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Oct 2, 2017


Mar 27, 2017
Fake media is coming for our memories

Sounds like the media are already trying to get out in front of any perhaps incriminating videos that might be coming down the pike. I see they backdoored The Mandela Effect into the article which could have possibly been phase 1 of what could possibly be a tiered psy-op. I'm just about sick of a media industry that, for basically the last 100 years or more, has done nothing but publish reams of fake news in service to corporations, moguls, politicians and intelligence agencies trying to get on a high horse and call everything that shines a light on those same moguls, corporations and hand picked political puppets "fake news." The same liars who have toed the party line and sold every false flag fake war as real news. From "Remember the Maine" to the Gulf of Tonkin to "incubator babies being smashed" to WMD's these lying liars have sold more b*llshit in their industry than the general public could ever think to create. Just a bunch of bought and paid for assets all parroting the lie of the week. Disgraceful. And when opposed by another media outlet politically, most times you don't end up with at least one truth and one lie. Nah, ya just end up with two lies.

Here's a thought: take the f*cking political leanings and affiliations out of the news entirely. Otherwise it's just more propagandist bullsh*t and is in no way informative or credible whatsoever. Always a slant. The MSM traded objectivity for jobs and money. What did they give up in return? Prestige, trust, credibility. Sellouts, the lot of them beholden to oligarchs that are only interested in slanting the news and views into their worldview and plans. The term "corporate media" should tell you everything you need to know. Sociopathic media from corporations.

And while we are on the subject, Hollywood please STFU. All of these twitterheads espousing better world virtues and acting pious have all profited from an industry that continuously promotes (if not directly sponsoring and inciting) and glorifies just about every degenerate thing that is wrong with culture and society. Wanna bitch about gun control? Then quit profiting from an industry that glorifies gun violence and mass shooting by putting out "action" movies that are nothing but "Glock operas" and "bullet ballets." Recuse yourself from the discussion. Then you might have a little bit of credibility instead of just pushing an agenda with the rest of the lemmings.

These movies and TV shows are at least one reason why kids think guns (and drugs and sex) are cool in the first place. Because they can easily get access to your R-rated (X in disguise) sh*t. It gets pumped into their homes now. Yeah, yeah bad parents and all (who at this age were exposed to and brought up on basically the same sh*t). But even good parents can't stop kids from seeing some of this. The kids have to go out in the world and all of this R (and XXX even) stuff is just one device away. Speak in haste and repent at leisure, right? Sweep around your own doorstep first. And btw, how many of the stars and execs own guns or have armed security follow them around? Hypocrite much? ...Yippie ki-yay indeed...


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The Zone

Mar 13, 2017
A lot there about Allison Mack and it will lead to exposure of sex cults...but when I posted an update elsewhere, nobody responded. I am still, somewhat, on the fence with concern to Anon.

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Jun 17, 2017
What do you guys think about Trump? Is he for real or is he just another stooge leading the opposition?
I read that his bloodline traces back to the British royal family so I have my doubts.

i heard about 2 years ago in an interview (jeff rense and daniel estulin) that trump is with a different elite faction than the rothschilds.

the jury is still out if his deeper polarization of the masses is a good thing or a bad thing in the long run. race politics, social justice and the like have gone way too far, true, and he puts his foot down on that bullshit. will this foment a favorable quasi-civil war in the near future in the interests of the NWO? OTOH, if we let political correctness and the like fester past the point of no return, the future could be far more unbearable.

ive said this about a dozen times, but i feel its very important: we wont know whats really going on behind the scenes of trumps presidency until hes been out of office for awhile. we are not privy to all of the secret deals going on with him, hillary, weiner, etc. i dont think trump is a clean guy or one of us, but if he really is going after all of the pedos, hes doing something good-- i cant recall a US president doing something good in a long, long time.

he owes it to his voters to bring hillary to court. i expect him to live up to that promise.


Sep 18, 2017
What does the Truth Community think about the drops? Truth or disinformation?
I am finding out that many YT-bers are mouthpieces for both. The key word, I have been told, is "discernment."
It requires a lot of reading and viewing and confirming of details in order to ascertain what is true these days.

The author of the two videos that I have posted in the OP has come to his own conclusions, some of with which I agree. For the most part, I am adopting a wait and see attitude before jumping on the bandwagon along with James Munder.

It does make for interesting and exciting news if you are one who is against the Bush cabal and NWO implementation-which, of course, I am!

One thing to remember (and a warning provided by one site I check in on) is that "Trump's role is to expose the darkness, not necessarily to bring the light." Let that be a warning before we get too excited about Trump. He was asked to run, knew what it entailed, and is doing his job.

Stay tuned!

Finaly someones talking about this, I BELIEVE 100% its the real deal and a revolution is underway growing steady beneath the surface and we will know only when its over


Mar 13, 2017