Oppressed by unclean spirits? Jesus has the victory!

Mar 11, 2019
Hi, I read the title of this just now.

Oh thank you God for letting me read the title making my heart feels better after what happened to me this morning.

And thank you Red Sky at Morning, for posting this video. I actually already watched but half way cuz I'm a subscriber of that channel, and didn't finish listening to the video. Honestly even when I listened to it until half way, I was busy doing other stuffs, playing mobile game.. x_x

I just continued until the end just now... maybe I should listen again from the beginning... The message made me cry.

Ok, so here's what happened to me this morning.
I just woke up this morning after sleep paralysis. In my SP I was struggling and I kept murmuring "in the name of Jesus" and something like that. And then my body from sleeping on my left side was struggling to look what's behind me and from across the room to the other side where my sister's bed is, I saw like a person sitting on my sister's bed. I thought it was her but one thing for sure it's looking at me. I thought I was really murmuring and sleep talking and my sister woke up and prayed for me. I thought that person was my sister. And then I heard my sister's alarm went off during my SP, not long after that I woke up but I saw no one sitting on my sister's bed. Everything still dark. I quickly got up and prayed to the Lord. During my prayer I heard something outside like something drop (and my sister heard this too - cuz she was already awaken by her alarm) but I kept praying. After my sister woke up and used the bathroom, I asked her if she heard me sleep talking but she said "no, you didn't sleep talking", and she didn't sit on her bed. What's that? What's attacking me this morning? Who was that sitting on my sister's bed? Is it a witch or demon or angel? I don't know... I skipped reading the bible that night after praying cuz I was sleepy.

When I opened youtube this morning, I saw this video on my feed cuz I'm subscribed to this channel. Well, I was click baited by the thumbnail i thought it was about notre dame fire but wow the message inside is on point for me today. I thank God for keeping me in check and watching over me.

Esp at 8:17

Jun 4, 2017
A great talk by David Wilkerson. Maybe this is for somebody.

If that is the video I think it is, I wouldn't recommend watching at night, alone. I had to turn it off, last night, when he got to the part about "... in your HOME!" Because its set to film clips that are super creepy *shudders* .. but it drives the point home well.

@Red Sky at Morning ... I'll finish watching later, but what do you think of the difference he's talking about between devils and unclean spirits? I'd never considered it, myself.