Reminder Of All The Good/to go Dumb Down sometimes


May 15, 2017
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Mar 30, 2017
Thought We could all use this more now
as it's so easily forgotten that this World
has more Love than hate specially if Ya watch/read
msm anything

So here Y'all go a few reminders to restore
Your Faith in Humanity and just fill Your Hearts/Soul
with a dose of Positivity

It costs Us nothing to show
Kindness/Love and Respect
even a smile can change someone's day
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Lisa sort of touches on the idea in this as well:

Negative stories are constantly pushed, especially in MSM because it demoralizes people and makes them feel helpless. The fact of the matter is the power has ALWAYS lied with us to make the world, wherever we are, a better a place. "They" know this, which is why we're constantly barraged with bad news (authentic and fake), thoughts and opinions so they can have us sit around and wait for their "saviour" or solution.

The real "solution" is every individual focusing on making a positive impact in the world. This is why it's best to ridicule the ones pushing the negative perspective(s) because "they" don't want to anyone to know there's any good left in the world. The videos you posted clearly show otherwise.


May 15, 2017
Thank Ya Orwells Mentor
as I mentioned search isn't working
all that great for me so when I did one
I couldn't find anything hence why I started
this one maybe We can merge them whenever
VC has the time to do so ?

Til then a Smile for Y'all

Aug 12, 2020
Sometimes it hard to appreciate the good things because we all must work so hard on Build Back Better. Building Back Better is such a hard job too kind of feeling like slavery. At least slaves didn't have to worry about being forced to take a poisonous fake vaccine. It's hard to believe but THE Evil Ones have accomplished making slavery even preferable to what we got now. Also slaves not have to eat gmo food and rent was cheap. Btw where are my reparations?


May 15, 2017
those that think animals don't have
Souls are so wrong,look at this Good
boy/girl how special are they and how
precious it's sad they're a stray still Ya
would think someone would wanna save
this lil pup that shows so much Love to
Our lil ones least get them a bite to eat
and some water or something

some them peoples driving by really do
irk the heck outta me it's a few minutes
to stop if Your rushing that much Ya should
be leaving earlier than as that could be a
Child instead of a dog Ya almost hit

anyhow this post was to show how precious this
lil pip is



May 15, 2017
this is Truly Soul touching as Y'all
can See by every single Child in that
room being engaged and feeling his

as Peoples a lot of Us seldom take
the time to say/do what We should in the
moment while We have Our Loved ones

maybe because We can't think of Our lives
without them,that We don't expect to lose them
it's only after We do that We usually realize
what they Truly meant to Us

We See clearly all those moments to say
I Love Ya,I Appreaciate Ya,Thank Ya for
Loving/Believing in me

We See every time We could have shown
that Love for them better hugging a little
longer a little tighter just being in the moment
with them

it's not until someone's gone from Us that
We Truly appreciate the Love they brought to
Our Lives

I've been trying to make a conscious effort
in letting all my Loved ones Know just how
much I Love them while I have them here to
say it