Plagues band satanic

Jerzey Mike

Jan 25, 2023
this band has also been blowing up on the socials

they are a metal
Band and they support the globalist agenda re: climate change as here in the lyrics here

“there is no escape we bled the world dry, everyone is to blame, don’t try to deny, this unholy mess, we can’t call our home, you pushed us apart and made us alone

the oceans are poisoned our forests are bare, we question the reasons in total despair, the sky has cracked the earth has split our souls are damned to a burning a pit, the sky has cracked the earth is split all hope is gone we must submit”

so open and brazen and open left hand occultism as with their latest song

“The darkest path leads to the light”

yhey don’t even hide their support for saytanism and the occult like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin hd to hide in subliminal it just open and sold to our kids on tik too and Ig


Jul 12, 2022
This really is obvious. And crazy how these people would ever seem like anyone who would "care for the earth". It's getting harder and harder to keep seeing this same climate message over and over again. We all know who's actually destroying everything.