Pharma Getting Them Young


Mar 20, 2017

problem with this site is that no one does research first. they believe everything they read, repeat it to others as fact and discredit themselves.
show us your research. provide a link, prove it's fake.


Mar 26, 2017

problem with this site is that no one does research first. they believe everything they read, repeat it to others as fact and discredit themselves.
I understand what you mean but that's a little to radical. Problem with conspiracys of course is: there's not many proof if at all.
But I'm with you that someone should first double-triple- or sextuple-check what one is posting in here. Or octuple. Words are funny.

I'm not using (anti-)social-media at all, so a lot of lies (yeah, that's how we called it before fake-news! -->1984: newspeak) are passing me anyway. And I think all these platforms are mainly designed to spread misinformation or the right information for someones needs (-->Trump - Twitter).
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Mar 16, 2017
I hope it is (a joke). My daughter found it on Instagram. I remember candy cigarettes when I was a kid, so why not toy vapes?!
Oh MAN! Chocolate cigarettes! To smell them, peel them and eat them, slowly. Yumyumyumyumyum! And no, never became a smoker nor have I ever been one excet a party cig until my 26:ths. Still like chocolate though. :p
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May 15, 2017
might be showing my age by saying I
remember all those except the matches lol
maybe my area never got em idk but woulda
had them if they were at my stores

I am a smoker and have been since the age of
5 since those around me thought it was oh so cute
to see a Child smoke,been trying to quite it's not
that easy right now,it and coffee are my only vices

problem is with the things We discuss here
not only is there maximum censorship going
on,We also have all the word/image association
in anything that even mentions a ctheorist

it's usually with a disheveled crazy person in
front of a cork board with the red yarn,or ranting
raving on the streets anyone they can about
unbelievable outrageous Truths as in most cases they
put in front of Us and present it that way for revelation

I've been asking random Peoples what is the first thing
that comes to mind when I say ctheorist

top answer is a description of the above or of someone
raving mad like a asylum person(which of course is word
associated the same way as ctheorists)or because the
last few yrs it's the anti/undexav

there is also the fact most Truth now a days sounds unbelievable
since We've been conditioned by subliminals in movies/music
msm or by the content of the medias tptb give Us,all by design
of course

with that system thinking(brainwashed)to believe the lies
that have been designed and ingrained for hundreds of years
(or longer)through generation after generation etc...

it's extremely hard to come to terms that Ya were able to be
/have been lied to about everything of the way Our World runs
all Your life,never mind it was Your parents/grand parents etc...
for decades back first

it's easy for Us now that We're all awake it's easy to See because
Our eyes can now See through the deceptions,We've broken our
system thinking,though even those of Us awake get pulled into the
designed divides everyday here

We cannot expect those asleep to Hear/See something about
any of the clear to See lies because it sounds crazy imagine
back when Ya were still sleeping

if someone said any of the Truths We're now aware of,would Ya have
accepted it as Truth and change Your thinking

I Know I woulda been Seeing/Hearing the word associated image
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Jun 26, 2022
The comments to this unhinged tweet are golden. Clown world literally.

Yeah they want people to be "evaluated" for everything these days.

Of course exercise is not an option, it's white supremacist

I guess only males and those who arent black will be evaluated