Russian/USSR Soviet's Movies & T.V. - Symbolism [Trigger Warning]


Dec 1, 2019
RUSSIAN MOVIES EXPOSATION (MOVIES FROM USSR FIT THERE TOO). People from USSR please join and help us to expose satanic themes in movies.


After the script are various other relevant links that Victoria provided. Victoria also mentions some others to which I have provided links.
  • MK ULTRA recovery Deprogramming wiki
  • mentions Fiona Barnett [links to Fiona’s work and book] Fiona Barnett’s Long Goodbye [9]
  • Svali’s first blog Svali Speaks [6]
  • Svali’s Second Blog Svali Speaks Again [7]
  • cfb Svali, Illuminati Structure and Mind Control [101]
  • cfb Child Trafficking by the Jesuits [102]
  • Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler cfb Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier – Illuminati Whistleblowers [4]
  • Fighting monarch
All these people are MK ULTRA victims themselves and give us insider infromation about symbolism too.
Satanists: The whole post
Someone just asked me "Who are the #Hivites?" Ansewer: All of the terrorists in the entire world, including ISIS & Antifa, and every deep state ever, are part of an ancient Babylonian cult family who have dominated&ruled every civilization on earth since biblical times 6000+years

They claim they descend directly from the garden of Eden through Cain's line, &that Cain's parents were actually Lilith (the female 1/2 of God in Talmudic tradition) &a demon she made (aka the serpent or the devil). #Hivites #HivitesGetLit #Phoenicia #PhoeniciaisFalling #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #Welcome2Wonderland #ItEndsNow #MAGA #SayBraveThings

They claim to follow the "true" religion of Abraham, and they describe Abraham as a "friend of God" which should be taken literally, as if Abraham was "God's" contemporary. They also call themselves "Children of God" and "The Family" #Hivites

My family tells me that we are descended from this same line, from Abraham by way of David/Solomon and on through Mary, mother of Jesus. My family also claim Constantine & Charlemaigne (i.e. ROME) as ancestors #Hivites

I believe there is one true God and I believe Jesus taught us how to connect with God directly, which saves us from looking to the #Hivites to tell us what God is or wants. The #truth resonates. We all must look within for these answers, not without, lest we become controlled.

They use neuro-linguistic programming tactics and are often in positions of authority (addicted to seretonin, dopamine, and adrenalin) they are rude and uncaring, fake, and dishonest. LEARN HOW TO SPOT THEM, LEARN HOW TO STOP THEM.

Mary, mother of Jesus is descended from Naomi through Kind David/Solomon. Thus, Jesus, like me, was born into a #Hivite family & was likely tortured & dissociated as a child just like I was. This practice has perpetuated itself in FAMILIES since Babylon. #Phoenicia #Hivites

Cain was the first murderer, and one of the #Hivite mantras is "Murder is death, death is murder" meaning that none of them die a natural death, everyone in the cult is murdered, because they aim to overturn & corrupt everything that is "natural"

"Not dying" to them means everyone in the cult is murdered, no one dies a natural death. Living forever is in name only. The first death is when your body dies. The second death is the last time someone speaks your name. Whoever is most famous lives longest & is therefore God.

You may also know the #Hivites by other names: freemasons, illuminati, Khazarian, Ashkenazi, Antifa, Isis, Mormon, Scientology, Roman catholic, Muslim brotherhood, CIA, monarchy, deep state, shadow government, luciferian, etc. They will never identify themselves as #Hivites

They have deliberately obscured their existence and their practices throughout history to ensure their survival and they perpetuate their system in a terrifyingly successful way through torture and mind control of their own children.

Later in the line of Cain, we reach Joseph in Genesis (of the technicolor dreamvcoat fame, not the step father of Jesus). Jospeph marries a woman named Asenath who is a Hivite priestess, described in Apocryphal texts as a "pagan" who undergoes a "ritual" with bee hive elements

This is to 'convert' Asenath from her #Hivite pagan occultist pedo rapist human sacrificing heritage so that she can marry Joseph. She and Joseph end up ruling over the Isrealites during the exile in Ancient Egypt.

They give birth to a son, Ephraim, and later in this line comes Noah and his wife Naomi of the Ark fame. This is how the #Hivite culture married into State rule (Egypt) & found it's way into the modern era after the great flood (through the #Hivite priestess Naomi) #Phoenicia

I believe Jesus woke up from the mind control, started teaching people to resist #Hivite control, & they crucified him (ritual sacrifice) & co-opted his message of self-reliance/empowerment & personal direct relationship with God and twisted it, just as he warned they would do.

Many know the #Hivites by other names, such as "the 13th illuminati blood line" or the "lost tribe of isreal" and they are all connected and coordinated with each other. Even now, ISIS, Antifa, Elites, The Royal Families, the Masons and every other secret society ARE #Hivites

They push false narratives (like reptilians and Satan and whatever works best at the moment) to incite fear &outrage in order to control the masses. They trick the public into thinking they need #Hivite leaders to protect them when in reality they only need protection FROM them.

They wrote the Gnostic gospels &(I believe) made up the Annunaki/Nephilum/Reptilians &other false narratives to obscure &hide their existence. They only need the sacrifice ritual to secure and consolidate political and civic power. They are pedophiles and want to normalize it.

But this is all just part of the false narratives to make them seem superhuman & externally powerful & authoritative - the rituals and practices are nothing more than self hypnosis and mind control of people who were all tortured the same way I was as children. #Dissociation

A #Hitive named #Zoroaster brought this practice into what is now Iran (ISIS anyone?) and the Zoroastrian theology is very close to the doctrine they follow today = Dualism. #Hivites

Their aim is to achieve "the great work" (ie: NWO, one world gov't under "benevolent despotism") - which would only serve THEM in seizing total control of humanity, normalizing p***philia &ritual human sacrifice, &depopulating Earth through mass extermination of humanity (90%)

They play humanity and culture like an alternate reality game (ARG anyone?) and it's ALWAYS a "choose your own adventure" game, where free will reigns supreme & they let you make your own choices (even though heavily influenced by post-hypnotic suggestion) #MindControl #Hivites

I say #Phoenicia because this is the last society in which they existed openly and practiced these methods of torture, mind control, and human sacrifice for consolidation of civic power. #Hivites

Also, you can spot a #Hivite pretty easily. They usually have ancient symbols tattooed on their bodies, especially Phoenician & Egyptian symbols, or runic & viking symbols, anything ancient & esoteric is what they cling to #Hivites Know how2 spot them them, know how2 stop them

You can also spot a #Hivite by their behavior. They use mind control tactics (look this up to guard against it). They talk fast, pressure you to make decisions, they throw you off & then ask you to make split decisions #mindcontrol #PhoeniciaisFalling #ItEndsNow

They goad the masses into killing each other, and they are happy when people die. They want only enough people alive to serve them. When the population grows too large, the people rise up and oppose them, and their constructed civilization falls (Babylon, Egypt, #Phoenicia etc)

So all of these monarchies and evildoers and terrorist are all one group: #Hivites. They hide in EVERYTHING and their goal is to corrupt and destroy everything and anything natural. They model themselves after Bee/Hive themes, they have queens and drones and workers. #Phoenicia

They are the only terrorists and they are all FAMILY. They lure non-family members into the cult too, but it is families who perpetuate the practice and keep it working in the world through their bloodlines. They obsess over genetics and strictly control who is allowed to "breed"

They eat flesh and kill babies because it desecrates everything natural. They use blood for parabiosis to try and live forever, but "not dying" to them is not the same as living forever as we have come to understand it. Everything they do and say is SYMBOLIC #EsotericWidsom

In their eyes, This IS the Apocalypse as described in the biblical book of Revalations - Apocalypse = the uncovering of something hidden, a revealing of that which has been obscured. #Hivites

They intermarry all the time and have several unique genetic markers (like Ashkenazi DNA and Coloboma of the eye). They obsess over the "reptile brain" aka amygdala because it houses the pineal gland (Reptilians anyone?) #Hivites

Here's a #Hivite doozy of a lie: G.O.D. = Guild of Doom. One head at the top of the pyramid is God (most powerful hivite aka most awful person of them all who's done any and everything to gain that position) 12 other heads at "the table" then on down the pyramid from there.

They gravitate to sales and often are in the real estate field. Beware anyone who talk s too much and then pressures you to make a decision, especially a big one! This is suggestion and mind Control! #followthewhiterabbit #wonderland

Some additional thoughts: they use symbols like the butterfly to denote Monarch MK ultra programming. They use cats to denote Beta sex slave mk ultra programming. They call themselves Lions, Snakes, and reptiles. They worship will and intellect above all and are Godless. #Hivites

Because they've not yet been identified as a single group, they have been able to pit humanity against itself with false dichotomies, identity politics (race baiting anyone?), appeals to authority and other fallacies that fuel tension and aggression among the masses. #Hivites.

They are also responsible for the New Age movement, Born Again Christianity, and likely all of the cults you are familiar with. #Hivites #PhoeniciaisFalling #ItEndsNow #pizzagateisreal #SurvivorsUnite #followthewhiterabbit #Welcome2Wonderland

They have infiltrated our government at all levels including the military, and they have been actively working to euthanize 90% of humanity. They are into epigentics and eugenics and illegal human experimentation (MKUltra anyone?) #ItEndsNow #PhoeniciaisFalling #Wonderland

They do a self sacrifice and rebirth (resurrection) ritual. Once you complete it, you are "Born Again" in the awareness of the cult. From what I can tell, I believe that, to them, I've done this now by waking myself up from the mind control. #Hivites

We must consider every narrative to be Symbolic. These hivite assholes speak in riddles and symbols.

Thruthiracy — learn satanic symb recommended by Fiona Barnett herself





Please safe and cope and share. Easier to spot them this way.


RED SHOES by Christopher Lord - Truthiracy House of Widsom
Saturn (EL) rules time and Zodiac. CROWN of EL = Cronus, Crone, Old (time). Phoenician = "Cronus" (EL), Latin "Corona", German = krone (scull cap), Greek = Cronus or Kronos = Saturn, Father of time.
In Pizzagate scandal many people are wondering what the Red Shoes stand for in the group picture with Tony Podesta. I have to first to teach you about the esoteric meaning of color Red and meaning of shoes.
1. LIFE. Red is the color of natural sexual arousal. So red represents Fertility of Nature (LIFE) or LOVE and Passion. Red is the color of Love and romance. Red District of Amsterdam -- SEX (XXX). This is why strippers and prostitutes wear RED to signal their nasty sexuality.
Red is the color of Blood. Red represents female menstrual cycle that startes at teen (of Age). Red means you are of age to have sexual intercourse. This is the age of a teen begins to wear RED lipstick.
Our Red Bloody Heart is what we are LOVE and HATE with. The symbol of our SOUL, our LIFE. The Heart of LOVE, DEATH and Sarcrifice.
The SUN is the center of our Solar (SUN) System. SOL = SOUL = SUN. This is why the center of our human body is called the SOLAR Plexus.
The Sun God is the OFFspring of Mother nature. Isis (ICE, Winter, Death) -- Cow Godess. Apis - Egyptian BULL God, green one. ORphan -- OFFspring, Son. Traveling Fool (Sun, SON) left all alone to pass from one status to another. Jester, Jack sharacter.
ORE (Hebrew Light) -- ORB -- RA/RE/ORE/Ro, OWR/AURum (gold). Sunrise -- SUN RA EYES.
The Travelling Fool! The Character of Nature! The FOOL KING of the SUN! First BORN of the DEAD!
RA (RE) was the Sun God the Travelling Fool on his annual journey. The ancient belived the Sun God walked across the sky! REd ROse.
The Sun is: RA (RE), Apollo (Apple EL) the Bull (Ball, Bol), Apollyon Devil of the Bible! Diablo is the Devil! DIA - Bull one of two BI - BULLS, TWO seasons Summer and Winter, Blue and Red. Apple (EL) -- Knowledge (to KNOW) -- SEX, LIFE!
OBELisk of the Egyptian RE. BEL = BAAL= BULL. SUNDIAL = SUN -- Die- EL. Obelisk symbolized Sun god RE|RA. The Word "Obelisk" is Greek rather than Egyptian.
These massive stone shaft were built from red granite and polished with sand and often their tops were capped with gold.
The Wachington Monument is the OBELisck (penis) of the God of nature, the Agricultural God of Death and REsurrection!
Feet are symbol of ones LIFE. Shoes reflect who you are, your personality. By their shoes you will know them. Our feet are what we use to walk through life, they symbolize our heart and our SOUL. This is why our shoes have SOLES. Sole = Soul, bottom of a shoe (Hell).
Feet (shoes)Walk -- life. Soul (Sole). Life& Death. RED SHOES -- SUN Walker. Red Shoes of Jesus -- Passover, End.
Agape (love) -- A GAPING hole, vagina. Passover -- Door, Portal, Tunnel of EL-- Red door -- Blood Way -- Vagina or anus. Pizza Gate. P izza Gate. [P] is a Gate. Open says me. (Sarah Ashcraft). Sex Magic.
Now you will understand why SOLE is our SOUL from your HEART (life) and why our SOUL is the SOL of the SUN.

2. DEATH. Red is the color of Blood sacrifice. SacRED -- Sacrifice RED. The color Red can also represent death.
SOL DIER (SUN DIE) "One who Dies for the Sun". Soldier dies in WAR. WAR -- RAW, RA is the SUN God. Soldier -- SOL (SOUL) DIER One who dies as a Sacrifice to the SUN (SOL) God!
War is RA(W) backwards. WAR = RAW = RA = SUN= RED. W = V = 6 6 - W = 2\3 = 666
RA - 66 = 6X6 666 SUN square
Scull and Bones -- DEcapitation. Scull eating the CROSS of TIME . Red (Bloody) shoes of EXECUTIONER.
Re/ Ra -- Egyptian Solar Deity (God)
Light RAY. Red light ray = right eye sun. War is RA(W) backwards. WAR = RAW = RA = SUN= RED. W = V = 6 6 - W = 2\3 = 666.
RA - 66 = 6X6 666 SUN square. 12 (6), 12x12 = 144, 18, 216, 6x6, Magic Sun, 36, 111, 666.
ORE (Hebrew Light 216) -- ORB -- RA/RE/ORE/Ro, OWR/AURum (gold).

Green one: Fertility, Nature. Apis (Bull God), Osiris, Baal, Tammuz, Dionysus, Saturn, Jesus.
REsurrection Gods: DEath & REbirth
DEscend to the underWORLD (Winter)
REborn again OFFspring (Summer)

Duality: Life & Death of the Nature, Fertility Game. Hearts (cards) -- Life, Spades -- Death.
Summer Winter, December -- DEath of the YEAR
White, Day, SUN (RA - RED)= LIGHT, LIFE Night -- MOON, EVEning, BLUE
EL- light. Light No EL -- No Light
Sunrise -- Life Underworld = Sun down = Darkness, Death
Spring -- Green nature, Rise. Flame Autumm -- Fall. EMBER, ORANGE.
Good (God) -- RA/ RE, Summer Winter (Evil) Bad: Satan, DEVIL, Saturn, Set En
FIRE (HOT SUN) Summer EMBER (Cold, BRRR) Winter, BLUE = Ice
LIFE (Start) DEATH (Finish)

Autumm-- Death of the YEAR, Cyce. EMBER, ORANGE month.
SeptEMBER (7 & 9) September is the beginning of fall.
OctoBER (8 & 9) The colors ORAnge and black represent Haloween.
NovEMBER (9 & 11) Eleven = EL even. EVE of November (9, 11), NOV = 9 (11th month)
DecEMBER (10 & 12) DEath.

Haloween (Samhain) OctoBER 31st. Druidic celtic festival New year.
Whole = Hallow, Holy. Sam = SUN = Summer. Fiun = End. End of the Chain (Hain).
1.jpg2.jpeg3.jpeg7.jpeg06.jpeg06.jpeg09 (2).jpeg9.jpeg

#octoring #octozone


- The signals and codes are usually provided at the start of the movie (within the first 10 minutes).
- When you research USSR/CCCP children movies over the past 70 years, it is difficult to find any 'Girl' films. It appears the majority of children's films were 'Boy' films (95% based on our observations thus far).
- Many of the films are set in a 'Camp' of some sort - i.e. Political, Summer, Holiday, etc.
- Almost every USSR/CCCP children's film contains scenes of children (Boys usually) in a state of partial or full undress and nudity. Research indicates this was particularly the case during the 1960's and 70's.
- Octagon symbolism and codes are present.
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Dec 1, 2019
The Hivites are hiding the truth about what occurred in 1812. This is when Atlantis was destroyed. The Hivites
destroy 1812 events memory and works and it's authors like Carrol, Mikhail Bulgakov and lord Byron. Visit links.

Planetar catastrophy come in stages:
1 -- Fire from the sky, bricks have black color. People run away, cities were emprty.
2 -- Clay waves has come. First floors in glay. 100 metres at least. HIVITES HAVE TAKEN THESE BUILDINGS FOR RUTIALS.
3 -- The Great Flood of water. Houses have been in water.
4 -- Cities were empty for some time. Empty cities theme.

AFTER 1812:

1 -- CLIMATE CHANGED Winter has come to EUROPE and ATLANTIS (Russia) wich were winterless. 1816 -- Year Without a Summer
2 -- HIVITES SPREAD ACROSS THE GLOBE. Because they were mason, construction workers they services were needed and HIVITES HAVE TAKEN THESE BUILDINGS FOR RUTIALS.

have EMERALD CITY. Prototype in the story was 1812 buildings with actual Emeralds or crystals or glass of EMERALD COLOUR, allowed to take electricity out of air.
View attachment 74611
GREEN is the color of HEART CHAKRA which is 4 th chakra.
HEART CHAKRA activated by love and blocked by grief. (YOGA as I understood it when I was child).
POWER OF LOVE comes from these knowledges.
EYES WIDE OPEN states that introduction to the CORE integrates from MK ULTRA immidiately.

All myth said that your SOUL is in your CORE which is THIRD EYE. Feelings are electricy frequency and hormone pumping in the blood.
Shuna writes you give eyour enegry to your right arm and take the enery by your left one. If I understand YOGA correctly here.
POWER OF LOVE, activating HEART CHAKRA essential in MK ULTRA Deprogramming.
My father has freed himself from his MK ULTRA | MK DELTA programming by power of love to my mother and then to me and my brother. I doubt he has acess to actual deprogrammer.

Colours Parts in MK ultra
GREEN or EMERALD GREEN. These are cat altars. They still see themselves as belonging to the cult family, and deny that they have been abused to protect their cult family.

DARK EMERALD GREEN. This colour is assigned to the Antichrist-Satan alter(s). Green is the occult colour for Satan and is the most sacred colour. Few people outside of Satanists know that Green is more sacred for them than any other colour.

LIGHT GREEN. The gods and goddess alters which are triads which function in sets of three.



1812 MARBLE:

BEE HIVE = HIVITES! Laborous Delivery Barberini family symbolism.
People are dead here: muscules relaxed, mouth opened
Rome in the Footsteps of an XVIIIth Century Traveller
A Laborious Delivery - the puzzling coats of arms of Urban VIII (1623-1644) by Bernini in S, Pietro
from BERBER has lived near Carthago.

Cymmerian art school. Depict Cymmeria which name ahs been replaced at Crimea by Hivites. Special note on Konstantin Bogaevsky who was murdered for the truth.

Authors were shadow banned them just like this forum. No advertisments, no good translation, no good edition, not possible to buy legally and even libraries didnt' accept it.


Hieronymus Bosh “Garden of Earthly delights” and Pieter Bruegel Massacre of the Innocents (Bruegel)
Both artists have the same art style and themes. BOTH LIVED AFTER 1812 and stylized as earlier authors to pass HIVITES censorships.
Their works look exactly as post 1812 authors. Both were silenced in Russia, since 1991 my country is ruled by satanists. Both shadow banned by Hivites just like this forum. No advertisments, no good translation, no good edition, not possible to buy legally and even libraries didnt' accept it.
Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights (ca. 1500) thanks to SIBI.

Massacre of the Innocents (Bruegel) --1812 catastrophy events.

“Child Eater" (Kindlifresser) fountain statue in Bern, Switzerland.
Red and green clothing -- Hivite's coloring.

Turner, Joseph Mallord William

Carl Brullov The last day of Pompei. Attention to sky and technoligies.

Lord Byron poem Darkness

Vladimirov Ivan. 1812 heritage destroyed by HIVITES.

1824 year THE GREAT FLOOD in
Petersburg by Fyodor Alekseyev
The Flood of 1824 in the square at the Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre (his last painting). The most disastrous floods occurred in 1824 (4.21 m or 13 ft 10 in above sea level, during which over 300 buildings were destroyed
Atlantis have Rome as predessor. It it known that Atlantis and Roman Empire had war prior Roman Empire fall. Please read PLATO. Rome had two states descend from it after the falling: Atlantis and Eastern Roman Empire ruled by HIVITE Constantine the Great.
Atlantis in pre 1812 catastrophy had climate just like Roma.
Crimea in the Roman era. Crimea was named Cymeria (Conan from Cymmeria) and Cymmeria had Roman legion and settlements. Crimea had 1812 catastrophy including drowned buildings.
Cymmerian art school. Depict Cymmeria pre 1812 events.
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Dec 1, 2019

Harry Potter
demonstrates Ether, the gas with light.

During my own PTS Integration I had seen Ether with my Third eye and them the memory has been restored.
0009_nedetskie_risunki_001-17.jpgscreen-shot-2022-02-01-at-3.48.22-pm.pngunnamed (1).png

More ETHER, how I see it with my Third eye vision
Alex Grey

I can see people likt that too. Two yeyes picture and that Third eye added. If I close my eyes I will see the Ether silouette -- this light silouette.
Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2
Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 (French: Nu descendant un escalier n° 2) is a 1912 painting by Marcel Duchamp. The work is widely regarded as a Modernist classic and has become one of the most famous of its time. Before its first presentation at the 1912 Salon des Indépendants in Paris it was rejected by the Cubists as being too Futurist. It was then exhibited with the Cubists at Galeries Dalmau's Exposició d'Art Cubista, in Barcelona, 20 April–10 May 1912.[1] The painting was subsequently shown, and ridiculed, at the 1913 Armory Show in New York City.

Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 was reproduced by Guillaume Apollinaire in his 1913 book, Les Peintres Cubistes, Méditations Esthétiques. It is now in the Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.[2]
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Dec 1, 2019
Гостья из будущего the main hero name is Alice like Alice in Wonderland which is said in the movie.The most MK ULTRA movie from USSR. Time Travel Script.
Episode 1. Red bus, red tie on a boy, red woman -- Babel harlot, red net and milk bottles for kefir made from the milk. Milk -- Moloch.

Boy opens the door ang goes for the light.
boy dissociates -- Somewhere over the Rainbow.
Robot Verter gides boy ho to go to space port.
He have bad context -- La bestia nello spazio have similar robots and porno theme
Also appeared in he movie War of the Robots» (1978)
Boy enters the red bus. See the video.
he enter the door with number 6 and on the red car named flip he flies.

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Dec 1, 2019
Гостья из будущего
Part 2. the main hero name is Alice like Alice in Wonderland which is said in the movie.The most MK ULTRA movie from USSR. Time Travel Script.
Boy sees Aliens in Black and White
Satanic ritual places -- 1812 buildings with tunnels
г23.jpgг24.jpgг25.jpgSpace Zoo = OZ! Reptilian gate.
г07.jpgRed door, chess game. Red + balck dress. Alice now came into Time machine.
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Mar 16, 2020
Добро пожаловать, или Посторонним вход воспрещен (комедия, реж. Элем Климов, 1964г.)
Dobro Pozhalovat, Ili Postoronnim Vkhod Vospreshen
Welcome, or No Unauthorized Entry
(Comedy, directed by Elem Klimov, 1964)
View attachment 47002

'Welcome, or No Trespassing is a Soviet movie by Elem Klimov made in 1964. It is a satirical comedy about the excessive restrictions that children face during their vacation in a Young Pioneer camp, imposed by their masters.',_or_No_Trespassing

Full Movie,_or_No_Trespassing
'In the middle of the making, there was a cable to stop filming, but it was still finished. The movie released to screen soon after dismissal of Nikita Khrushchev as a party leader. According to some sources this allowed the film to be screened. Others say that the leader himself allowed the movie. 13.4 million viewers saw it in the USSR'
View attachment 47003

Russian Film Hub
'Non-Russians are often surprised to hear that 'Welcome, or No Trespassing' is a more famous and beloved movie in the former Soviet Union than 'Come and See'.
View attachment 47004

Festival De Cannes
Dobro Pozhalovat, Ili Postoronnim Vkhod Vospreshen (Welcome, or No Trespassing) is a comedy by Elem Klimov that captivated children throughout the Soviet Union upon its release.
View attachment 47005
View attachment 47006
View attachment 47007View attachment 47008View attachment 47009View attachment 47010View attachment 47011
Didn't know Elem Klimov also do humorous films. I only saw his movie "Come and See".


Nov 24, 2020
This reminded me of a very dark and nasty series that was widely distributed by Saban (Power Rangers):

Pinocchio: The Series, also known as Saban's The Adventures of Pinocchio and known in Japan as Mock of the Oak Tree (樫の木モック, Kashi no Ki Mokku) in Japan, is a 52-episode anime series by Tatsunoko Productions first aired on Fuji Television in 1972, which was edited by Saban in 1990.[1] The story is based on the 1883 novel The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian author Carlo Collodi.

Unlike the lighter, more cheerful tones of the Disney film adaptation and Nippon Animation's version Piccolino no Bōken, this series has a distinctly darker, more sadistic theme, and portrays the main character, Pinocchio (Mock), as suffering from constant physical and psychological abuse and freak accidents

"That night Pinocchio sneaks into Johnny's house and steals a toy elephant, thinking it was a heart because it was carefully wrapped up, upon learning what a heart really is he returns with one of his father's chisels and wakes Johnny when he attempts to cut his heart out, the resulting ruckus wakes his parents who try to kill Pinocchio for his actions. "

"While touring the castle the countess reveals to Pinocchio that she is over 500 years old and that night she sheds her facade and attempts to bite the puppet's neck as he sleeps, only to realise that he is made of wood and has no blood for her to drink, the next day she suggests that he invite his classmates to play as an alternative to the mute dwarves living in the castle, activating the mind control spell in her bite as he leaves. "


Dec 1, 2019

Haiti on his teeshirt

Minecraft looks like influenced by satanism for me.

Tokyo 1988

codeword and spial

Bycicle on russian sound VelosiPED

White rabbit

Full post in Russian
Based on Strygatsky books.

Movie is about weird stuff included dreams and nighmares.
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Dec 1, 2019
Seven color of flower. Rainbow!

Dog -- God. Water flow -- Aquarious.

Old wizard lady.

Red Ball -- BAAL, Teddy bear.

SESAME STREET was in my country too and we had a little bit different version.
They are obsessed with a thing named Samovar -- "It boiled itself". So it is originally 1812 catastrophy technology. Hivites are buing it for crazy amount of money.
Котёнок по имени Гав
Kitten named Woof

Episodes are full of secret messages
Episode 2 and Episode 4 are about the same -- pizzagate. One eye.
V on background.
They ate sausauge and kiss.
Red door Red Roof, Fleur de Lys.
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Jul 27, 2017
I know nothing about russian entertainment to make a judgement on satanic clues.

Just dropping in out of curiosity


Jul 27, 2017


Dec 1, 2019
Операция «Ы» и другие приключения Шурика
Ы = 61, СМУ-61. 61=16=88

Name positioned as АД = HELL! Black -- Satan, Saturn. Number 13 FOLLOWS.

Red in context. Adrenochrome and cannibalism references. Drink from red and white.



MASON and Funeral. Masonic themes. Balck and white, roses. This Student have symbolism around him. Hammer on a wall in russian Molot is like Moloch. Black and white gloves.

Red and Balck. Scarlet woman -- mother of Harlots.

Monarch butterfly.
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Dec 1, 2019
Операция «Ы» и другие приключения Шурика
Ы = 61, СМУ-61. 61=16=88

Cat with orange ear and purple ribbon. Cats are alters and used in rituals.

BLACK CAT constantly around the Alexander main hero.

Black and white.

Director with surname translated COCK. Red and black scarf and cube hat so no one will miss him. We see him clos to velosiPED -- in russain it is name for bycicle. In his cellar we see red cock like thing.
Cock in Russian is the slang for penis. Red Rooster #OCTOZONE #OCTORING

Red Shirt and milk. MILK -- MOLOCH! 101 -- red room!
Red curtains and pink ones with pink walls. They look at the kid.
Tobacco near so Golden Fish is code word for sniffing drugs.
Blue Bird by Maurice Maeterlinck

Pictures from play thanks to @Sibi


Extract written on a site, perfectly underlines the project of the CIA:
In this case, Project Bluebird was a mind control research program commissioned by the CIA between 1951 and 1953, a precursor to Project MKULTRA. Under this program, experiments on mind control are carried out and, in particular, on the search for a serum of truth, with in particular the use of LSD.

I also came across this site, on Islamic dreams. The bird represents:
Dreaming of blue bird meaning interpretation in Islam:
Dreaming of a blue bird means that you will soon approach great happiness.
In the first place, the blue bird in a dream is considered a “symbol of good luck” in dream interpretation. Soon you will have wonderful happiness. However, if you look at the blue bird and you have negative emotions, know that it will have negative meanings, such as loneliness.
In the first place, the blue bird in a dream is considered a “symbol of good luck” in dream interpretation. Soon you will have wonderful happiness. However, if you look at the blue bird and you have negative emotions, know that it will have negative meanings, such as loneliness.

To dream of a blue bird indicates that you are pure and serious. It implies that your peers really trust you.
If you dream of a blue bird, you can soon become very happy. Human relationships, friendships and romance will be strong and good.
Moreover, having a dream of light blue birds is a sign that you are entering a happy and good period, this dream also announces that you will be able to feel a sense of security and wealth.
The dream of a light blue bird tells about your happiness. Fortune, like work or love, is your friend.


Animated version of a fantasy play otherwise done in live versions: two peasant children are taken by a fairy one night to a different world where they can see what lies behind ordinary household things, animals, and feelings.

In the opening scene, the two children gleefully describe the beautiful decorations and rich desserts that they see in the house of a wealthy family nearby. When Bérylune says that it is wrong for the rich not to share their cakes with Tyltyl and Mytyl, the boy corrects her. It is enough that he gets to watch others’ happiness; their joy does not create envy in him. The theme is emphasized again when the children meet the Luxuries, particularly the biggest one of all, the Luxury of Being Rich. When Tyltyl turns the diamond, the hall is bathed with a dazzling brightness, and the Luxuries run wildly in search of a dark corner where they may hide their ugliness from the ethereal light.

At the end of the play, Tyltyl shows what he has learned about happiness. He looks out the window at the forest and remarks how beautiful it is. The inside of the house looks much lovelier to him than it did before. Also, he creates great happiness for another by giving his pet bird, which seems much bluer than before, to the sick child.[1]

Pictures from a play she was in. The Blue Bird Play – 1908' Thanks to @Sibi

More pictures

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Caucasian Prisoner. Thheme Kidnapping a bride.

Тайна третьей планеты #octozone
Flight in the country of Monsters
Story resembrance to Flight of navigator

Vampire, Child slavery and snuff depicted. Cannibalism. Cook as how children have to be prepeared.

KINGDOM OF CRUVED GLASSES. Based on a book Alice through the Looking Glasses.
Olya steps through the mirror into the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors where Yalo resides. The kingdom, under the rule of King Yagupop LXXVII (reverse of Popugay, meaning parrot) produces crooked mirrors that brainwash its people through subtle changes in reality.
There is an analytics which I agree with
TWIN THEMES all around there. Satanic family.

Tortrured boy named DNEIRF FRIEND is the only one who din't have a twin.

That one look like organs.

I need to say that Hivites's USSR stole a lot of books from it's authors. A lot.
Приключения Буратино
Tolstoy are made in Russia retelling Pinoccio by Collodi.
Mikhail Bulgakov didn't liked him.

Satanic agenda Tolstoy pushed. I will give you some notes -- author is russian.
Tolstoy have issues with his biograph and even have been rumored to be incest child.
Buratino in Tolstoy version:
-- Theatre theme and Golden Key -- the whole story are circling around that. Collodi's are growing up story.
-- Underground initiation -- Buratino are coming Underground with Golden Key to open a theatre.
-- Theatre named Lightning -- MK ULTRA torture reference also Lucifer.
-- Girl named Malvina are gives him MK ULTRA torture -- she locked Buratino in in her cellar with spiders, which are singning a song.
-- Artemon Black Poodle. In Collodi we knew nothing about his color.
None of that have been done in Collodi. Tolstoy changed his name from Pinoccio to Buratino for no reason. Also some characters are changed too -- Medoro to Artemon.

City Zero movie. ZERO -- Zeta.
From Springmeir book. Illuminati Formula how to create mind control slaves.
O. ZETA (snuff films): Zeta is the sixth letter, and it’s ancient meaning was a sacrifice.

CATHERINE ZETA JONES have photoshot with Red Door Symbolism. RED DOOR lead to RED ROOM --> RED RUM ---> MURDER! KILL ROOM!
Her father is Welsh and her mother is of Irish Catholic descent.[4] She was named after her grandmothers, Zeta Jones (derived from the name of a ship that her great-grandfather sailed on)[4] and Catherine Fair.
Containts references to MK ULTRA.

Mary Poppins, good bye.
Satanic themed movie with Vampires and black cat. And satanic song 33 cows with constan themes of milk.
And here we have this poster on a wall -- Invitation to Voyage. horror story about milk. MILK -- MOLOCH.
About movie: Young lovers ask, "What would you do if I died?" In this case, the young lovers are twins, Nina and Lucien, brother and sister. He answers, "I'll make you live again." Then, in an accident, Nina dies. She's been a rocker on the rise, taking Lucien out of a stable where he worked and bringing him into the music business. He seals her body in the case of a bass fiddle, straps it to the top of his car, and travels across France. He picks up a hitchhiker, helps a Turk he bumps into on the road, visits his birthplace and a boyhood friend, and reaches a seaport. Along the way, he listens to Nina's music, pastes up her posters, and remembers. How will he make her live again?
Подарок для слона #octozone
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