Steven Bancarz's Youtube clip "proof meditation is dangerous and demonic"

Mar 13, 2017
I can understand you having a rocky relationship with your dad after reading your post in the marriage thread. Ok, I didn’t know what you meant, thanks for explaining.

I think that picture of Jesus that you posted is too handsome to be Him, but that’s just my opinion. Wasn’t that drawn by a young lady? I can’t remember the story on that. Anyway, have a good day!
Her name is Akiana Kramaric, she is 25 years now, her first painting of Jesus was when she was 8 years old. She is an amazing girl, her whole family was Atheists, then God spoke to her directly when she was 4 years old giving her visions and encouraging her to paint them, she became a prodigy with her artwork - and her family all became saved because of the things they saw her do. I agree, I also think he is a bit less handsome than that - I have also heard people describe His hands as extremely rough :)

Have a great day as well!

Apr 12, 2017
His voice sounds like my own thoughts but different in the sense that there is knowledge there that I just don't have, key and deep understanding for things in my life that I will normally not do - for example I am a very impulsive person and I will many times speak my mind without thinking an say things to people that I shouldn't be saying, so I would hear "shhhh not now" and it will take a lot of willpower to keep quiet after that.

Or in our city there are many beggars that use money for drugs so I never give money (South Africa for context), when I have driven past someone who really needs money I will hear in my heart to turn back and give a certain amount of money, sometimes an amount I cannot afford at that moment (according to me) - so it's always an inconvenience for me to turn around (and I am usually in a hurry), and drive back to give away the money. After that there will always be something unexpected that happens to reimburse that money. Also those specific beggars I will rarely see again.

I do not visualize Jesus in my mind, but the times that I have seen Him when I talk to Him He looks like this, just a little bit more dark skinned, definitely not European, I have only ever seen His white robes clearly really:

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You are simply using your higher senses, aka intuition. This is a good thing, not many people pay attention. Keep it up. The painting, on the other hand, is not an actual depiction of Yeshua whatsoever. Akiane Kramarik paints pictures of the impostor known as Sananda Exu Immanuel, aka Lord Maitreya, aka Master Jesus. He is the leader of the "galactic federation" AKA "ashtar command". An advanced extra-terrestrial pretending to be Jesus, to put it simply.

There are many other impostors, and they will try to manipulate you but as long as you're using your intuition, they won't be able to. Stand firmly, don't be afraid, and don't dwell on this. If you react to what I'm saying by succumbing to fear then your intuition will shut down automatically.