So how about that Trump/Kim summit?


Apr 4, 2017
The more successful he is, the crazier they look, and the higher his approval ratings go.
I wasn't expecting Trump to be in office this long, they would find some bs way to impeach him or dig up dirt and make him step down. Now I am convinced he will be easily re-elected.

Mar 13, 2017
I'm wondering if Steve Bannon still thinks Trump only serves 1 term.

As far as North Korea goes. I think that we are in a good place for the peace process. But we shouldn't forget the North Koreans don't like anyone besides Trump. They called Bolton a bloodsucker, and Pence stupid. Something like that anyway.

Jan 29, 2018
Make what you will of Thomas Wictor, but this is interesting, I thought.

Thread by @ThomasWictor: "(1) Let's talk about what all the pundits and "experts" missed. Kim Jong-un depended on Trump to guide him through the summit. Trump gently […]"

Thread Reader(1) Let's talk about what all the pundits and "experts" missed.​

Kim Jong-un depended on Trump to guide him through the summit.​

Trump gently made all the first moves.

(2) By all accounts, Kim Jong-un is a passive young man.​

His late brother Kim Jong-nam said that Kim was not leadership material.​

(3) TWO brothers were passed over to make Kim Jong-un the leader.​

When you have a man who never wanted the job but was forced into it, he must be treated with empathy.​

Trump did so.

(4) North Korea is called the Hermit Kingdom.​

I'm a hermit.​

Later today I have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.​

I'll have to take a nap when I come home.​

(5) When Kim Jong-un met with President Moon and now Trump, he was breathing very heavily.​

He doesn't want any of this responsibility.​

So Trump is HELPING him.​

(6) When you're a shy hermit and you interact with Type A Alpha males with empathy, you know what they love?​

They love to see you come out of your shell.​

(7) Kim said something that made Trump's jaw drop, and then he laughed in a way that has never before been caught on camera.

(8) Trump is PROUD of Kim for doing this.

(9) Trump knows how hard this is for Kim.​

But Kim did it anyway.​

So that makes him a great man.​

(10) Trump admires courage and the willingness to improve.​

All the commentary is from surface skaters who either know nothing or were wedding to the failed 70-year strategy of FORCING North Korea into compliance.​

(11) I don't view the North Koreans as children who need to be protected.​


"Face" and national honor mean the world to them.​

(12) Kim and Trump are friends.​

So far Kim has said at least ten times, "We've put the past behind us."​

The "experts" missed that.​

(13) My prediction is that North Korea will--without fanfare--denuclearize, make peace with the South, and then begin a multi-step reunification process.​

And it will all happen very quickly.​

(14) AGAIN, Trump is the flak catcher.​

"He didn't get anything! He's a LOSER!"​

Trump doesn't care, and neither should you.​

(15) This takes the pressure off of Kim, both at home and abroad.​

All is already well.​

Trump's enemies will be forced to admit it in fairly short order...​
Im all for the peace breakthrough and if he pulls it off, Im down to give Trump his due credit. But lets be real, during their interactions, KJU was the A side and trump was catering to him. Thats the way it had to go for this thing to work so I give him credit for putting his ego on hold long enough to start the process in earnest.

Mar 13, 2017
Trump has a way of connecting with people that is overlooked, but is a huge advantage for him. That's why I have faith that this summit will only lead to more positive developments.

Trump has good relationships with his children, and they are completely loyal to him. The same with the close members of his staff. They adore him and seem to love working for him.

This video from during the whole Laurel/.Yanny stupidity shows what I mean.

Those people are having a ball. Who doesn't want to be a part of that? The fact that Trump's administration is having so much fun says a ton about what's really going on in the White House, and it makes the left look incredibly joyless by comparison. And you can't help noticing that the most misogynist president ever has an awful lot of women in his administration.

I can't pretend I don't like a lot of what Trump has done, and I have started to appreciate his style, as well. There are lots of criticisms that can be made, but based on the evidence so far, he has been a very good president.