Quantum potential weapons - Cause of new diseases? (possibly Covid, and related to EM radiation)

Terminator Resistance

Jul 31, 2021
I have been reading the work of this nuclear physicist named Thomas Bearden since many years ago. He basically laid out the theory for the physics of free energy, healing of diseases with EM devices, etc. Even if he has a Master's in nuclear physics the vast majority of the academic community neved touched his theories with a 10 feet pole and just ridiculed him. He wrote also about these conspiracies to supress this knowledge hence was seen as a crackpot. But I have never seen a single one of them prove where he is wrong in his theories because they simply repeat what is taught at universities like good little NPCs.

He claimed that the flesh eating disease that appeared several years ago was caused by these quantum potential devices. Gulf War syndrome as well:

He is the first physicist to my knowledge who has linked electromagnetism with quantum physics. EM is generated in the vacuum by quantum potentials. So it is related to 5G and I believe Covid has been caused by these weapons which may be engineered in 5G antennas or in hidden areas. Viruses dont cause diseases that is for sure, this is something that I have learned in the past 2 years with the Terrain theory and my old suspicion that viruses cannot move so they cannot infect anything.

The use of these weapons would explain the real cause of these new diseases as well.

For those interested in the physics:

And all his work (I believe he is deceased now so it is not updated anymore):



Jan 22, 2018
You may want to check this out.

Dependent on who's hands this type of tech gets into determines what happens to the world's population. Frightening.