New Propaganda Video- Has North Korea Gone Too Far?


Mar 26, 2017

Firstly- should the US surrender? Is freedom really worth the cost of fighting against these new weapons?

And the bigger question might be- where is North Korea getting this technology?

Do you really mean to tell me they simply just came up with all these weapons in North North Korea? o_O I'm sorry. I'm simply- not buying it! Where is this technology really coming from? Is it freemasons? Reptilians? Is it possible they're working with the jinn?

Should the US surrender before it's too late? Or should the US take it's chances....

There are no easy answers in this situation. But if we examine the weapons displayed in the new propaganda film- we can at least know what we're up against :(

May God bless and protect all of you.

May 14, 2017
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