Sims 4 Is part of MK ULTRA? Quantum Leaping? Read details

Jul 11, 2019
I would like this website to do investigation about Sims 4
I personally enjoy playing the game its like caring after characters and having a connection a job creating homes and managing your fantasy life and own set.
I was beginning to have dreams though about the Sims and hallucinating. I believe I could be in this game I could walk into the mansion I build from my window. I had a dream I could walk in to a dimension and enter the game.
Quantum Leaping

I remember having premonitions and imagining the details got better and better. I dont know how this was possible maybe I have virtual reality features implanted in my mind anyway and I started feeling memory loss I wanted to be in the game I was addicted to the game I want more to feel connected but now I feel scared somebody or something was trying to attack and delete the game.

Some households was deneuralyzed and the drama was getting too much for me when people would come protest homes and try to steal and there was characters that stalked and had crude inceptions.

What language are the Sims speaking??? Also the letters and music they use. I was reading that this is a way of casting spells. I admire this game but I also feel targeted too. As i was interrupted by some authority when I wanted to lucid dream in to the game world. Of course I thought it was better than my real so called life because I can have as much money i want and do any hairstyle i like and its like I have more than average friends and jobs.

Mar 13, 2017
I've had some long "Sims" sessions and never had a weird dream. Of course, strange dreams for me is a common occurrence. As a matter of fact, I had like 3 last night. But I typically only remember the ones about sex.

I have had dreams about games after some late nights though. I think it simply has to do with all the light our eyes are absorbing. Our brains get tricked into thinking it's still daytime or something. That can cause fucked up sleep patterns and dreams.

Mar 22, 2017
Never had any issues with this and I play the sims 4 frequently, like prob every day really but I have had other things seep into my sleep etc a few years ago I started playing hearthstone and I was having dreams about real life things like brushing my teeth etc but sometimes I never had enough mana to do things in my dream like brush my teeth or make coffee lol it only happened for a cpl weeks when I first started playing it and it was pretty close to either before brain surgery or after it and I had a lot of weird neurological stuff happening around that time, lots of hallucinations and weird stuff.

I don't think the sims could cause mental health problems on its on but like a lot of things if you have a predisposition to mental health issues then it might not be a good thing then, like a lot of other things that can exacerbate mental health issues, smoking weed, drinking, being in a negative environment or around negative people or just triggers in general.

Also the sims language is called Simlish and is quite interesting. I get issues with earworms sometimes, usually when am more mentally and emotionally fragile sort of. I can feel my mental health slipping when I get like this, never noticed this years ago but now am more aware of it its a bit easier to try and control!