Movie Analysis- Inception, Vanilla Sky, Who is Dreaming?


Aug 1, 2020
Movie analysis of Inception (2004) with Leo Di Caprio and Vanilla Sky (2001) with Tom Cruise. Both are asking the question within the movie "who is dreaming" and "when are they dreaming?" One one level this is meant to get the audience to question their own lives to see if this is a dream, and who the dreamer is. In fact Inception is a twist in that it is trying to manipulate the audience to NOT question reality as a dream, while Vanilla Sky is. I look at a few key scenes from each movie from a spiritual perspective to present a unique analysis of the films: specifically what the top means in Inception, why the father is there is greet Cobb at the airport, and the question that Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky has dreamed the entire movie until the final opening of the eye scene.