Setting the table to go after Americans as Domestic Terrorists

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Mar 13, 2017
Here is a link with a warning from the feds released within the last hour. Pardon that it is a FOX link for it was the first to come in and everyone will follow with the same information for it was an official announcement -

While it may seem calm at the moment, most here feel something will happen between now and January 20th and thereafter. They are setting up a target or boogie man and that leads to more division and could tip the boiling point for we are in a most tumultuous time. A little secret is that if we go to war within the country and it is all out in intensity within a year, another country will take over be it the United Nations or another power. The UN part is something to watch and could usher in an invasion where we kicked each other's tails in a convenient manner for them.

We can objectively more or less agree much of what is to come telegraphed to us. The Dems are being brutal as they take over with heavy-handed actions on their own people. They may not claim the right, but they are Americans and they are being repressed to the point where you can no longer post the hashtag #1984 on Twitter. The tech giants joining with them screams of collusion in a way we have never seen and the authoritarian rule is absolutely guaranteed to splinter an already fragile country.

In the end, we may find ourselves on the same team but not until PTB's objectives are reached. Their tools of deployment as in groups of people they manipulate for their plans will carry no clout once a sinister takeover is in place. And there will likely be blood and anguish before the split sides realize they have been played.

Anyhow, with the National Guard out in every state, something is up. Captain Obvious comment, huh?

Between now and the first false flag, real event or something happens, please post any information here which makes it so obvious that something nasty is about to happen. Or are they just messing with us in a giant psyop pitting us against one another before showing us a magic solution to our strife that comes with the caveat, you must join a new world.

California trying to pass bill to investigate right wing groups -

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