Poem I wrote a few years back about mind control

billy t

Aug 2, 2020
Pop culture American Ultra
Mind control is the new Coca Cola
She’s still active victims alter-egos assigned
With agony no adjective could define
Nobody on the street understands distracted with wine
Calamitous times plan was designed
Forget combating international crime
This is a battle for the mind
We’re all ODD unless we submit to their laws
Torture is a difficult picture to draw
I’m not talking about that horror flick that you saw
This is more hardcore vivid and raw
The definition of hate
Cannibalistic, satanic, twisted, debased
What you know about ritual r*pe?
Victims disgraced, fisted and taped, what a world

Victims lack hope the depression the shame
Scientists in lab coats are injecting their veins
They went from having sense to insane
And now they can’t even remember their name
Retrograde amnesia, hypnotic trance
Truth hasn’t got a chance silent media
Propaganda became easier to chant
Tavistock avalanche schizophrenic agents
And electroshock advanced CIA plants
Interrogation techniques enhanced
Programmed Hollywood stars Monarch caterpillars
Exotic dance butterfly tattooed beta-kittens
Sex for recognition physical demolition
Television magicians, repetition
Cyberkinetic storm, trauma based Hi-tech torture
It’s coming to a neighborhood near you...


Mar 13, 2017
I bet with some alterations and a nice hook, someone could rap that poem over a sick-ass beat.