School is social engineering


Mar 26, 2022
I know a teen girl who doesn't know spelling, grammar, basic math or reading comprehension. Yet, she got accepted at a prestigious high school (Her mother donated thousands of dollars.)

The poor girl relies on Alexa instead of an actual dictionary. It's depressing how the kids and teens of today are worse than ten years ago.

When I was in grade school, the staff members were strict about reading and writing. They forced students to write in cursive, made everyone read over 25 books, and separated the students based on their reading levels. Those didn't read a book were given warnings or got lower grade.Teachers helped the ones in the lower levels with the basics. We took reading comprehension tests online often during and after school. As years went by, less students were motivated to read especially the upper grades because of technology.

At that time, I thought pointless until high school.
Jun 26, 2022
I hated school (k-12) but i've always loved reading and learning... i can find some uses for basic algebra in everyday life (basically it all comes down to finding an unknown), but algebra 2 and calculus can bite me.

I begged to be homeschooled as soon as i heard such a thing existed. No, my parents believed that school would "teach" me to socialize :rolleyes:... newsflash, you can't convert an introvert but you sure can make them distrustful of the world due to all the bullying...

The notion of spending 8+ hours a day only with peers of your same exact age is unnatural. In the real world we interact with people of all ages. Perhaps in the old days of a one room schoolhouse the situation was more organic, but modern schools are just an indoctrination center to breed mass complaince and group think. And by "modern" i mean like the 90s and early 00s, not even today with drag queens reading books and p0rn in the school library. So much worse now.

Actually, about that... before 6th grade i was very sheltered in a way, but the middle school library had all those teen magazines that tried to indoctrinate us about fashion and to be boy crazy. The librarian frowned upon us reading those magazines and said they were not meant for young girls like us. And now i wonder, who's idea was it to have those magazines there then?

Last thing, having/being a stay at home mom is not a racial privilege. The area i grew up in had a high immigrant population and the vast majority of the moms were stay at home moms. If there's any "privilege" involved it's having a father in the picture, i can imagine it's tough for single parents.