NIST will Not Like This..... (WTC 7)


Dec 11, 2017
...even though this topic has been hotly debated since 2001, I chose this forum, due to current date of upcoming publication of the cited findings...
The short vids on left appear to examine various proposed hypotheses of the cause, juxtaposed with vids of the real event... (Fig 4.24 a and b)

...Stark, open disagreement with the 'Officially Sanctioned' NIST explanation... (they disagree wholesale with the official government explanations)

...the 'Takeaway Point' and Principal and Secondary Conclusion:

"The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building."
(emphasis mine)

...Synopsis of findings to be published: (concise/to the point, with short supporting vids)


Jun 17, 2017
yes-- i watched the corbett report video on this last night.
im glad you posted about it, even though it simply proves what we have known all along.

even with a credible report like this, i dont believe this is enough to wake someone up about 9/11. a person must watch a good 9/11 documentary to understand (which theyll never find on YT).