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Oct 15, 2020
Are Some Texas Republicans Secretly Working for Democrats to Turn the State Blue?



Dec 11, 2017
...check this 'staging/meet-up/rally' area for a Mega MAGA Trump Train which went-on for 96 miles when they headed out on the highway....
...uncountable number of cars in this one..... it's amazing....
Patriots of Arizona - 96 mile long Trump Train / Staging Rally - 2020/10/25
...PS: had to Shazam this version of 'Come Together'.... had never heard a cover version of that song, prior.....'s a band called Godsmack........

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Mar 20, 2017
This is an email I wrote to my liberal friend who was trying to bully me into Biden. I thought you guys might enjoy reading it. Please read it with an open heart. As I told her, you still have to love me and be my friend. I love you all!

I woke up at 3am thinking about politics. I have been following
things rather closely the past couple of years and have a lot to say.
But I also can't let my blood pressure get too high right now so I
thought I'd email you :)
Yes, Trump is an absolute total buffoon of a person. Grab em by the
pussy was awful but I think not totally literally serious. I am a
feminist but I also consider the type of women who hang around rich
men and I know women can be CRAZY and evil too!
But I think him and Biden both have a record of being racist, liars,
perverts, and corrupt in business. I am still mad at the DNC for not
putting Tulsi Gabbard up she kicked ass at the debates and there was a
Lot of enthusiasm for her at least in Iowa. Even Bernie probably had
more integrity.
I heard a Trump supporter say, I'm voting for the platform not the
man, which I found interesting. If you put aside the men and look at
the platforms well the Dem one scares me. I feel like they want to
throw away the Constitution and turn this country Socialist which I
don't agree with. I am afraid of forced vaccines. I support Police
and don't think cutting their funding is an answer. They probably
need more funding to weed out the bad ones better and give more
training about race relations.
I said I might vote Dem and I might because I want the chaos to end
but I don't think Trump is solely or even mostly to blame for it. I
think the media is. They refuse to report one single positive aspect
of what he has done, and their have been positives. They've pushed me
to his side with their bias and inability to put personal opinions
aside and report facts.
Probably my favorite thing is that he is the first Pres in over 100
years to not start any new wars even though everyone thought he was
going to be a war monger. Good negotiations in the Middle East for
which he was nominated Nobel Prize 3 times. Then I see headlines
calling for the Nobel Prize to be cancelled. This is why his
supporters call it TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome.
When it comes to trade deals and such, I like an America First policy.
I think every leader of every country should put their country first.
I haven't liked for many years the way America tries to be the savior
of all other countries. Of course we should help some and we do, but
not try to police the whole world.
I like that we are energy independent now because depending on oil
from the middle east made us a part of a lot of their conflicts.
Of course I don't like fossil fuels! But for now we are using them.
On subject of environment, do you remember in the 80's when they
discovered the hole in the ozone layer and Earth Day started, the
slogan was REDUCE Reuse Recycle.
Why is that not the discussion today? No One is talking about Reduce
we are just buying new phones and computers and sending everything to
landfills still. Buying everything off Amazon despite the emissions.
Even the supposedly better new light bulbs contain mercury which can
easily get in our water supply. They are supposed to be disposed of
in a special way but is anyone doing it?
It seems that maybe I am more of a Repub now, at least fiscally. I
don't believe in federal programs and think most things should be done
on the state level.
I don't want socialized health care for myself and am glad to not have
to pay to opt out now.
Maybe it's easy for me to say since I have a small enough income that
I already have totally free healthcare. But I also want as little as
possible to do with western medicine.
I believe in our Constitution whose main emphasis was that almost all
power would lie with the states and not the federal.
And maybe as I get older I just have more "conservative" values. I
still believe in a woman's right to choose abortion.
But I don't in letting kids choose their gender. I'm sure some of
them are legit TG. But giving a child hormone blocking drugs to
prevent puberty is insanity to me.
So when Biden said he would put laws on the books to make sure kids as
young as 8 can be protected under law to choose their gender I didn't
like to hear that.
These are such complicated times. The World is insane. But the most
important thing I think is for friends and families to not let it come
between them.
Like, even if I am somewhat Republican, you still have to love me and
be my friend!!
It's not worth it. Everyone has to respect everyone else's right to
their personal opinion.
For instance, don't tell ANYONE what I'm telling you because if it
gets back to my family they will legit disown me. Isn't that sad?
But I know it's because they think he's racist and against gays, which
I of course do not believe. Of course it's hard to know what to
believe these days. But I understand their opinion and respect it.
He does have a lot of people of all races who support him,
particularly a lot of Black conservatives who are disillusioned with
the Dem party. Candace Owens' book was recently #1 on NYT list she is
a huge fan. And I've heard from a lot of gay people who are in his
administration now and view him positively.
Everyone has to vote for their own values and what matters to them,
personally. Like I don't want healthcare but if more people do want
it then don't want it, let's have it. I believe in the democratic
process! I believe in majority rule.
I hope you can still love me and be my friend.
I might just vote Kanye. I've voted every year since I was 18 and
have mostly "thrown away" my vote on third parties. I hope after this
experience we expand from this two party system


Mar 16, 2017
Medicaid is “socialized medicine“. You realize that right? What if one of you (you or your husband) got a 50cent per hour raise and lost your free medical coverage? It happened to my neighbor. She had to reduce her hours at work and lost her PTO because she couldn’t afford to go without healthcare.. the health insurance offered by her job (she’s lucky that it was even offered) cost way more than that 50cent raise would cover. Would you still be against socialized medicine if you didn’t have access to it yourself?

it was a nice email though. I just don’t understand that piece.


Dec 11, 2017
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Dec 11, 2017
Forget The Polls: Chinese Campaign Merchandise ‘Yiwu Index’ Predicts Trump Win
by Shifra on November 1, 2020

....(skip to conclusion)......

Right now, according to the informal and highly unscientific index, Mr. Trump leads Mr. Biden substantially….

Followers of the Yiwu Index believe it is reliable, however, and they have history on their side. In 2016, the index consistently predicted a Trump victory. In the final weeks of the campaign, demand for Hillary Clinton hats and other souvenirs weakened considerably….

…At a Halloween mask factory outlet, rubbery Trump masks were consistently popular and completely sold out.

The factory created a Biden mask, said Gigi Zhang, the store manager, but nobody had ordered it yet.



Jan 22, 2018
.....(puts padlock on door and shutters on windows)

....Sorry guys but this place is temporarily shut down, health and safety issue, they've had a flood..... tears we think.

Will re-,open when carpets dry out and Biden is in the dock.


Jan 22, 2018

Carpets now dried, extra bean bags for more seating, scatter cushions, new lighting and calming backround music. Welcome to the forums place of refuge for our resident Trumpsters. A place of safety where you can relax without the attention of those venomous anti Trumpsters.

You know who you guys are, don't be shy, come back to your safe space.

I thought we could celebrate the grand re-opening of this room by throwing a party....I got a DJ in to play some come on forum Trumsters let's party.

(Whining sound of feedback from cheap microphone)

......Ok everybody! Let's get this party started with some Papa Roach!!!


Jun 15, 2020
Hi awoken!
Its not really about Trump, anymore. Its about freedoms. And not censorsing free speech. As has been said so many times before whether you like him or not (I know you don't, lol) having him in office better served the safety of our country (and by extension, others also). So as you laughably point out and mock his supporters, in doing so you reveal all the covert NWO shills, likewise.