Sweden keeps national drill - For Agenda 2020?


Mar 16, 2017
"Havent been done for 30 years" they say, yet only a few years back we saw tanks on the streets of the south of sweden in a drill called Jade helm and two other drills connected to that. Now its time again and the article reads:

Starting on November 4, 2019 and throughout 2020, Sweden will carry out a comprehensive defense exercise - TFÖ 2020. It will be the first time in 30 years that the civil and military defense exercises together to such an extent. The purpose of the exercise is to strengthen our country's defense capabilities. On this page you can read about how the exercise will go, who is participating and why it is being carried out right now

During the exercise, Sweden will be exposed to a fictitious threat. In the scenario, the government will decide on heightened preparedness and the total defense will be mobilized to meet an armed attack directed at Sweden.
Background to the exercise

Although Sweden is much safer than many other countries, the government has judged that the security situation in our immediate area has deteriorated and has therefore decided that Sweden should build up the total defense. The total defense consists of the civilian and military defense together and is the activity needed in the event of a war.

The Armed Forces is the state authority responsible for military defense and whose ultimate task is to defend Sweden's borders. The Defense Forces also include the Home Guard, which has an important part in the defense of Sweden.

By civil defense is meant everything that state authorities, municipalities, regions, companies, voluntary organizations, labor market organizations and religious communities do to protect the population and important social functions in the event of war or war. Securing the supply of food, drinking water and energy are examples of tasks that the civil defense has. In the event of war and war, the civil defense must also be able to support the Armed Forces.

TFÖ 2020 is being implemented as part of the long-term efforts to strengthen Sweden's defense. An attack on Sweden is currently not considered likely, but can never be ruled out. The fictitious scenario in the exercise has been chosen because the government has decided that our defense should primarily be aimed at responding to an armed attack against Sweden.
The whole community participates

The Armed Forces together with the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Preparedness (MSB) will lead and coordinate TFÖ 2020. Authorities, county administrative boards, regions, municipalities, voluntary defense organizations and parts of the business community will be included in the exercise. In total, around 400 players participate.

TFÖ 2020 consists of four part exercises that take place during different periods from November 2019 and throughout 2020. The focus is, among other things, on getting socially important functions, such as communication, energy supply and transport, to work even in very difficult conditions. The exercise also focuses on how society prioritizes resources and communicates with the public.
Armed Forces Exercise Aurora 20

During May and June 2020, the Armed Forces exercise Aurora 20 will be carried out. The purpose is to practice facing an armed attack on Sweden. In the exercise, all branches of defense, civil defense and associations from other countries participate.

The exercise will be conducted in southern and northern Sweden as well as in Gotland and in areas that are partly outside the Armed Forces' own training and shooting field. Since the Armed Forces will be practicing in many places, it may mean that you will see far more military and military vehicles out in the community than you might be used to. Aurora 20 will be a bigger and more comprehensive exercise than its predecessor Aurora 17, which was then the largest Swedish exercise of its kind in more than 20 years.
Everyone has a part in the total defense

In Sweden, the duty of total defense applies. This means that all Swedish citizens between the ages of 16 and 70 can be called in to help in various ways in the danger of war and in war. There are three types of total defense duty: military duty in the military, civilian duty in, for example, the emergency services, and general duty of service that apply only in the case of heightened preparedness. The government can decide on public service obligations if it is necessary for operations that are important to the total defense to be managed. You can read more about the total defense obligation on MSB's website.

The community is organized to be able to protect the public and is actively working to strengthen that protection. As an individual citizen, there is much you can do to contribute, for example, by strengthening your own hometown tool or engaging in a voluntary defense organization. Volunteers are an important resource in society's emergency preparedness. If you work in an organization that will participate in TFÖ 2020, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the organization's role in the total defense.

Sources: The Swedish Armed Forces, the Government, dinsäkerhet.se, the Swedish Agency for Social Protection and Preparedness (MSB) and the Swedish Defense Research Institute (FOI).

Why now before 2020, I ask.. Couldnt have something to do with AGENDA 2020..Could it?

Aug 4, 2019
Agenda 2030 doesn‘t seem attainable.
Maybe to you or I. But to children that are being indoctrinated daily in school to accept globalism, gender fluidity and man made climate change this could easily be a reality.