Symbolic pics sharing thread (allseeingeye...)


May 15, 2017
ok I can't be the only one thinking bp
looking like a knock off version of rob lowe lol

I've never liked him the first movie I saw him in
think California he raped someone and I remember
thinking he played the part too good and when an
actor/ress can do that I believe it's because it's close
to their real selves also don't like anyone who can play
a sick,disgusting part like a pedo or rapist but that's just me
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Yiannis Ntoes

Apr 21, 2020
Some ads from Greece with one eye.
Greek Big Brother contestant,accused of raping.

another greek celebrity

Also these horns (Burberry)
and 2 classic 666



Jul 1, 2022
This danish hip hop group is rapping about sex and horror (satanic stuff) all the time.
Music is not censored on the radio and TV in Denmark. Most americans would probably be shocked to here their songs on mainstream radio/tv. You will here this music on the radion when shopping or at the gas station. This country really needs Jesus.
I found a translation of one of their most popular songs, and this is kind of "tame" for them. You've been warned.

Kinky Cousin
Versions: #1#2
You say you have a husband but babygirl where is he at?
Home in bed or with his gang.
Rolls around for good or bad, you are too easy.
Im your kinky cousin, would you be kinky with me?
Semen stains on your pink sweater for hot nights
Let me fuck you for your vagina twitches, while my dick is no longer hanging between my long rods, but standing out in the weather as a pole jump
I am a snake charmer swinging around my helicopter. Fuck you is what i should cuz you urge me. There no one like you even though i have other women, so let’s get a middle finger up your crotch, let me lick you and spank your ass. Let’s try the forbidden and dirty. Behind the bush then you can suck my dick

um årh um årh um årh um årh
um årh um årh um årh um årh

That’s existing
You say you want to try the forbidden, girl. Then blug my your naked as so I can toot it. Spank your booty, lick your pussy. Let my put my fat cock in your chocolate. You’re not a groupie just a nice girl who thinks Emil has style, and have seen my profile at the dirty magazines. Amateur section there is a huge dick at your dinner. Tied of all the nasty people - let me be your secret lover. I’ll give you what you dream of and want. Electricity or chains, but your fingers together and put them all into your crotch. Let me spank you and lick your ass. Let’s try what is forbidden and dirty. Behind the bush, then you can suck my dick