Pizza symbols in the entertainment industry

Mar 15, 2019
VC admin shared some.

Illuminati Card Game

The Sick, Twisted Messages in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

When the delivery boy arrives at Ms. Wardwell’s house, she asks him to place the pizza inside. Then she kills him and eats him. Well, he deserved it. He had a smug “I totally wanna bang that MILF” look on his face.

“Peek-a-boo” by Red Velvet: Why Do Men Keep Getting Killed in Music Videos?

In Peek-a-boo, members of the group Red Velvet kill a pizza delivery boy as part of an occult ritual. +rainbow symbol. Look: “where the rainbow ends” Eyes Wide Shut

The Exploitation of “Drag Kid” Desmond Is Amazing

A pizza in the sexualization of children agenda.


Drag kid picture used to promote fake Pride sponsored by p***phile group

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The post.

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Why is Justin Bieber Tagging Babies “Yummy” on Instagram? The Answer is Sickening +more pizza

What is Teddy Bear?
Young mind control victims are often given Teddy Bears by their handlers to make them develop an emotional attachment to them. This attachment is then exploited by the handlers to create emotional trauma.
Kim Noble: The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas

The Zero Theorem (2013)

The director is Terry Gilliam.

Firstly look at Terry's another movie Tideland (2005). 10 years old actress Jodelle Ferland and 23 years old actor Brendan Fletcher are kissing.

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Mar 15, 2019
Pizza is often mentioned in the movie "The Zero Theorem".

16 years old actor Lucas Hedges in the back.

and David Thewlis to Christoph Waltz:
They talk about Lucas.

And don't forget: Terry Gilliam: ‘Operation Yewtree is a witch-hunt’

The Series American Gods (2017), season 1 episode 2:

The black man finds the man in bathrobe with a girl in his room. She eats pizza. And than, man in bathrobe: Hey, you-you hungry? I mean,they got no food here, but you can order a pizza, and you can put it on the room.

Mexican Netflix series Diablero. (2018) A completely satanic series about child sacrifices.

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Details about the series: Pizza order in Mexican Netflix series Diablero

Knock Knock (2015)

A devoted father helps two stranded young women who knock on his door, but his kind gesture turns into a dangerous seduction and a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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The women are 26 and 27 years old actresses but somehow they blame Keanu's character for being p***phile.

And Keanu's character defends himself.

The director is Eli Roth. Look at his Hostel I and II movies.

Pizza symbols are always used in connection with children, sexuality and satanism. I opened this topic to compile some evidence. Don't say we already knew.

Mar 15, 2019
Yes it is creepy as hell. You know there is no pizza with cream.
Yes, pasta and ice cream.

Podesta email code words:
2020-01-26 11_38_24-Window.png

In the video, 1:17: "whip cream pouring like waterfalls."
"Here's a lot of ice cream to hit the spot."

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and finally there is no delicious mixture.
I'm convinced now.

Mar 15, 2019
Older Katy Perry video is examined. The creator of the video failed to mention the coded ice cream symbolism. Note the position of the pink/white cone getting ready to receive.

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Yes. Katy Perry Vogue India 2020 pictures:

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Children as food.

2020-01-26 19_03_20-Window.png
Teddy bear/pedobear that we always talked about.

"Katy's Fries" kid that appears attached to the pole, there seems to be a ritual,

rainbow kid,
Rainbow is a symbol of Monarch mind control. In MK programming, victims of trauma are told to “go over the rainbow” in order to dissociate from reality. Source: Las Vegas Courthouse
and "GirlLover heart" kids.

2020-01-26 19_18_25-Window.png

What are they doing in India?

Aug 4, 2019
These screen shots are from the video 'People Know How To Love One Another" by the UK band Kaiser Chiefs. This video (which looks like a video for kids) is full of sexual references and hidden symbolism. This video was made post pizzag@te so pizza characters were excluded but not hotdogs and ice cream. Note the purple octopus.

A more in-depth breakdown found here




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Aug 4, 2019
This is the official video of this episode:

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Johnny Test (2005–2014). 2005

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Electroshock torture and MKultra programming.

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Teddy bear/pedobear.

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It couldn't be more clear.
Nice Catch! "It couldn't be more clear" - No kidding!

The Zone

Mar 13, 2017
Google really scrubbed pretty much all articles on pizza symbolism in pedo rings and replaced it with Pizza Gate debunking articles. Oh, what a time that was in 2016 with so much happening including a convenient stooge. Nothing is more covered up than the pedo mess with Epstein and the elites. I wish there was a way to crack these rings once and for all but they all seem protected, even Kevin Spacey. It must be one nasty elite club to wield such power. And then there is the factor that young blood plays into rituals of old and the attempts to resurrect ancient religions.