The Army of Satan


May 20, 2017
Enjoy! Really liked this series.

8:19THE ARMY OF SATAN- PART 1 - Why did God (Allah) Create Devil?
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27:01THE ARMY OF SATAN - PART 2 - You Have One Devil But Five Angels
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310:42THE ARMY OF SATAN - PART 3 - Tools and Tricks of Satan
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411:20THE ARMY OF SATAN - PART 4 - The Loyal Army | Illuminati - Luciferian - Freemasons
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511:55THE ARMY OF SATAN - PART 5 - The Matrix (Mind Control - Segmented Society)
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611:52THE ARMY OF SATAN - PART 6 -The Cabinet of Satan (How does Illuminati system work?)
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712:54THE ARMY OF SATAN - PART 7 - DAJJAL (The Antichrist) - Illuminati is working for his arrival
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815:49THE ARMY OF SATAN - PART 8 - Social Media Addiction (Illuminati Agenda)
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May 20, 2017
Why did God (Allah)
Hallelujah means Praise God in both secular and religious sense. The Jewish interpretation means Praise Jah (abbreviation of "Yahweh"). It is also used in Revelation 19:1 as Alleluia. It is possible that Hallelujah consists of both Hall (praise) and elujah (El or Eloh or Allah). If Hallelujah means praise Allah, then in this case, no one has been able to eliminate the name "ALLAH" from the originals of the Bible. Consider this divine intervention!

The exact sound of the four letters YHWH is known to neither the Jews nor the Gentiles, (Gentile is anyone who is not Jewish!). The European Christians replaced the letter Y with J as follows:

Yehuda changed to Judah
Yusuf changed to Joseph
Yunus changed to Jonah
Yeheshua changed to Joshua
Yehowa changed to Jehovah
Yehudi changed to Jewish
YHWH changed to JHVH

YHWH became Yahweh and JHVH became Jehovah! Jehovah Witnesses say that the Letters YHWH occur in the Hebrew Scriptures 6823 times, and it occurs with combination with the word "Elohim" 156 times in Genesis alone. This combination YHWH / ELOHIM has been consistently translated in the English Bible as "Lord God." Since the Jews did not articulate the word YHWH for centuries, and since the Chief Rabbis would not allow the unspeakable to be heard, they have forfeited the right to claim dogmatically how the word should sound. We have to seek the aid of the Arabic language to revive Hebrew, a language that had once died out. In every linguistic difficulty, recourse has to be made to the Arabic, a sister language, which has remained alive and viable.

Note the startling resemblance between the two languages; very often the same sounding words carry identical meaning in both:

Shalom Salaam Peace
Yaum Yaum Day
Ikhud Ahad One
Elah Ilah God
Yahuwa Ya Huwa Oh he

YHWH, YaHuWa, Ya HuWa all means the very same thing; "Ya" is a vocative and an exclamatory particle in both Hebrew and Arabic, meaning Oh. Also notice the similarity of huwa, Huwa, and he in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Together, they mean Oh He! So instead of YHWH ELOHIM, we now have:

Oh HE! ELOHIM. This is very close to Surah 112 in the Quran: "Say: He is Allah,"

The suffix "IM" of the word "ELOHIM" is a plural of respect in Hebrew. In Arabic and Hebrew, there are two types of plurals: one for numbers and the other for honor as in royal proclamations. Since the plural of honors is uncommon in the language of the European, he has confused these plurals to connote a plurality of God, hence his justification of the Doctrine of the Trinity.

El in Hebrew means God and this was His name in the northern kingdom of Israel when it separated into two kingdoms. EL also was known to be the God of Abraham. El is also the name of God that Jesus called upon on the cross "Eli", (Eli means my God). This means that El, Elah, Eloh, and ELOHIM are not distinctly different words. They all represent the single Arabic name Allah.

In the English Bible, "New and improved Edition," edited by Rev. C.I. Scofield, D.D., with his Bible Commentary in comment No. 1, the eight authors concur that:

"Elohim, (sometimes El or Elah), English form God, the first of the three primary names of Deity, is a uni-plural noun formed from EL = strength, or the strong one, and Allah,"

All the authors agreed that Allah is a name of God. However, in a later version with new authors, "The New Scofield Reference Bible." the name Allah was taken out. Western Christian scholars simply do not want any association with Allah, the God of Eastern Christians and Muslims.

There is no difficulty in understanding that in the languages of the world, every nation has given a distinctive name to God. Most of these names are attributive names, describing some aspect of God. But the proper name for God Almighty in the Semitic languages’ i.e. in the mother tongues of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (Peace be upon them all) is Allah. The name Allah exists in the Arabic Bible. The name Allah came from the lips of Jesus. The name Allah exists in the western world in "Hallelujah." In Revelation 19:1, John saw a vision, in which he heard the angels in the heaven singing alleluia. This vision is the same as the Islamic tradition that the angels are praising Allah all the time.

If you look in the Second College Edition, The American Heritage Dictionary, you will find the following:

Babel: Akkadian bab- ilu (also in Arabic) Bab, door or gate, El, God.

Ishmael: Hebrew (Ismael in Arabic) yisma, He will hear, El, God.

Until now in the Middle East most names have meanings. In Babylonian mythology, Marduk was called Bel (B + El), meaning "Lord." Also Israel means, "He fights with God." Also notice the vowel u at the end of bab- ilu, which means a vowel exists after El or IL. Therefore in ancient languages El meant God, and a vowel can be added to EL or IL. If you add to that Hallelujah, Eli, Eli la’ma sa-bach’tha-ni, Allah in Scofield's Bible, and the Arabic Bible, you will come to the conclusion that the name Allah, the Almighty, has been in existence for thousands of years. One may argue that El does not pronounce Allah. But El has been translated from Akkadian and Hebrew to Greek, to Latin, and then to English. And if you want to know what time can do to the pronunciation and writing in the same language, consider the following:

"Yes" is written and pronounced "Yeah"

"Want to" is written and pronounced "wanna"

"Got to" is written and pronounced "gotta"

And this only happened in few decades in the same language, without translation to four languages in at least 5000 years.

What is His Name? ALLAH.

Kindly watch the series and if inclined comment on it.:)

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Mar 26, 2017
Donald Christ Trump and the Saudi Saints will defeat the Dajjal.
Conspiracy theorists picked him as their savior for good reason.
I have never supported Donald Trump, much less regarded him as a savior. This isn't InfoWars.

As far as Saudi Arabia... that's a whole other topic... maybe you haven't kept with this forum

If you're trying to be funny, your attempt falls flat- jokes are funny when they're true. If these are jokes, they are way off the mark, irrelevant and out of touch.


May 3, 2018
There is no Shaitan/Devil . It's simply personofication of human bad actions


Dec 13, 2017
Revelation 13 3 "And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. 4 So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”

There is an unseen aspect of the army of Satan... an underground part that was wounded in war... waiting to appear again. And when that part of his army ascends from the abyss... his military power is absolute on earth. Who is able to make war with him ?

On the ground nations and religions are walking in unison to the beat of his war drums... and they don't know it. Most people don't know that their national leaders and religious rulers are on team (d)evil.

How do you know that you're not part of the army of Satan ?

Do you take part in or approve of military invasions or terrorism ? If yes - you are part of his army albeit an insignificant part.

Do you work for or want to see Israel invaded ? If yes - you are absolutely an important part of his army.

Do you want to see Christians converted with the sword ? If yes - you are part of his army.