My Current Theory On What The Hand Covering One Eye Means.


Mar 26, 2017
It was probably only for a count of 5 that he held is hand there. I am not going to laugh at someone who has lost their soul (or are on their way) through the deception of the devil. "They" are Satanists. They may or may not know they are Illuminati depending where they are in the food chain.

He is gone now but there is another one, a female coworker who puts Albert Pike quotes on her emails below her signature. (Yes, they were friends.) She acted all flustered and left quickly when I complemented her on her cute purse one day in the lunchroom. I will keep being nice to her in case there is a chance for an opening.
Sorry, that sounds serious. Just to imagine what you described is disturbing in a ridiculous way u know? You're doing right like that.

My wife and I raised a crow.
This is cool. Animals are creatures too, like us. We just don't yet understand what they are saying. And in regular they are much more thankful then humans. They are kind of loyal, cats excluded. I anyhow like those beasts.