Teen Vogue Article: Anal Sex: What You Need To Know

Jun 12, 2017
Its common for women, sorry i dobt read up on mens health to have that answer for u. But even if it flips the genders.. so what? Its an acceptsble annoyance if only women have to deal with it?
Lawdhavmerci, im a guy, so i was just asking out of curiosity for my own personal health. No need for the feminist angst.

Mar 16, 2017
If the woman you are having sex with his a uti u can contract it.

Its not feminist angst, its annoyance at boogey men.

I dont personally like anal sex but lets just be honest here womens magazines that have high teen readership and you cpuld even say cater to teens have been talking about sex - all types of sex - for decades.

Teenagers arent idiots.. we have some threads here arguing theres no such thibg as children or teenagers and that teenagers shouldnt count in statutory r*pe or pedodophilia etc.. and then you have some of the same people complaining that teen mags discuss anal sex. Make up your minds, please.


Aug 11, 2017
i wouldn't be surprised if this was written in cosmopolitan but teen vogue?? what's next tiger beat and motorboating lmao

honestly, i am religious and i believe in abstinence until marriage but it's not going to be effective teaching it in schools. majority of us aren't believers and are pressured by their friends/boyfriends/girlfriends into doing this

if they wrote about preventing stds i see no problem with it (mainly because teens are going to do what they want anyway) but they are encouraging sex... it's not really something i feel their parents would be okay with them reading lol, it's their money after all
the thing is, there's nothing wrong about sex ed, but it's wrong when you are encouraging sex at such a young and vulnerable age

put it in vogue at the very least. the 'woke' thing teen vogue's doing is bringing a lot of awareness to important issues but anal sex?? c'mon. i just can't believe it was approved to be published