Pick A Word, Drop A Word

Jun 17, 2017
I used those lures a lot before I switched to kastmaster, do they still make them? It was actual brand and not just a style right?
i never used kastmaster. i was loyal only to rapala and rooster tail (was it yakima company?) when i was using lures (25% of the time). yeah, they still make them (just checked) but the price has gone up a lot since i last bought one sometime in the 80s.
yeah, it was a brand... mepps had their own knockoff, but i didnt like them. the rooster tail lure was colored brighter and the spinner always (almost always) spun. mepps seemed to spin intermittently.
some people say that the spinning action doesnt mean much. i dont know... i thought it did.

Mar 13, 2017
youre slipping, lisa.
you shouldve put in a pic of a mogwai backing away from the bright light, or at the very least a dracula pic avoiding the light. instead, you gave us a moon and a photo that belongs on the cover of a jane kirkpatrick novel.

im ripping that bumper sticker off.
Wow! That’s harsh since I took those pictures...