Strange Celebrity Encounters

Feb 13, 2018
Saw Robert Anthony Plant, CBE after concert once in a lobby where he was standing (that was during the time he toured with his little Band of Joy. HIs face as well as those of other Joy Band member was grim. Not sad. He was extremely tall to me especially compared to Patty Griffin standing next to him and looking particularly b*tchy for some reason. Not a GOLDEN GOD, sake! A PLUMBUM/ LED God rather.

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Jan 4, 2018
Am I the only one that considers it incredibly RUDE to approach celebs and ask for an autograph or fawn all over them? I wouldn't presume to do that in a million years. If you're in direct proximity and they speak to you, of course, that's a different situation, but randomly walking up to them and saying you're a huge fan (as if they haven't heard that a million times) is just desperate.

As an aside, half the folks I see on the street look like they've been programmed and walk around with their mouth open.
you don't understand the system of hollywood and the elites. we are SUPPOSE to do that. if none of that happened of course it'd be great for the half the celebs who truly value anonymity and privacy as well as the ability to live like us -but they are not suppose to. they sacrifice a shit load to live the life they live and thus they have certain living standards stripped from them just like we have certain things stripped or blocked for us. I'd never harass celebrity ever. but NOTHING is wrong with approaching a famous person polietly and kindly telling them they mean a lot to you and you appreciate their work. you're literally pigeon holding and clumping everyone up into a bad stereotype. Most celebs respond well to the nice ones or the kind kids who aren't assholes with it of all genres of hollywood and jobs.

of course they've heard a million times but there are stars like michael jackson who needed to hear that cause outside of his backwards life of having it all and having nothing at the same time, he barely had people who cared. he was one celebrity I've seen in my life time who genuinely took your word as a fan to heart if you came up to him and said so. he'd hug you or say he loved you before you could spit the words out. so while I agree fans need to stay in their lane and let celebs live with this picture / stalking shit I don't agree the whole concept needs to be thrown out.

a lot of people become celebrities for this.