Superbowl wristbands


Jan 30, 2020
No matter how you add the numbers up ! Religion is king when it comes to death and destruction! It takes all major wars and communism to get close to the numbers of religion.
Remember it was the Jewish Bolsheviks who wanted the Christian Romanoffs to be toppled and Lenin promised the Jews their own country and rule in Russia if the they could rally the Jews to fight ! In Russia during that time as a Jew you could fight or they exiled you to europe ! So why did so many Jewish Bolsheviks kill 100s of millions of Russian Christians in the Red October and later Bolshevik revolution’s if the Bolshevik’s were atheists ? Ill tell you why , because the Jews suffered under the Orthodox rule of the Romanoff’s and the Jews wanted revenge ! So one religious group persecuted another group which helped create the Bolsheviks which had Jewish handling and direction from the top down and this helped Lenin’s goal as well . Problem is after the revolution the Jews were double crossed and there would be no Jewish area separate from Lenin’s Russia as earlier promised !
Remember the Bolsheviks hated Russians and Christians! Why ? You have some pesky Jews that were way more involved in that revolution than you know ! Remember Ivan the Terrible had the Orthodox Churches blessings for his kind ways lol . Putin has fused the a Orthodox Church back into Russia to nationalize the people . How many Arab people have been killed in the last 200 yrs over disputes of the Quran ?
Between the Jews, Christians ,Muslims , Inca , Vedic religions and Shinto the idea of a god or gods siding with one group of people over the other has been the most destructive force on earth !

Why is it so hard to accept that religion is a poison rather than a cure ? Stalin , Pol Pot and Hitler dont come close to the blood on the hands of Yahweh , Allah , Jesus , Incan & Mayan gods !
Yes even old Jesus him self called for non believers to be killed Luke 19:27 !
There is a Spirit no doubt , but IMO it is the acme of ignorance to claim that one book and one god rules over all and that type of though is what is the real danger here on earth !
Stop using Stalin and Communism as an example of non religious behavior , because it was Christian horrible behavior from the Romanoff’s that was a huge catalyst to the Jewish Bolsheviks anger !
I was a member of the Russian Orthodox Church for 25 yrs (ROCOR) before I quit the whole frickin religious route many moons ago ! I was a Rosicrucian and a Christian Nicene Creed believer for a long time until it dawned on me that my faith by default was condemning all who did not partake in the acceptance of Jesus and all that goes with it !


Jan 11, 2020
I would suggest that if they hadn't had religion to argue about, they would have found something else as an excuse.

But this is major thread drift.

I would like to know more about the magic you claim to do.
Could you start a thread on it?
This one is meant to be about superbowl wristbands.


Jun 4, 2017
Airhead ^

My country has the chip and 200 thou are chipped. Open your eyes and get with the program.
But by all means, take the chip and become one of them since there is no devil, lol!
I didn't know the "superpower" convenience chip was already being used-- anywhere. Damn. o_O


Mar 13, 2017
They did it by choice and was not mandatory! You do not need to be chipped to work there ! Big deal anyway ! Instead of having a corporate card with a wait for it ... A RADIO FREQUENCY CHIP IN IT around your neck you have it in your hand .
The MARK has been here for a long time . In China your face ID is used for everything ! Someone should rewrite the bible to include facial recognition as a MARK of the beast !
In the late 90s Fundy Christians were up in arms over ISO9000 as the MARK ! Were is that noise , then it was smart chips in credit/ debit cards and a cashless society mumbo jumbo . When does it end with you guys ?
Banks and loans were first called the MARK and now you would laugh at getting a lone as demonic .
I dont hate anyone here , but the lack of logic and the use of conjecture is astronomical in size .
Whether it was mandatory or not...people still did it.

Why would anyone rewrite the Bible? God put in it what we need to know. The mark is in the forehead and the right hand only. Christians have been watching to see what it could be for awhile now, we didn’t know until the chips. When they started putting them in pets I knew that’s what it would be..years ago. Then when I read about the tattoos and seeing how people think that’s cool now, I figure that’s what it will be. We are getting closer to the end.