Taylor $wift

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Mar 18, 2023

... I'd agree if it were Madonna. She's seen more eras than I (and likely, everyone here). Either way, I admittedly lead with suspicion where Hollywood is concerned.
era - a long and distinct period of history
with a particular feature or characteristic.
"his death marked the end of an era"
The Eras Tour is so named because it hopscotches through Swift’s nearly 20-year career.
-> 15
I think Phases would have been a little more appropriate, but, yes-- that really is the case.
Jul 12, 2022
God Almighty has always been the Creator of Music...as an entire Book of the Bible, The Book of Psalms is even in the middle part of the entire Bible. Psalms and Hymns and Godly songs are meant to be sang to honor, glorify, and worship Him...It's also the language of the soul intended to uplift and calm the spirit...

When God Almighty created Lucifer as an Angel, so beautiful, He was put in charged of the musical instruments and music, as a whole...But Lucifer rebelled against God and was banished from Heaven along with other angels who joined in his rebellion...Lucifer became known as Satan, meaning "the Adversary". He started to corrupt music in his rebellion and has been using it since, as a primary tool in leading humanity astray and fulfill his evil agenda...
Sad, but true story. Seems like this is what has happened, at least to our recent knowledge. What a way to turn something that should be pure into something evil.


Sep 21, 2021
Did Singapore "play dirty?"

Singapore "paid" for an exclusive deal with TS... to perform only in the country in the Southeast Asian region...



Mar 26, 2022
I read somewhere her Dad is ex CIA or something. I think her purpose now is to turn all her fans against Orange Man. There is definitely some political thing going on with her combined with the satanic aspect. Poor Britney Spears gets worked like a dog for over 20 years and cheated out of all her money but she was innocent of being a political Trojan Horse and was a good dancer and seemed like a nice girl. T$ is a billionaire and something is just not right with her. Her body looks like a boy or transgender. Also she hasn't had any children and she's pushing 40. Probably can't have children just like Big Mike Obummer.
It explains why she is still so popular. No one, not even Brintey Spears had this amount of fame. Madonna and Beyonce are her rivals. She already dethrone every female in pop music in the past ten years. Lady Gaga, Kesha, Katy Perry, all the former Disney Channel girls, Ariana Grande, etc.