics in our lives, the more energy this system requires. It would be nice for all of us to get closer to nature, to natural life, to give up gadgets, computers, cell phones and going into the virtual world to the maximum. However, here a fundamentally different thing is proposed as a way out: complete copying of wildlife and our reality with the help of technology, replacing the real world with a virtual one, which supposedly will be closer to reality, erasing the boundaries between natural and electronic with the inevitable complete departure into virtual.

The complete triumph of these most "nature-like" technologies is vividly and honestly described in a short film from Sber called "Clouds", in which all mankind was invited to go to a virtual digital platform to "create their own worlds" and "cleanse the earth of themselves."
This is the best way to radically reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This is the well-known logic of the Club of Rome, the same "sustainable development" of the UN, transhumanist Ray Kurzweill and like-minded, degenerate adherents of the philosophy of anti-natalism, and so on. It is for this purpose that the WEF actively promotes elements of "virtual, augmented reality", it is for this purpose that foresight specialists are trying to get children hooked in schools on neural interfaces, VR helmets, and in the future – to build "forests of consciousness" and conduct collective "neural games". All this is part of the same project "neuronet" (the original author is the US Defense Agency DARPA), which is implemented through the Convergence Strategy.

"... moving along the path of synthesis of nature-like systems, humanity will approach the creation of anthropomorphic technical systems
with elements of consciousness and the ability to cognition. Cognitive sciences and technologies are needed to solve this problem.

In order to intelligently and effectively use the possibilities of nature-like (convergent) sciences and technologies, a radical transformation of the consciousness of man himself as a social being is necessary. This is possible only on the basis of combining nano-, bio-, information, cognitive technologies with the achievements of socio-humanitarian sciences and technologies."

This is the essence of the transhumanist concept, which is reflected in this Strategy. They need a "radical transformation of the consciousness of the person himself" and a corresponding transformation of the entire society. Because the traditional, unwashed human consciousness rejects their ideas as destructive. Transhumanism as a philosophical trend is not coincidentally compared with Satanism (there are also open devil worshippers among its adherents – for example, the American Max Mohr) – in fact, transformers do not create anything of their own, they set themselves the task of copying, distorting and taking control of the natural, natural world order (nature-like technologies), and use technological progress as a crutch. Similarly, the famous monkey of God provoked people to "improve themselves" by distorting the image of God in themselves, then there were Sodom and Gomorrah, the Tower of Babel, etc. The belief that human civilization will be saved only when it invents a "neuromorphic" AI, and people will turn into cyborgs is exactly the same construction of the Tower of Babel by technocrats.


Nov 8, 2022


But we got a little distracted. Next, a very interesting Strategy block begins, in which the authors themselves write about the huge risks from using these nature-like technologies:

"... threats are related to the very nature of nature-like technologies built on the possibility of technological reproduction of systems and processes of wildlife. This opportunity opens up the prospect of purposeful intervention in the vital activity of natural objects and, above all, man.

The risks accompanying the creation and development of nature-like technologies are multiplying due to a number of specific features inherent in the latter.

The most important of them are the following:

- the dual nature of technologies, blurred boundaries between civilian and military applications and, as a result, the inefficiency of existing means and technologies of control;

- the availability and relative cheapness of technologies, the possibility of creating weapons of destruction even in artisanal conditions, the absence of the need for the most complex and extremely expensive delivery systems

- the inability to predict all the consequences of the release of artificial living systems into the environment."

Wow, what news. The possibility of "purposeful intervention in human life". So everything is done for this, which we have shown above! However, immediately after the formal enumeration of these risks, no conclusions are drawn – how can they be leveled? Such a task is not being set, otherwise no one would have started this experiment on us. The focus immediately shifts to "respected partners" who have been moving in this direction for a long time:

"Research and development in the field of NBICS convergence as a tool for creating nature-like technologies is actively conducted in a number of foreign countries, primarily in the USA.

In particular, in the USA there is a program of the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Commerce called NBIC – "Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science". In other countries, similar convergent programs are known by the acronyms GRAIN (Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology) and BANG (Bits, Atoms, Neurons, Genes). These programs are largely focused on the development of human resources. Thus, the NBIC program of the USA is called "Converging Technologies for Improving Human Perfomance", and the NBIC program of the European Union is "Converging Technologies for the European Knowledge Society) (CTEKS)

Even the terminology, as we can see, the authors copied from English. NBIC is just a classic, the basis of transhumanism, which has been criticized for ten years by supporters of the legal right to remain alive people, without any "convergence" with machines. And the Strategy proposes to introduce its analogue in Russia – NBIX technologies. We had no doubt that one of the motivations of the authors was the desire to keep up with the "respected partners" and move in a similar direction. Therefore, the Strategy itself is very similar to a game of catch–up, and in the discipline that our opponent has developed and imposed - that is, by definition, he will always be two heads ahead in this paradigm. And that 's the guile: we are invited to dehumanize ourselves now, ostensibly in the name of sovereignty and national security, to begin to introduce the transhumanistic approaches of the enemy. Is it possible in principle to develop something sovereign in this way? The question is rhetorical.

"The fact that Russia is now firmly integrated into the international scientific community is of great importance for the development of research and development in the field of nature-like (convergent) sciences and technologies. Our country plays a key role in all major international scientific projects (ITER, CERN, XFEL, FAIR, etc.)."

It is rather strange to cite as an argument for the development of technologies that we supposedly need for sovereignty and national security, the fact that "Russia is firmly integrated into the international community." In this very "global community", the interests of a single sovereign country mean absolutely nothing, but on the contrary, only hinder the implementation of the plans of supranational structures.

"The results of Russia's participation in major international scientific projects serve, among other things, the interests of the development of nature-like (convergent) sciences and technologies."

I would like to ask the authors – in whose interests are these technologies developing? In the interests of Russia or "global scientific projects"? After all, one is absolutely not equal to the other. It is no coincidence that at the beginning of the Strategy it is said that "the global challenge of the XXI century is the need to ensure the sustainable development of civilization." The civilizations of people as a whole are not separate from Russia, and the challenge itself is called "global" – no one cares about individual countries here anymore. As well as the fact that our interests, values and vision of the future can radically diverge (and divergent!) with the future of "universal people"-transhumanists. And from this perspective, the Kurchatnik Strategy looks absolutely cosmopolitan and supranational – such a text in support of the introduction of the basics of transhumanism can easily be translated into any language and released in any country of the world.
(..continues... to final)


Nov 8, 2022

and last)

Kovalchuk and Co. propose to develop nature-like/convergent technologies in three stages. Let's highlight the most iconic, although still capable of shocking, items:

"Stage 1. Formation of the scientific and personnel base for the development of nature-like (convergent) sciences and technologies (2022-2026).

"- development and creation of hybrid and biosimilar materials and structures that make up the elementary (component) base of nature-like technology of the first generation, primarily materials for regenerative medicine, new generation medicines and means of their targeted delivery;

- development and creation of combined (hybrid) technical systems and technological processes using natural components, primarily biosensors, biofuel elements, brain-computer interfaces, additive technologies for creating separate biosimilar and artificial biological objects, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy technologies."

"New generation medicines and means of their targeted delivery" are nothing but various GM drugs capable of embedding into the human genome and changing it (by the way, there are already relevant scientific confirmations from Swedish scientists for RNA vaccines "against covid" ). That is, our body will be modified in a "nature-like" way. And then there are the "brain"-"computer" interfaces. If anyone is not aware of the latest experiments of Elon Musk on monkeys, a full–fledged "convergence" can be achieved only by implanting a chip / electrodes directly into the cerebral cortex. That is, interfaces must be invasive.

The second stage of convergence development is already much more fun:

"Stage 2. Creation of technological foundations for the beginning of the formation of separate nature-like scientific and production clusters (2027-2032) (that's what the law on experimental legal regimes was needed for – ed.):

- research and technological reproduction of individual objects and processes of wildlife, primarily in the field of:

- synthetic biology (artificial cell, artificial virus); biorobots;

- energy supply systems for implantable devices, artificial organs and biorobots due to energy processes in living organisms;

- development and creation of neuromorphic brain-machine and brain-brain interfaces, anthropomorphic bioprostheses, anthropomorphic robotic devices;

- development and creation of neuromorphic artificial intelligence systems, including those with the ability to self-study without connecting to data storage and processing centers

Artificial viruses, biorobots, implants recharging from our organisms, "very similar to natural" devices for directly connecting our brains to a machine, a neural network without borders that learns by itself – just everything we dreamed of.

Well, the third stage already coincides extremely rigidly with the plans for the transformation of humanity indicated in the "strategic intelligence" on the WEF website, as well as with the third stage of the introduction of the "Neural Network" from ASI and ANO "NTI 20.35" digitizer under President Dmitry Peskov. It describes a transhumanistic world that has already been successfully reshaped, where there is nothing natural, natural, created by God, and not distorted by the "neuromorphic technologies" of technocrats. Everything is distorted, including human nature itself. And here again there is an operation with the English terms of globalists, which have been used for more than a dozen years.

"Stage 3. Formation of the basic elements of the nature–like technosphere (2033-2037).

technological reproduction of systems and complexes of wildlife, first of all:

- cyberphysical additive manufacturing complexes ("internet of everything");

- medical systems based on technologies of correction of the psychophysiological sphere of a person;

- formation of basic elements of anthropomorphic biorobotonics, including communities of anthropomorphic biorobototechnical systems

- the creation of ultra-large neurocomputers based on the developed neuroprocessors, approaching the human in their cognitive capabilities."

Apparently, without the "cyberphysical production complex" in the fantasies of Kovalchuk and Co., it will not be possible to go to the toilet. Or maybe we will also defecate virtually-neuromorphic, well, so that there are fewer emissions? And how do you like "medical systems based on technologies of correction of the psychophysiological sphere of a person"? Indeed, then there will be no need to treat anyone: I have introduced a new dose of "soma" - the patient is satisfied and does not feel anything superfluous. Here is such a cringe, as it is fashionable to say now.

"To implement this Strategy, it is necessary to consolidate the efforts of federal government bodies, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, scientific, educational and business communities, civil society institutions to create favorable conditions for the application of science and technology in the interests of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation."

That is, the authors of the Strategy propose to actively participate in it in general to all possible authorities and structures, educational organizations, businesses, NGOs (it will affect each of us, they want to change the whole society! – editor's note), and the scientific leadership is left to the SIC "Kurchatov Institute". A roadmap for this Strategy for the next five years will also be formed. Kovalchuk and Co. want to get decent budget support for this project.

"Financing of activities included in the Action Plan ("roadmap") implementation of the Strategy, at the expense of budget allocations of the federal budget, is carried out within the funds, including those provided for implementation:

national projects "Healthcare", "Education", "Ecology", "Science and Universities", "Digital Economy", "International Cooperation and Export"; state programs of the Russian Federation "Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation", "Economic development and Innovative Economy", "Development of Industry and increasing its competitiveness"etc..

And finally – the epilogue. It is no coincidence that at the very end, in a separate paragraph, the authors took out the risks that may arise from the implementers of this transhumanist Strategy that can "jeopardize the fulfillment of its goals".

"- lack of awareness among the population of the essence and scale of big challenges and the need to respond to them;

-the absence in the public consciousness of ideas about nature-like (convergent) sciences and technologies, and their importance for overcoming "big challenges";

- the lack of an adequate understanding of nature-like (convergent) sciences and technologies in the scientific community and the sphere of public administration of the Russian Federation, and the relevance of their development;

"differences in the specifics of research and management models, culture and norms in different institutions and fields can complicate the establishment of interaction and, thereby, significantly weaken the processes of convergence of sciences and technologies.

That's what it turns out. According to the designers, the non-scientists, the scientific community, and officials will definitely have opponents who "misunderstand the essence and scale" of their saving miracle strategy. They want to do us good again, but the stupid and ungrateful people will put sticks in the wheels of their saviors. And even the norms in different institutions are different, the rules are different in research ... well, ethics, morality, honesty – that's all. And it would be necessary for everyone to realize the importance of the proposed and under one comb, according to uniform standards, all this should be urgently tested and implemented. And for those who resist, they should put their brains in their place, otherwise everything is lost for the technocrats. Isn't there a typical concentration camp, crowd-elitist approach here? Isn't it under such rhetoric that the "elite" is preparing "official people", as Mr. Kovalchuk confided to us earlier?

In general, even after a cursory analysis of the Strategy, it becomes very uncomfortable. If all regions are guided by this transhumanist ode, as the authors want, we really risk losing our human appearance. We really hope that with biorobots and other hybrids/chimeras, artificial viruses, human genetic modification, modification of our psyche and spiritual world (!), as well as connecting our brains to computers for the sake of "the common good and improving the quality of life", these guys will not succeed. And it is in our power, by the way, to do a lot to prevent these terrible plans for dehumanization.

To begin with, we urge all our readers to send to the Presidential Administration a letter demanding not to sign a decree approving this strategy and at the same time instruct the competent authorities to investigate how such a dangerous anti-human and anti-scientific biliberda can be discussed seriously at the state level.

An approximate sample of the letter is as follows:

To the President

Of the Russian Federation

V.V. Putin

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

On June 14, 2022, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation published a draft of your Decree "On the Strategy for the development of nature-like (convergent) technologies". This document was developed before the start of a special military operation in Ukraine and the sanctions war against our Motherland declared by the "collective West". That is why its provisions completely contradict the established reality. They are again "inscribing" Russia into the New wonderful world of Anglo-Saxon values. Its signing at the moment discredits not only you, but also the entire system of government of our country.

We ask you not to sign this document and to deal with its initiators when the Control Department of your administration is in line.

<Signature, Date>

You can attach a link to the detailed analytical report of the draft strategy to the letter""

I cannot, to the above from the Russians, who will have the opportunity/or will not have the impossibility to take advantage of this miracle of progress, not to add my favorite quote of late.

I repeat, the dictatorship of Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of the Western countries themselves. It’s a challenge to everyone. Such a complete denial of man, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, the suppression of freedom acquires the features of “reverse religion” – outright Satanism. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ, denouncing false prophets, says: “By their fruits you will know them.” And these poisonous fruits are already obvious to people – not only in our country, in all countries, including for many people in the West itself.

The world has entered a period of revolutionary transformations, they are fundamental. New development centers are being formed, they represent the majority – the majority! – the international community and are ready not only to declare their interests, but also to defend them, and in multipolarity they see an opportunity to strengthen their sovereignty, which means to gain true freedom, historical perspective, their right to independent, creative, original development, to a harmonious process

President of Russia Vladimir Putin
Signing of treaties on accession of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia / September 30, 2022