Suzano School Shooting

Dec 21, 2018
As you guys might or might not be aware there was a mass shooting here in Brazil yesterday.

As usual people are accusing everything from our president to cell phone games and the chans, but I think the real problem here is the terrible, terrible "incel" phenomenon.

Incel stuff is nothing new on the web, I recall seeing proto incel culture coming as back as 2008 and it was already well estabilished, so it might date from even earlier.

For those unaware, incel stands to "involuntary celibacy", people who are too socially awkward and who are often rejected by girls. The Incel are often influenciated by Pick Up Artists (PUA) mindset that treats girls as objects in a terrible way (this is what they call them
, censored as some people might find it offensive).

The guys who shot the people killed themselves after, and they had lots of incel related stuff into theyr PCs. This is related to the degradation of our society, glorification of suffering and depression and all other stuff we see here on VC, but i'm too lazy to write about it right now