The Boate Kiss Fire incident


Dec 21, 2018
So, I'm on my break and I recently found out that there is something fishy about the Boate Kiss fire (a.k.a. Santa Maria Fire) and since i'm not that lazy anymore and I have to flesh out my writing skills i've decided to write a little report on what happened and the controversies behind it.

1. Boate Kiss Background
The Boate Kiss, from now on referred as Kiss Club, was a famous club funded in Santa Catarina back in 2009 and was one of the most important clubs from the city. The club, altough an huge success, didn't yearn much money since most of the patrons were college students and it was reported that the full capacity was around 690 people but it would often house up to 1400 people. Important fact: in 2012 a patron was barred from leaving the club because he allegedely hasn't paid his bill. At the time, the security affirmed that they had orders not to let anyone leave until they have found to have paid the bill. This was considered to be kidnapping by the autorithies at the time.

2. The Fight
The party "Agromerados", a pun on aglomeration and agronomy, was organized by students from the Santa Maria College. Two bands would perform, Gurizada Fandangueira (something about "Dancing Kids") and Pimenta e Seus Comparsas (Pepper and Company). The party would begin at 11 pm on 01/26/2013.

3. The Fire
The fire started at 2:30 am on 01/27/13 when the singer from the band Gurizada Fandangueira light a flare and the acoustic isolation rapidly caught fire. Some people tried to put it out using water and fire extinguishers to no avail, after three minutes the whole house was burning. People panicked and tried to flee but the security allegedely barred the doors from outside so people wouldn't get out without paying. After they found out the noise they still barred the doors because they tought it was a fight. Around 242 people have died, and 680 were harmed.

4. The Aftermath
This was the second biggest fire in brazilian story, some of the biggest in whole south america, and the third biggest nightclub fires of the whole world. The criminal investigation has found out a series of painful mistakes and omissions, the club had a long story of not trying to get the things regulated and altough it was fined a lot and often, the prefecture never actually interdited it. This led to serious reviews on fire regulations. The owner was accused of homicide withouth the intention of killing (homicídio doloso here. I don't know how it is called outside) and is still to be judged. Some other important things have happened but this is beyond the scope of this simple 15 minutes essay.

5. Conspirations
5.1 - Holocaust Memorial Day

The fire occurred on the holocaust memorial day. Now, the kiss club bathroom, according to a survivor, had pictures of popular villains from fiction and history with a target on their heads, so people would pee on them. One of the villains was Hitler. The only light that stayed on that night was the bathroom's, making people run towards it. Most of the corpses were found on the bathroom, not burned but asfixiated. The acoustic isolation on fire generated the same gas that the nazis used at the gas chambers. All of this was vastly reported on the news.

5.2 - Ritual Sacrifice
Now, there are some things we read about the fire that there is no way to proof. Such things are:

First, the last song to be played was "die young" by kesha.

Second, a woman dressed in red was smiling as the house was burning.

Third, the day after the fire the Globo channel featured the movie "Cazuza - O Tempo Não Pára" at night and the movie starts with a band singing deep purple's smoke on the water (but some idiot with a flare gun burned the place to the ground. smoke on the water, a fire in the sky). The movie does start with a guy singing this, but there is no way to prove that Globo did this.

Fourth: it is rumored that the official facebook of the club posted "gurizada fandangueira hoje na kiss! A boate vai PEGAR FOGO!", translated as "dancing boys today at kiss! The club will be ON FIRE!" now, this could be truth but we have no prints of it.

Fifth: the movie "Jennifer's Body (2009)" is regarded as a preparation of such events as rituals. Here is how the movie starts: Low Shoulder - "Through The Trees" (Jennifer's Body) - YouTube

Sixth: The idiot shout "fire on babylon!" before lighting the flare. There is a safe for work video from it, this was the exact moment where the fire began. Ok. fire on babylon is a common shout for reggae fans and this means more "the pot is lit" but regarding everything else things take an uneasy turn: Exato momento do início do incêndio na boate Kiss - YouTube (PS - the guy say at 00:16 "foi, vamo embora" in a eerely calm way. This means "it's done, let's get out". Believe in at you will)

Seventh: the picture of a guy with a banner of a green burning skull is fake.

Well, that's it. There is so much things to this. On a spiritual level there are lots of weird coincidences and on a terran level there is so much things that were done wrong. If you have time I suggest you on reading about this, lest time forget the tragedy.

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