Russian fighter jet shot down by Syrian rebels and ejected pilot is killed by rebels on the ground

Jan 29, 2018
The outlaw "militant" forces continue to obtain these elite, expensive weapon systems & equipment. I cant think of a single Muslim nation that actually produces these materials en masse and of quality so I guess we know the villains have some pretty powerful backers, both "Muslim" and other.....

However, other notes of interest in the article to me were the measured response from the Russian military, but those guys can play hardball with a serious poker face so Id expect heavy retaliation. Its also interesting to me that Turkey continues their war of aggression against the Kurds. Also interesting that it sounds like they got beat down in that exchange. The Turks are operating in this sphere of conflict as aggressors. They are fighting a war of aggression against the Kurds and to be honest, the Turks aint really built like that anymore. Sure, their armed forces are professional in comparison to Saudi Arabia but thats not saying much. I figured when they massed their tanks on the Syrian border recently that business would soon pick up. And it appears it has.... for the Kurds. At least in that battle anyways.