No regard...for the desire of women


Dec 13, 2017
And carried by women who were tired of getting their asses kicked and being cheated on. Blame your own gender. Had you treated the power you were given with respect and honor women would have never sought anything else.
Shut up and get back in the kitchen.


Mar 13, 2017
Reminds me of free the boob controversy. I know this could be just a spur of the moment thing and may turn out to be nothing at all..but isn’t this how fads are born?

Are bras and jeans gone for good? Women say they WON'T go back to restrictive clothing once lockdown lifts - but a stylist warns living in loungewear will lead to 'apathy'
Many women across the world have taken to Twitter and Instagram in recent months to reveal they were going braless and avoiding jeans while spending more time at home.
Now, some fashion enthusiasts - including those based in the UK, America and Europe - have even suggested they'll be ditching the garments once lockdown ends.

Lockdown has seen women move away from stiff jeans, and more into looser dresses, because they are much more wearable in a home environment.
'While comfort is a major factor, I think it's important that we don't lose sight of the fact we are worth getting dressed for each day.