Retro Christianity - recapturing vision

Red Sky at Morning

Mar 15, 2017
I’m old enough to know that they don’t always play the best songs on the radio, but young enough to enjoy new ones too. The funeral of the Queen yesterday reminded me that there are nearly as many people I am looking forward to see again in Heaven as those I will be sad to leave on earth.

I was intrigued by the title of an essay by C.S. Lewis on the same lines…

As I thought about this, it struck me that the Reformation was a Retro movement - the then 1500 year old Bible was being opened and studied in English rather than Latin. The memory of a Christianity they had never personally experienced echoed forward through the centuries and shook a generation of reformers.

The Jesus Movement of the late 60’s was described by some as the “Fourth Great Awakening”. It also had all the problems and zeal of the early Church. Despite the feet of clay and the failures of some of its founding members, God moved anyway. This gives me great hope that the Lord can use the flawed and confused people of our own generation to change the world again.

I don’t remember it and more than the old books beloved of Lewis, but it’s sermons and music were captured and are still around today. I just wanted to create a thread to celebrate the echo of a move of God that may be unknown to a younger generation, see what we can learn from its successes or avoid from its failures.

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