Sam Smith breaks their silence


May 21, 2019
The gender bias is showing.

I find it funny people are so obsessed with pronouns, but most of the same people refuse to call someone an idiot when they are one. I mean none of you will go tell your bosses the "truth". Instead, the vulnerable are targetted with "truth" because it's easy to get away with it.

When the anti-gay crusaders dispense truth in a balanced manner, I will listen. Until then I think you are full of it. This clearly isn't about truth for truth sake. It's about two different and equally bullshit agendas.
But what they are doing is actually making it harder for gay people. Instead of being a proud gay man, Sam Smith is now thinking that because he doesn't fit the traditional stereotypical masculine gender role that somehow he isn't fully a man. He is a man. He is just a gay man who likes things that most people consider "feminine". That doesn't make him not a man, though.

Same thing with people who want to "transition" to be the opposite gender. No one is a woman trapped in a man's body or vice versa. Non binary is a completely made up, unscientific term that is meaningless. There are only 2 sexes: male and female. Sure, there are a few people who are intersex but that is a biological defect and not a separate category of sex. You can only be a male or a female. That's just how the human species is. It isn't bigoted to talk about biological fact.

What these people really are are gender non-conforming. They want to change the GENDER roles, not the sex. There is nothing wrong with that. It is fine to be a feminine man or a masculine woman. No one should stop them from doing that. But, to ignore biology and to conflate sex with gender is 1) delusional, 2) ironically reinforcing gender stereotypes, and 3) part of a satanic agenda because it confuses us about who we really are and distracts us from what the elites are doing. Today, if a boy likes to wear pink and play with dolls -- it is highly likely that people will assume that he must really be a trans girl. No, he is just a boy who likes pink and wants to play with dolls. Let him do whatever he wants -- but stop trying to say that he is either trans or non-binary. That isn't how biology works.

People like Sam Smith are doing the non-binary stuff because being gay is too mainstream, too vanilla now in their entertainment world (in the real world, it is still tough to be LGBQ). He's just doing it because it is trendy to do so and because he, like a lot of people, are searching for something missing in their life and they think this new identification is it. Others do it for "woke" points like all these straight actresses suddenly coming out and saying they are bi when, for them, it means they kissed one girl (for publicity) and then they go back to only dating guys. It is a PR move. And this kind of stuff is going to erode the progress that the LGBQ movement has made because it comes across as ridiculous. It will be hard for people to understand that a gay person can't just choose to be straight if you have other people suddenly identifying as being genderfluid pansexual plural system otherkin out of the blue.


Jun 20, 2019
Confusing an entire generation about who they fundamentally are is just a form of psychological warfare. How can anyone who is at war with their own biology ever fight against the elite who are ruining the world?

It also is a way to condition us to accept things which we know to be factually untrue. Men cannot become women (or vice versa). Men can dress as women and pretend to be women, but they cannot alter dna to actually become women. Getting people to believe "trans women are women" is just a way to get us to accept the concept of "wrongthink". It is the same thing as asking us to believe that 2+2 = 5. It starts with off simply humoring some mentally ill people until it reaches a point where they can define what is factual -- science all other evidence be damned -- and we will have to accept it because truth and evidence will not be a defense for "wrongthink".

Subtle changes in language are designed to program us to accept a manufactured reality. Forget some future dystopian nightmare. We are already living in one.
True. So sad, but true. People like words are bent, molded and then transformed into the opposite of their original meaning and state so often now.


Sep 25, 2019
It's crazy how this guy talking about how he wants to be addressed is gaining a lot more news traction than you know...actual news stories. Just as an example, the average British person who is obsessed with celebs will talk about Sam Smith more than they might talk how Brexit is going. It's like a huge magnifying glass is being held over the slightest, mediocre celelbrity life style choice, and it's usually to do with sex.

How they have sex

What sex they identify as

How they classify their sexual preferences. There's actually a new one that producer Mark Ronson came up with. He identifies as "sapiosexual" which basically boils down to finding intelligence attractive, not genitals. He doesn't care if you're a guy or girl, he just cares about your IQ.

If that's the case then, I'm a "gamersexual"

I'll only hold your hand if you are into gaming, male, female, dog, android, I don't care. If you don't game then I'm not interested.