Symbolism and institutional presence for The Industry


Oct 14, 2021
Typically we are told "there is no such thing as !llum!naries and that the Fr -- mas0ns are really no big deal. It's all just "c0nsp!racy the0ries."

Well, based on this it looks like these entities can plan well-ahead, apply their symbolism and consecrate their grounds in accordance to their hallowed numerology. Ultimately it's to send out their chosen ones and candidates into the Big Entertainment diaspora to sway and influence the masses.

This particular and apparently unique high school has an interesting history as it marked passage for some of the biggest names in music, from Modern Classical to Big Pop and entities in-between.

Grammy winners. Some you definitely know of, their "MVPs" so to speak, others not as well known but are the Dark Ones' solid role players in all this.

Though THEY love to let out some is on "their" terms. We can suspect THEY don't like it when they get caught with their pants down. $at@nism > institutions > high school > Big Music/Sh0wb!z

A case example:
"A High School's Dark Secret"

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