Open Letter to God about Nancy Pelosi


Nov 17, 2021
Dear God could you please remove Nancy Pelosi from the face of the Earth somehow? I know it is not very Christian of me to ask for this but at this point I don't care. I got my hopes up thinking China might blow her jet out of the sky when she flew to Taiwan recently but alas no such luck. Please God use some Divine Intervention and get rid of her anyway you see fit and if it is not too much to ask get rid of Zelensky too. We trying to keep a stiff upper lip down here and roll with the punches but now they killing us with poisonous fake vaccines and trying to make us eat bugs for dinner and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Please God give us a sign by getting rid of Nancy Pelosi and we will try to soldier on knowing that you care . I really don't think it is that much to ask because she is an evil ugly old witch who has been proven to be unworthy of life. We were hoping not to have to ask you for this favor because she looks like she is already half dead but something is keeping the witch alive. I promise to start going to church again if you do this for me. Actually I just lied I never been to church but I promise I will if you take care of Nancy permanently. Please hurry though because not that much food left down here. And they pushing Climate Change too relentlessly. If there is anyone that knows what BS that is it is you. So please give us a sign and get rid of Nancy and send her straight to Hell. THANKS.
He can take Joe Biden with her while he's at it.


Jul 28, 2021
Evil is as evil does. There are no excuses for evil and it must be hated. Without hate what is love? Reason why we in the mess we in today is the love your enemy gimmick. I think some pop singer once said love is just a four letter word. I love myself and since God created me by loving myself I am loving God.
As i mentioned,you can look at evil as selfishness.The more selfish someone is the less it is concerned about others and everything else around it.
Love is on the other side of the spectrum - unselfishness. When you care about someone else more than you care about yourself,u can say you love that person.No selfish motive is at play,u dont seek to make any proffit or get any service from that person ,aka unconditional love.
You should be selfish about one thing only and that is the state and faith of your soul.And best way to do it is to be unselfish..
I guess everyone have a different level of understanding about "self" - what they are and why they are and what they should and should not do etc...
Like i keep saying,we all have this materialistic self and spiritual self.If u want to prosper in materialistic world then easiest way to do it is from expanse of others ,aka being selfish.From spiritual perspective ,if reincarnation is real or afterlife,then being materialistic and selfish doesnt make much sense.Might pay off temporarily in physical realm but in spiritual realm it will just damage your soul.

Some native american tribes liked to live in their longhouses,all village together under one roof.And they liked to say that the world is one big long house - everybody and everything is one big family.Some family members might be assh***s and up to some weird sh*t but you should try not to hate them for it.
Native americans ofcourse didnt have that problem.They had their medicine priest or shaman who looked after the tribes mental and physical health.Something we are missing these days..


May 11, 2020
We can pray for God to restore justice and release truth into our country, to expose their wicked works. David always prayed against the enemies of God and against the wicked. We should pray that God would give these traitors space to repent, but if they dont and continue to destroy lives without repentance then pray God would blot them out. I dont like to pray such things against anyone, but these people are murdering and destroying people.

for the evil man has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be put out. Proverbs 24:20