R Kelly Sex Cult


Mar 13, 2017
Trust and reliance on God means to be aware and conscious at all times that He Is In Charge. Not money, not the internet, not the mobile phone, not the battery, not anything except Him. So why promote something that makes you need things which are other than God? Not everybody can have the same level of faith and trust in God also. So when it's not easy for others, we should rather be fighting against it.
Well, real fun is not in this world. It's an illusion. It's ephemeral. It doesn't last at all. So it's not really worth it. Do we need it to express our emotions? Is it essential for survival like water and oxygen are? Why don't i even remember the last time i heard music which praised God? Anyway if you wanna discuss it further, do it in my thread. I'm done derailing here so sorry to everybody. Satan sure fooled R. Kelly though.


Mar 26, 2017
No offense but all I got from this post was that basically no one is an adult and that no one is fully aware of what they're doing and that since no one is a "grown up" no one is responsible for what they do.
No problem. You're right (in my opinion) except for the last conclusion: not being grown up or an adult doesn't mean you're not responsible for your actions. That is a big difference. And at a certain age you are most of the time aware of the consequences your actions will have.

But even if you are an adult (judicially or socially) doesn't mean you definetily know 100% what the consequences will be. Everybody makes mistakes, that's life. You have to learn from it, that's wisdom I think. Even your best friend, who you give all your confidence you have, can cheat on you. Even if you would give your life for him/her, when it comes to decisions and therefore benefits, you have to trust in someone or don't.

And that's the thing with stars: why not trust R. Kelly? Or Jodie Foster, Queen Elizabeth, Angela Merkel or Donald Trump?
Some people think they know famous persons just because they've seen them on tv or heard something or read something.
If you are intelligent enough, you don't. If not, you could be lost. And that's a simple fact which most of politicians for example, misuse.

"But he was so nice in that interview!?" Welcome to reality: he's an asshole. He just acted and lied.
And if you are good at it, you can mislead masses.

That's all I was saying: no one can be 100% sure about a person, no matter what you think about him/her.
So that's why nobody can be assure of someone or the consequences of your actions.
Of course this is just my opinion.


Mar 15, 2017
This is just an example of course how milions of women are being controlled by men.
So saying this girls are adult and know what they are doing is bullshit. Or was anyone in here 100% aware of everything he/she does at the age of 18? You must be kidding. Working makes you an adult? You must be kidding.
Who is an adult? What makes you an "adult"? What does it even mean???

Life is a learning process, in my opinion no one is a "grown up" at no time. There are too many adults out there behaving like 18-year-olds, and that's ok if you damage no one.
Stick to your inner kid, otherwise you could become embittered.

I loved the music of Aaliyah. Was it an accident or was she trying to break out and had to pay? Same with Michael, Left Eye, Whitney and her daughter, Prince, Prodigy and Bowie. Maybe!
Damn son loving your posts


Mar 20, 2017
I was just thinking of the time he made that song with Lady Gaga a few years ago which has the lyrics "Do what you want, what you want with my body." The music video was scrapped and never saw the light of the day in its entirety, but some clips were leaked online. VC wrote an article about those clips, stating:

According to Page Six, R. Kelly plays the role of a predatory doctor who tells Gaga: “I’m putting you under, and when you wake up, you’re going to be pregnant.” R. Kelly is then seen reaching under Gaga’s hospital sheets as she moans. He is heard saying “sounds like that medicine’s starting to kick in”, before she passes out on the operating table. Kelly is basically drugging her in order to abuse her. That’s what is happening in the video. Then a bunch of nurses appear who take advantage of Gaga being sedated.

Gaga then asks Kelly if she’ll ever be able to walk again – a reference to her real-life hip injury. He answers: “Yes, if you let me do whatever I want with your body”.

The music video was directed by the photographer Terry Richardson, who is notorious for being sleazy and predatory to the models he photographs. He's been accused many times of sexual misconduct. It's really no wonder they chose not to release the video. Can you imagine the backlash? Talk about "career killer." It's still a wonder that it was filmed at all, though. I think they knew exactly what they were doing.

And then Lady Gaga has the audacity to act like a patron saint for r*pe victims, taking Kesha under her wing when she made her accusations against Dr. Luke and being Oscar nominated for her song, "'Til It Happens To You" which was featured in a documentary about rapes on college campuses. She claims to have been a victim of sexual assault herself so I don't understand why she'd write a song with those lyrics featuring R. Kelly of all people and appear in a video like that directed by Terry Richardson. It just shows you how it all runs together.