Pandemic memes

The Agrarian

Aug 17, 2018
...CDC vaxx promo - and some of the remarks I found....
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Yep, exactly what a perfectly normal farmer looks like after working in the fields and on equipment all day. Not a bit of dirt on the tractor, clothes or hands. I'm convinced.
His fingernails are manicured and spotless and his hands are soft.
Got the jab, yet he’s still wearing a mask out in the middle of his farm field.
Fitbit or Apple watch.
All farmers have em.
Are there a lot of metrosexual farmers out there I’m not aware of?
I guess the soy boy in pajamas wasn’t available
That dude has the hands of a gay masseuse - that ain’t no farmer!
CDC can pound sand with their advice since they lie about the VAERS report daily.
Look at his fingers! Never shucked an ear of corn, let alone grew a field of it.
I noticed that too, my hands look more farmerly than his, and I’m a woman.
So if you get the jab you have to wear your mask all the time even in the middle of nowhere when no one is around. Sounds like a fake vaccine
Note, the lack of any tan. Shirt looks brand new as though it has never been through the wash yet. New John Deere tractor.
But most telling, no MAGA cap!
We’re letting ours go to some underserved community. That’s how much we care. Another selfless act. Is there a virtue signaling bracelet for that?
farmers prefer horse paste ;)

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I am literally a farmer and this made my day lol