Project Veritas: ABC News knew everything about Jeffery Epstein three years ago.


Mar 13, 2017
There’s something about this girl/ former employee that doesn’t sit right with me. She seems a little nervous, and maybe that’s all it is, but she doesn’t appear to be 100% truthful in her delivery, that’s for sure. I didn’t believe her crying (didn’t notice her swallow, which is common when holding back tears) and it just felt like acting to me. Her eyes darted around a lot, nerves? Possibly. Maybe I’ve just learned to be sceptic about everything. thoughts?
I think she’s terrified. Her story is totally plausible. She saved a clip of an off-camera moment — something that was her job to do — and she got fired for it. And not fired by ABC, where she was working when she saved the clip, but by CBS! She has to be thinking that she is now blackballed from working for any of the major media outlets.

I think she has a slam-dunk case against CBS and ABC. CBS had no cause to fire her, and I don’t know what privacy laws are in the US, but if they’re anything like they are in Canada, it was illegal for ABC to give CBS the information they used to fire her, even if it was false. If her lawyer makes the case that both networks broke privacy and other laws, she could get a very large settlement from this, and I hope she does.